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    Post by Victoria on Tue Oct 27, 2015 8:51 pm

    The sun shone down on a forest outside of a small town. The dense trees casted shadows on the ground beneath of which a small girl at about the age of six wove in and out of, stepping in the light wherever it was possible along her path. The way she walked, it was evident she had walked this way many times. Her steps were careless and her eyes were shut. Silently, she hummed to herself one of her mother’s lullabies, pink and brown pigtails swaying as she moved her head to the tune. She stepped over twigs and rocks until the forest began to narrow out, large trees fading into a rather large clearing. Her eyes opened to the site of old, broken bricks laying in the outline of what should have been a building with broken pillars in front of it. The bricks went no higher than the girl herself with the exception of around the two oak doors; often times, she’d find herself climbing on top of the broken walls. The girl smiled, her brown gaze immediately locking onto the entrance to the ruin as she broke into a sprint.

    She pushed through the old doors, careful not to push them off of their certainly weakened hinges. She entered, walking on the darkened wood floors, marveling at the books still scattered on the floor. It was evident that the ruin either just had plenty of books before or was actually a library. Which one for certain, well, she imagined the library. She made her way to a small stack of books that she had constructed in one of the corners. She picked one up, feeling its red leather cover before shaking her head and setting it back down. She climbed up on top of the bricks, walking along the hardened clay until reaching the bricks around the door. She narrowed her eyes in determination as she attempted to propel herself upwards, grow wings, or something. She managed a burst of wind, pushing herself high enough for her hand to latch onto the edge of the door’s stones. She pulled herself onto the ledge, standing triumphantly at the top. She smiled, looking down victoriously at the world below her. She felt as though she could jump halfway across the world.

    Her attention was caught by an unusual rustle in the forest in front of her. The movement shook a bush well enough for her eyes to catch it, more so than even the large rabbits. She tilted her head, blinking curiously at the movement. She pondered for a moment, her brows furrowing in thought before snapping her fingers. It must be a deer! She nodded to herself before her thoughts trailed on. But what if it’s a bear or a wolf? Instantly, she began to rethink her choice to visit the old ruins. She took a step off, or at least she started to. Her foot landed on thin air, causing her to lose her balance. Reeling back, she attempted to save herself only to tumble backwards. Her eyes went wide as she fell, locks of pink and brown flying around her face. She squeaked fearfully, expecting to hit the solid ground. 'I’m so dead. I’m so dead. I’m so-'

    “Excuse me.”


    “I don’t think a child your age should be climbing up things like that. You could’ve broken something, you know?”

    Stunned, the girl didn’t speak in response. Two arms cradled her form, sitting her down on top of the crumbled walls.  She looked her savior in the eyes, heart racing at the realization that she had nearly hit the ground. The person was a male dressed bland gray robes. His hood had fallen, revealing a young, tanned face decorated and a comforting smile. Strands of black hair fell over his dark green eyes until he brushed them back. She blinked once, twice, before actually speaking to the man. She was still in partial shock.

    “Um, thank you, sir,” she nodded gratefully. But where did you come from?

    He seemed taken aback slightly by this question, but kept his warm smile, “Oh, I’m just a passerby. The real question should be asked by me. Where are your parents?”

    "O-Oh! she jumped down. They’re back in town. Daddy’s at work and I told Momma that I was going on a walk to the market since she doesn't like me walking in the woods... But please don’t tell her that I come here, mister!

    The man chuckled, shaking his head. “There’s no need to address me as anything professional, kid. Call me Marcus… and don’t worry about me telling. My lips are sealed.”

    Marcus? she smiled, content as he pretended to zip his lips and throw away the key. She nodded, approving the name he gave. I’m Victoria!

    They shook hands before Marcus took the liberty to ask her, So, Victoria, would you mind telling me how you even reached the ledge?

    She hesitated. Sure, yeah, she wasn’t supposed to talk to strangers, but what about when they saved your life? Was it okay then? Was he really still a stranger? They did exchange names, after all. She glanced over him again before speaking. Well, you see, I’ve been practicing some things recently – magic – and I wanted to see if I could get on top of the door. I did it with wind magic and it was really cool! I was also planning on attempting to fly down, but then there was a rustle in the forest and I accidentally stepped off and… yeah.

    She glanced down as a red spread across her cheeks, a symbol of embarrassment at her mistake. He chuckled a bit lifting her head up. “At least you got up there, right?” His brow raised a bit as her gaze met his, a difference clearly visible in her eyes. No longer were they a chocolate brown, but a soft pink. He grew curious, but didn’t say anything. “Victoria, how would you like a teacher?” She tilted her head slightly, silently asking him to repeat the question. He chuckled a bit, asking again, “Would you like for me to teach you wind magic?”

