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    The Dawn of a New Era (Part 1) [Plot Event]


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    The Dawn of a New Era (Part 1) [Plot Event]

    Post by Admin on Mon Nov 02, 2015 1:57 pm

    Arc Synopsis:
    The Dawn of a New Era Arc: The Dawn of a New Era picks up in the aftermath of the Magic Council's destruction at the hands of Animus Sin, whom collapsed after their failed attempt to conquer the Continent of Ishgar. This arc sets the stage for the site, as a new type of Magic Council is formed, as are Alliances between the Independent and Dark Guilds of the world.

    Everything had happened so fast, it was almost hard to believe the country had been thriving only a week ago, now left in a state of disarray. The Magic Council had been infiltrated by the Dark Guild, Animus Sin, and destroyed from within. The country of Fiore now in a state of panic, the city of Era had almost been wiped off of the map.

    The day was young, the sun perched high above, the skies were bright, clear and radiant, a few fluffy white clouds brushed across the aquamarine making it seem like a scenic painting. The ground below was a stark contrast, the city of Era now nothing more than rubble, houses demolished, people now left to slumber in the streets upon the cold, gray stone of brick and mortar.

    In the blooming capital of Crocus, the town was reduced to rubble, parts of the royal castle had been demolished. The royal family of Fiore was already hard at work giving aide to the towns-people. They provided them with shelter in the castle, and what food could be spared was rationed evenly among the citizens. The King of Fiore had declared a state of emergency, the former Head of the Magic Council, Janet, had come to Crocus to seek an audience with the King of Fiore.

    Janet and the King discussed many things, from the cause of the war to the fall of the Magic Council. They also discussed what steps to take from here, Janet suggesting that the King send out a summons for the Guild Masters of the remaining Legal Guilds. And so it was done, messengers working on behalf of the King and Janet set out to gather the parties in question.

    The scene shifts focus from the Castle to mid-city Crocus, a short ten minute walk from castle would have a man dressed in a blue and yellow pin-striped shirt, a brown belt wrapped around his waist would secure his pants, black boot adorning his feet. He had a grim look about him as he surveyed the damage, he sighed, regaining his composure as he arrived at the Sabertooth Guild. Right arm rising, he knocked thrice upon the doors of the guild, waiting patiently for its Master to answer.

    Meanwhile, a messenger had arrived in Magnolia Town, he was dressed similar to the one sent to the Sabertooth Guild Hall, he too was in awe at the destruction, the only remaining structures being the Cathedral and the Fairy Tail Guild Hall. He made his way through the town, filled with sorrow upon seeing the towns-people living in such poor conditions. The Fairy Tail guild providing what aide they could, though they too were licking their wounds after the fierce battle, their Guild Master having gone missing after the war.

    In Rose Garden, a messenger had set out to deliver the message to the Guild Master of Light Bringer. The messenger was rather surprised that the town was still in decent shape, but the civilians and their guardian guild still had many hardships to weather. Only time would tell how things would unfold.

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    Re: The Dawn of a New Era (Part 1) [Plot Event]

    Post by Mizuko on Mon Nov 02, 2015 6:54 pm

    In the back storage room of the guild, Mizuko sat upon a box, leaning against the wall and checking off items to either put on or take off the next trip into the market. Prices had rocketed since the end of the war for delivery, so most times, she ended up going into town herself to get what was needed, occasionally bringing along some help with her. Sadly, prices also made it so that they could only buy so much at a time, so she ended up going to the market once a week, these days. Not that she minded at all. It gave her the chance to see what was going on, and occasionally stop to help fix a problem, or help build whatever needed to be rebuilt. Of course, she wasn't all that great when it came to the strength department, but she did what she could. "Is that everything?" she asked, hearing the voice giving her the information on the inventory pause. She glanced up over the paper, her aqua gaze curious.

