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    [Flashback] What We've Become [Ean Sableheart]

    Aemi Stronghold
    Aemi Stronghold

    [Flashback] What We've Become [Ean Sableheart] ODFYPdI

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    [Flashback] What We've Become [Ean Sableheart] Empty [Flashback] What We've Become [Ean Sableheart]

    Post by Aemi Stronghold on Fri Oct 30, 2015 12:19 am

    Aemi had been roaming the halls rather repetitively for the past hour. Today, the maguilty sense was much more intense than usual, making the knot in her stomach tighten as though she were going to vomit from the guilt. She couldn't really focus, and to some, she may have appeared to be more "distant". She had only been with the guild for a short bit of time now, but since then, she had still avoided talking to many of the members. The only person she really confided in at this point, was Kitten, because she had a small bit of trust for her.

    It wasn't that she was avoiding the other members, but she found it hard to talk about things. She was sure one half thought she was crazy, and the other half believed she was naive and weak. She didn't exactly blame them - after waking up with no memories, mooching off of a brother and living homeless for 6 years, it's bound to break someone down. It took her a bit of time to finally fight for herself and become who she had wanted to be... well, for the time being. She had a long way to go until she was happy with herself, and that included finding her brother.

    After the most recent meeting they had, Aemi began to wonder where her purpose in this guild would stand. She was very excited to see their plans go into action with making the world a better place... the council needed to pay for the misery they had caused - especially from when she had learned where her bar code tattoo had came from. Though she had no recollection of the events, the scars she had proved to her that she must have gone through some terrible torture. Perhaps she should talk to Kitten about her concerns... though she didn't want to seem too persistent.

    Walking toward Kitten's office, Aemi finally gave in and made a decision. In the beginning, she was given the option to opt out of the plan, due to her inexperience. This would give Aemi the perfect chance to prove herself though. She had to be tough, and do this for her and her brother. Sinking her chin into her scarf, she huffed in, heading toward the door as she saw it suddenly open, and she froze. Who was coming out?

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