    Victoria blinked once before nodding rapidly. She jumped up happily, Yes, please! Thank you, thank you!

    “Alright. Meet me here tomorrow afternoon and we’ll get started. Until then, go home and rest. He ushered her off, waving as she vanished back into the forest towards the young child's home.

    The duo met together for the next ten years, training in secret for the first half before deciding to inform Victoria’s parents. They weren’t too happy learning that their daughter had met some stranger who decided that it’d be cool to teach their daughter magic without their permission. But after seeing her demonstrate the abilities she had learned, they allowed her to continue as long as she returned home before dinner. And they kept to that condition, even if it meant Victoria arriving the very second before the food was set down.

    “Very good, Victoria,” Marcus praised the teenager as he pushed himself up from the ground, dusting off his robes. “You’ve grown well.”

    Thanks Marcus, Victoria did a small curtsey before speaking again. But in all honesty, I was a little shaky at the start. You almost had me down.

    “No, you were spot on. You prevented my attacks and managed to knock me down! You’re very talented,” he smiled, but it seemed a bit forced. His eyes held a sliver of regret in them. She narrowed her eyes slightly, the color shifting from pink and brown to a solid brown, What’s wrong?

    The male lowered his head a bit, his gaze landing on the grass below. “Victoria, you are well aware of what you are, correct?”

    A mage? Or are you talking about... she started, trailing off at the end of her sentence. “Yes, I’m referring to your spiritual origins. I’ve been helping you out for a long time. I’ve watched you learn to use those wings of yours, on top of excel at my own type of magic. Now I need you to do one more thing for me.” He reached into his robe, hand grabbing onto something in the inside pocket. She leaned her head slightly to the right, urging him to continue. Hm?

    Marcus pulled out a book bound in white-dyed leather, and he lifted his head. “Take this book and read it. Practice it. It contains the spells of a more powerful magic, one sent specifically to you from the god of our skies. Don't ask me any details, just know that this god saw something in you, trust me. Study it well and do not lose it.”

    Victoria was beginning to grow worried. From the tone he used, Marcus sounded as though he was leaving. Marcus, you sound like you’re never going to see me again.

    His gaze drifted downwards. “Unfortunately, that could be very true. A few acquaintances of mine stopped by and informed me of a bounty on my head. Don’t want to cause your family any troubles, you know?”

    The news crashed hard on Victoria, almost as if a mountain just fell on top of her. What? No! You can’t- I mean- But- She cut herself off, trying to think of a way to convince her friend and teacher to stay.

    He didn’t let the girl finish her thought train before turning away from her. He spoke, “Victoria, go home and begin reading. You can keep using the ruins for practicing what you learn in that book, but it’s something you’ll have to teach yourself. It's difficult, but you have time on your side. You’re fairly talented, too.” And with that, he turned away. Shedding his black robe, feathers unfurled from his shoulder blade region to reveal pure white wings. He took off, leaving the girl with the leather-bound book in her hands standing awed in the ruins.

    'So that's why he never took off that stupid robe...'


    Victoria sat cross-legged on the edge of her bed, an old and fragile book in hand. She pushed her glasses up on the bridge of her nose, gloved hands flipping through the pages holding the information of her own power. She smiled at the memories she held of her old teacher and her parents that she recalled whilst rereading it. She was drawn away from the words scrawled in ink with a glance at the clock. 'I guess I should get going before things get too busy down there,' she thought. She sighed, slowly closing the leather cover as she stood up. She removed the glasses, setting them on the nightstand with her book before making her way out the door. Quietly, she walked towards the shopping complex, parasol shading her from the blinding sun. She stopped outside of the marketplace at the sound of a whirring. It didn’t take long for a knife to lodge itself into the wall of a nearby building to her right. She turned towards its direction of origin, watching as a girl stepped out. Victoria stood entirely still, watching the girl grow closer.

    “You’re not too shabby, Victoria,” she stated. “But I’ve done my research. I just have to hit a couple of vital spots, yeah?” The girl stepped forward, pulling a handle from her belt – and just a handle. She placed a hand over it, Blade Magic: Frozen Katana.” Ice began to form beneath her hand, following her hand until it came to a point. It held the shape of a katana, as its name would suggest. By that point, Victoria had her parasol closed, resting under the knife in the building to her right. She stood beside it, arms crossed and waiting.

