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    Like Father Like Son


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    Like Father Like Son

    Post by Madpluto on Sun Nov 01, 2015 3:53 am

    It was a very early morning when Kent was woken up by his father. The Sun as only halfway risen by the time they were outside practicing their magic. "Alright Kent, this is what you've been training for. To become a God slayer like myself right?" Kent, only barely awake, the sun shinning through the trees in the clearing into his eyes, said "Yes" somewhat wearily he had stayed up all night trying to decide what type of God slayer he would become, he was not a fan of earth or fire, light and darkness seemed a bit to cliche for his liking he though about metal but figured that he would not like to replenish himself by eating things like nuts and bolts. It was down to lightning, sky and water. He had thought about decision all night but still hadn't come up with any conclusions. "Dad, how did you become a god slayer?" "What a question, its quite easy, I wanted to avenge the death of your uncle and my brother" he said matter of factly. His voice then hollowed a bit as he reminisced about the past that happened so long ago "I had cursed god and vowed to get strong enough to defeat one, my brother was a kind soul, using magic to help the animals and plants but he was attacked by his so called protectors the animals that were supposed to protect him turned on him and killed him..." His father, drained from reliving the sadness, sat down on a stump the air rushed out of him as he sighed. he regained his composure and began telling the story again. "I was naturally distraught so I tried everything in my power to defeat the ones who had taken him away from me and decided to become a God slayer. Picking my element was easy because I was already a good water magician so becoming a god slayer of that would have been easy...well easier than starting from scratch." He got up stretched and walked towards Kent putting his hand on his shoulder "This won't be an easy road but I'll help you as much as possible. but this is all up to you whether or not you succeed or fail is all on you. Whatever element you choose should have some importance to you it will be with you forever and will always be tainted black so it better be something that you like." In the time that Kent had all that information thrust upon him he had decided that he would become a water god slayer like his father. It seemed so obvious although sky and lightning were interesting they didn't have the familial resonance that water had. He was ready, he was ready to please his father and Make sure the Lensa name wouldn't go down as just another mage family. They were a family of god slayers.

    Official god slayer Training began bright and early the next day only instead of the forest they were by the lake near the Lensa family home. He was ready, he couldn't wait to feel water rush around him as he tried to use his newfound magical power. "First off, you're going to get into the lake" his father said. Kent didn't question his father's wisdom he but he was hesitant because the water was cold dark and generally quite frightening. As he went in he felt a strange sensation that he had read about in his books. "In order to have the powers of a god, you must feel what it is like for your victims." realizing this he took almost drowning in the darkness of the water as a humbling experience to be brought down by something so much more powerful than you and to now be able to do much of anything about it. Kent needed to become one with the water feel it then absorb it he could feel himself replenishing his lost stamina with the lake water something that mere mortals could only dream of doing. As he did he felt himself elevating from simply being in the water to being the water itself, he became a force of nature like a god would. He used to water to push himself up from the lakes murky depths. When he was at the surface, he father was on the shore waiting for him. He could see the change that had occurred in him, he could unleash the powers of an elemental god."You're ready"he affirmed. "Let's start with a simple spell,"The Bellow of the Water God", it will make you shoot water from your mouth. First you have to concentrate; imagine all the water in the lake around you again but just as you feel like you're going to drown release it in one big burst like this, "Bellow of the Water God," Kent's father launched a torrent of dark water from his mouth that reached to the other side of the lake. Kent nodded and did exactly that he reimagined the feeling of being surrounded by the water in enveloping him becoming every part of his being before dispelling it all at once he was surprised that nothing happened...considering he was quite new to this whole thing having being used to things coming very easily to him, becoming a Godslayer took time and effort. It was worth it however. Many attempts of Kent first being able to feel the water inside of him, to call upon it at a moment notice to be one with the element, water itself, the rain that fell onto the roof of their home to the rivers around Fiore and the deep dark lake behind his house he had to be them we was them and they were him. About 2 months later (which for someone like Kent may as well have been 4 years) he finally did it he understood what it was like to be a part of the element be within it. "Bellow of the Water God" he shouted at the top of his lungs he felt the water well up inside of him he was the water launching himself out at the world across the lake. It was an impressive sight but naturally he was unable to control the blowback from unleashing such a tremendous force from within himself and he went flying 4 or 5 feet in the process he was able to regain himself with some poise but he was pleased he did a Godsalyer spell. "Great job son," his father beamed.  "I knew you could be the perfect god slayer." Kent was pleased with himself. He could officially call himself a water god slayer even if he was still new at it. He had a long way to go but he figured that he could do it in time and he couldn't wait to get practicing more and more spells. Day and night he would use is newfound magic slowly replacing his usual cosmic magic. Mad Pluto was no longer of the cosmos but a deity, a young man with the power of a god.    


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