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    The Princess of All Demons: Kagura Sonozaki


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    The Princess of All Demons: Kagura Sonozaki

    Post by Kagura on Fri Oct 30, 2015 6:29 am

    Kagura Sonozaki
    April 19th
    Chaotic Evil

    Species Ability/Perk

    Ageless: Being a demon from the dawn of time and heir to the throne of all demons, Kagura has no real age as she appeared in the time of the creation of the world, as such she has seen various world eras, wars, and so much more.  Kagura, appears to be that of a seventeen or even a twenty one year old but in all actuality she is as old as time itself, but simply does not show it.  Kagura can still die, as she is not immortal, but rather she simply can not age. It is in her genetic to go from child to adult and simply remain in that state of adult like appearance or child like appearance.  

    Shapeshifting: Kagura, has developed the ability to transform her appearance to several different forms so should she choose, she can not take the form of a PC but rather change her physical features to her liking as a way of deceiving.  Features such as hair color, eye color, height, youth like appearance(whether she looks old or young).  This ability was created after being in eras that would change style and look she had to fit in, so in order to do this she developed an ability that allowed such a thing.  One of Kagura's favorite things to do is to switch her appearance to the appeal of those who fall pray to her appearance.  

    She will then use this to her advantage to take down her pray or victim. Kagura, at this moment as six favorite forms that she loves to shift from.  Her first being that of a girl with green hair, one of red hair, another of purple hair, one of black hair, one of blonde hair, and finally a girl with blue hair.  She however can not recreate things such as wings, claws or anything like that.  She uses this shapeshifting form to divert attention from her true demon form.  This has zero combat advantages. She also can only change her appearance once per post.

    Special Unique Characteristics

    Kagura doesn't really have a unique characteristic.

    Character Depth

    Kagura likes to play shy and pretend she is a sweet heart.  In fact that is how she gets most of her victims, by luring them into her web of lies and deceit.  She seems completely innocent almost all of the time, giggling here, laughing there.  Being the best she can be at being, "Kawaii".  In fact what she really thinking in her head is how much she hates this person, how much she wants to kill this person, or even how fun it would be to torture this person.  Kagura after all was born as the demon princess and as such she grew up around the meaning of torture being fun and killing being orgasmic. Kagura will generally play the cute shy type of girl of which will lure in victims making them adore her and love her while in all actuality she is planning a way on either torturing or even killing this person, after she has fun that is. Kagura sees everything as a game in her eyes, a game she wishes to beat and conquer . She has been around and alive for as long as time itself, and as such she has witnessed many wars and eras of which had impacted on her very highly.  Because of this, she generally likes to change her overall personality to match with her shape shifting forms, of which can be from anywhere to polite and mature to hyper and reckless.  Kagura has witnessed life in all forms so she is very good at mimicking emotions.

    Much like how she acts outside of battle, Kagura imitates how she acts inside of battle, by this she uses all her knowledge from the wars she witnessed, as well as the experience from watching them to her advantage. In ancient times during the samurai war feudal era, japanese women would tattoo their whole body and battle in the nude to act as a distraction, it was very useful and was made to assassinate samurais.  Kagura, uses this same technique however instead of getting nude she will change her overall form, her tattoos are her shape shifting forms, and they prove quite useful when trying to distract. Kagura also will mimick emotions to her battle styles that might match the appearance she would currently be in.  In all actuality Kagura is a homicidal maniac who loves to torture and kill, she plays with her food before she eats it so to speak.  She will treat everything like a game, act out her parts then when she grows tired of it all, she will simply end it with her own two hands.  This is what makes Kagura the heir to the Demon Throne.

    Likes: (3 minimum)
    -Murder, Kagura grew up around killing and bloodshed from birth and up to now she has enjoyed watching people get murdered.
    -Torture, Kagura is the queen at torturing people, she has all these neat little ideas to torture people in the smallest ways that will equal the most excruciating pain imaginable
    -Blood, Kagura loves the sight of blood, in fact it is what makes her continue to kill, she loves seeing the red water pour out.

    Dislikes: (3 minimum)
    -Love, Kagura is a demon, as such she hates the term love and hates those who think they feel it.
    -Humans, Kagura really can't explain it but she absolutely hates the sight of humans and wishes to eradicate them all.
    -Compassion, Kagura absolutely hates compassion as well as anything affectionate, it makes her quite angry of which will kill her mood of being playful and lead directly to ending the one who started the emotion.

    Fears: (3 minimum)
    -Falling In Love, Kagura hates love and as such she fears one day she may fall victim to it, if she ever does she will end her own life.
    -Cute Things, Kagura fears cute animals, she finds them distasteful and will try to kill them when she is alone, however if around others she is a good actor and will be all cute with the animal.  It's as if she is hiding a sharp knife behind her back, waiting for a moment to kill the cute thing.
    -Not being Notice, Kagura likes attention she was graced with being beautiful and as such she likes to use that to her advantage, she fears one day no one will notice her, this will set her off.

    Motivations/Goals: (3 minimum)
    -Kagura is motivated to murder all those she can, she grew up around blood shed there is not much more to say to this.
    -Kagura is motivated by torturing people as it gets her "fix" if you will, she is very addicted to it.
    -Kagura has a goal of killing all humans due to the fact of hating them.

    Hair: Black (Demon and Shape Shift Form), Blue(Shape Shift Form), Yellow(Shape Shift Form), Red(Shape Shift Form), Purple(Shape Shift Form)
    Eyes: Blue, Red, Green, Maroon,
    Skin Tone: Fairly Pale
    Height: Five feet, Four Inches
    Weight: 110lbs
    Overall Appearances:
    True Form:Demon Form

    Shape Shift Form:Black Hair

    Shape Shift Form:Green Hair

    Shape Shift Form: Red Hair

    Shape Shift Form:Purple Hair

    Shape Shift Form:Blue Hair

    Shape Shift Form:Blonde Hair


    Guild: None
    Guild Tattoo: None

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    Re: The Princess of All Demons: Kagura Sonozaki

    Post by Kagura on Fri Oct 30, 2015 7:49 pm


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    Re: The Princess of All Demons: Kagura Sonozaki

    Post by Selenia on Sun Nov 01, 2015 12:26 pm

    You're approved; just know it doesn't really make that much sense for a character that has been around since the beginning of time to be D-Rank. If you want to edit your form, let me know, but otherwise everything looks great, good job ^^

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    Re: The Princess of All Demons: Kagura Sonozaki

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