    Are you ready yet? Victoria tapped her foot, slightly impatient. The black-haired girl glared at her before charging at her with the sword. Victoria ducked and shifted to the right causing the girl to hit the wall. She turned, jumping into the air and attempting to land a hit once again. She managed to catch the sleeve of the pale girl’s jacket, tearing into it. Honestly, I just got this one sewn back up. Must you be so cruel? she teased the girl, stepping a bit away.

    “Tsk… Who’d have thought that the almighty Sky God Slayer would worry over a little jacket?” the girl swung again, missing just barely. “Hm. You’re quick. Alright then, let’s see how you hand these.” She put the handle back in its slot on her belt, the blade shattering. She pulled out about ten smaller ones. Blade Magic: Winter Knives.” Sharp ice formed on the metal handles, small and individual. She released them all at Victoria. She attempted to dodge what she could, a throwing knife landing in her thigh and upper arm. She bit her tongue a bit, but tugged out the weapons, the wounds healing over.

    You evidently didn’t do very good research. Did you forget what I can do already? Victoria shook her head, tossing the bloodied weapons off. I suppose it’s my turn, then. Sky God's Pull. Black air swirled around the palms of her hands as she brought them forward. It swirled into a form of whirlpool before outstretching and capturing the raven-haired girl in its pull. It pulled her in, and the wind tore at her arms, drawing a bit of blood.  When it stopped, she laid coughing on the ground in front of the God Slayer. Victoria bent down, grabbing the knives and driving them into the girl’s right shoulder and left thigh. I figured I’d return the favor, she stated with a shrug of her shoulders. She watched the girl stand back up and return her weapons to their holding place. She grabbed another handle, but her hand was swatted away by Victoria.

    Look, it’s evident you won’t win. I’m not even tired yet, and you’re bleeding after having your own weapons stabbed into you. If you want, come try to kill me another time… and preferably not in the middle of a populated area. The girl rose as Victoria began walking away from her scraped up form. She coughed, drawing another handle from her belt of never-ending weapon pieces. "I'm not done yet. As long as I'm conscious, I'm still fighting. Blade Magic: Arctic Cutlass!"

    Victoria put on a smirk, admiring the girl's stubborn motivation. "Well shit, you're another Fairy Tail mage, aren't you?" She laughed lightly at her own joke about the stubborn guild before turning to face the girl with the curving blade of ice. She took note of the numerous tears in the girl's outfit. "Well then, come get me." The girl charged, skillfully swinging her blade. Her blows landed sometimes, some deeper and some just barely scraping the surface only to be sealed once again. Other times, Victoria managed to duck out of the way or jump back. It didn't take too long for the girl's blade to shatter, giving the Victoria a beautiful opportunity to attack. She jumped back a good yard. "Sky God's Fan Toss!" She lifted her hands, air swirling around them, transparent color plagued by black. Without giving the raven-haired girl a chance to conjure up a new weapon, she flicked her wrist. The two swirling currents of air rushed towards her, tearing once again at her skin. As the attack faded, the girl was barely standing. Victoria smirked. "Oh, come on. I thought you'd fight until you fell unconscious? What happened to that spirit?"

    The girl narrowed her eyes, attempting to look menacing. Although, it was already visible in their dulled green that she was tired. "Damn you," she spat. She threw the cutlass hilt on the ground, pulling out one last resort. Beneath her hands, a long, thin blade began to form. "Blade Magic: Snow Rapier!" She armed herself, grasping the hilt firmly. "One last chance, and I won't screw up."

    Victoria bowed, folding an arm behind her back and the other over her abdomen. "Show me what you can do." She drew back as the swordswoman attempted to strike again, ducking and dodging. More strikes landed, each one healing up before the next was made. As the blade broke once more, Victoria kicked out her foot, wrapping it behind the girl's and sending her crashing to the ground. "Interesting magic, I must say. You really should keep working and try again when you actually think you can beat me. Until then, I bid you adieu. Sky God's Bellow!" She took in a brief inhale of air, just long enough for the beaten mage to stand before breathing out a whirlwind of black winds. They captured her and sent her flying off, landing unconscious somewhere away from the market as they faded. Where exactly, Victoria was unsure.

    "What is it with people trying to kill me recently? At least this one had a more unique magic but the other amateurs? It's almost as if they see me as a mere bug." Returning to pick up her parasol before continuing her stroll down the slightly windblown street, Victoria fixated her mind on her previous task. Now where was it that I needed to go? Oh, yes, the bookstore…

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