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    A Tricky Debut!

    Obsidian Nightshade

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    A Tricky Debut!

    Post by Obsidian Nightshade on Sat Oct 31, 2015 12:39 pm

    14 Months Ago

    He didn't know how it happened. How he came to be in the world. How he became aware of the world and perceive. He would compare it as a dream which you would forget after waking up. However, he knew why he was there. Why he was made into existence. He had a purpose that was in need of being fulfilled and he knew what he is. He instinctively know that he was a tulpa. An entity created from the thoughts of others. An artificial being created from belief.

    When he saw the man, his... "father", he was overwhelmed by the instinct of fear and admiration for him. He knew that his behavior was what it was because of this... Visionary. He knew that The Visionary made all of the choices in the creation of him. How he looks, how he behaves and how he thinks. As the "parent", The Visionary knew more about his "son" than his "son" know anything about his "father".

    "Happy Birthday, son.", his "father" announced.

    His "son" tilted his head at him after being called his "son". "I... I don't understand. Why did you call me "son"?", he asked The Visionary.

    "Obviously I am that created you which makes me your father.", The Visionary answered. "Anyway, we're getting off topic. Do you know why we're here?", he asked the tulpa.

    Raising a brow at the question, he gives his response to the question. "It's one of life's greatest mysteries isn't it? Why are we here? I mean, are we the byproduct of a cosmic coincidence, or is there actually a God watching over us? Like he has a plan for all of us. I don't know, but it'll be keeping me at nights from now on."

    The Visionary remained silent from his "son's" response before laughing at the young boy. "Good to see that the sense of humor I gave you is there!", he continued to laugh for another minute before calming down. In the mean time, the young man was slightly embarrassed by his "father's" response. "No, I meant why we're here in this room.", he stated before gesturing to the room that they were in. The room is best described as a war room with several plans lining up on the walls and a large map of Fiore laid on top of a meeting table. "I'm sure you know why I created you, correct?", he asked the tulpa once more.

    "To infiltrate the Mage Guild by the name of Sabertooth and leak any information to you while at the same time sabotage any progress on missions whenever possible.", he answered as if he had rehearsed hundreds of times already. However, internally, he hated it because it reminded him of the fact that he is simply but an idea for a plan. The only solace from it was that he has a purpose.

    "That's correct, with you inside the guild, the group will be more prepared in possible confrontations with the guild. However, within every guild, there is bond to be a few strong individuals that may prove to be a major nuisance. Which leads me to having to give you an ability that every creator must be wary of. I gave you the ability to learn. As such, my control over you minimal, but it will suffice. I know you will not let me down.", The Visionary stated.

    At the prospect of gaining some level of free will, The Visionary's "son" became excited at the news that was told to him. However, he realized an issue within The Visionary's plan. "If I'm going to join a guild, won't I need to be able to use magic?", he asked his "father".

    The Visionary smirked at his "son". "I was hoping that would ask that.", he responded, I could easily give you an ability that would be unaffected by the limitations of actual magic, but it would make you suspicious to be around. As such, I gave you an ability that still functions as magic. I like to call it Trickery, if you will.", he answered.

    "Trickery?", he asked his "father".

    "Yes, I received the inspiration of the idea after watching a stage magician performed in front of a lived audience. I have to admire them. To be able to deceive others into believing a lie. It seems suitable for you due to your purpose. But to elaborate on your powers, Trickery is a combination between Spatial and Illusionary Magic. It'll mimic my Arc of Embodiment but it's not the same. With your ability, you will confuse your opponents into doubting what's real and what's fake. Quite a terrifying ability, don't you think?", he asked his "son" rhetorically.

    Yeah, I suppose it is.", he replied as he tries to think up of how should should use it in combat. As he continue to think, he realized that this ability is suited for him because of his personality as well. The Visionary must have decided what personality is best suited for the ability. However, as he continue to think, he noticed another issue in The Visionary's plan. "What will I tell anyone if they asked for my name?", he asked his "father".

    "The name that shall give you is that name that you must keep as a secret from everyone else. Your given name will be Obsidian Nightshade. However, your alias will be Alexander Tricks. Your background history is that you're an aspiring mage that has escaped from a wealthy and strict household in pursuit of personal freedom.". he answered the tulpa. "Now, when you join the guild, Sabertooth, you will set up a portal that you will be using to give me your report in person. On the possibility of others discovering the portal, it is designed in a way where you are the only operator that can use it. Understand?"

    Obsidian nodded as he understood The visionary's plan.

    "Good, with everything covered, it is time for you to go and join Sabertooth. Do not fail me, son.", The Visionary said to his "son" as he opened a portal that Obsidian walked through to find that he's outside of a small town.

    Now away from his "father", Obsidian now began thinking a way to be free of his "father's" control. As a tulpa, he is dependent on the beliefs of others in order to exist. As such, Obsidian's life is tied with The Visionary. However, he can break free from the bond but it require a large number of people into believing in him. With that in mind, he began making his way to Sabertooth's Guildhall as he began thinking of a plan to go down in history to sustain his life.

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