    "Yeah," her helper replied, glancing around the room as if to check they'd missed something. "Seems like it,"

    Nodding, Mizuko let out a sigh and stretched, her arms and legs flinging out as she did so. "Then we're free!" she said, jumping to her feet and going over to the wall, tacking the list up for her next forray out. Turning, she wandered out of the door, following the hallway out to the guild hall. Right after she walked in, the door was knocked upon, causing her to pause in her journey behind the counter. "Oh," she sighed, turning and heading over to the entrance. What could it possibly be as soon as I'm on break? she thought, ducking under the arms of two guys doing who knew what, and trotting to the door. Grabbing the handle, she leaned back, throwing her weight into opening it. She wondered who thought gigantic wooden doors were an idea when the first build the guild... well, the First, probably. But either way, it was a stupid idea.

    Once the doors were open enough that she could step out, Mizuko did so, tipping her head to the side at the site of the man, properly dressed an everything, despite the time they were in. "Hello," Mizuko said, smiling and clasping her hands behind her back, just as Augmenta had taught her. "Welcome to Sabertooth. What is it we can help ya with?"

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    Re: The Dawn of a New Era (Part 1) [Plot Event]

    Post by Meliodus on Thu Nov 05, 2015 1:05 pm

    Al was stood overlooking the guild beneath him, his crimson red eyes hovering over the battered bodies of his guild mates. Everyone looked exhausted, after the destruction committed to Magnolia the Fairy Tail guild had given all of their time to attempting to restore the town to its former glory, a task much easier in words than in actions. The people had happily welcomed the help but things had been difficult within the guild also, with the departure of the former master Alexir had been given the rank of Guild master with his strength as the Fire dragon slayer he was expected to be the one to protect the battered and broken members oft he once great Fairy Tail.

    He let out a sigh as the usually loud and destructive Fairy Tail was very quiet, to the point it sent a shudder up his spine... That was until the bar opened, yells of joy came from the bowels of the hall as small laughter came to his ears like water to a parched mouth, it was so refreshing it brought a grin to his face. He took a small leap upon the bannister and looked out upon the guild; "Listen up! Yes we are tired and we have taken a beating but let's show Magnolia that Fairy Tail is not disheartened!" He thrust his arm into the air with a laugh as the guild responded in kind with a roar and howls of laughter.

    He jumped down seeing the tired but smiling faces looking back at him; "We'll get through this, we always do." He gave a soft smile as he heard a thud on the might doors. He cocked his head to one side along with an eyebrow as his eyes narrowed slightly, the guild went a bit quiet as he stomped over to pull open the door and see a rather scared looking man looking back at him; "Sup... Can I help you?" His voice had a hint of demand in there. " I-I.. Urm... I'm looking for the master of Fairy Tail? I've been sent by the king and Lady Janet... They request your presence..." He spluttered as Al grinned back at him pushing the door open a little more; "You're looking at him pal! So the King needs me huh? And the Lady? Damn what have we cocked up this time!" His long incisors glistened white as he let out a small laugh.

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    Re: The Dawn of a New Era (Part 1) [Plot Event]

    Post by Ryoshi on Wed Nov 11, 2015 8:16 pm

    Ryoshi, guild master of Light Bringer, was having a rather relaxing day. At least, relaxing in comparison to the chaos that had pervaded his time ever since the war had ended. When he had woken up, there was nobody in the guild, so he settled down in his office with a mug of hot tea. The small amount of paperwork he had had was done in a matter of moments. That left... nothing to do. So he finished his tea and went back to his quarters, changing quickly. A few minutes later, he emerged once more, wearing naught but a pair of swimming trunks and a towel around his neck. He slowly made his way to the indoor pool, then changed his mind and exited the building, stepping into the frigid mountain air. The cold made him shiver once, but then he grew accustomed to it and shrugged his towel onto a deck chair. With a fluttering sound, he manifested his wings and leapt into the air, thrusting his white wings, almost fifteen feet across, down hard. Ryoshi shot high into the air, the wind tousling his already disheveled golden hair. A few flaps later, the guild master turned in midair and dismissed his wings in a shower of gold and white sparks. Gravity quickly took over, and he hurtled towards the earth. A few seconds before impact, Ryoshi stretched out his arms and straightened his body thus streamlined, he arrowed into the deep end of the outdoor pool with barely a splash. His momentum carried him deep into the pool until his hands actually brushed the bottom. His momentum then sufficiently depleted, Ryoshi flipped around in the water and pushed off hard against the concrete with his legs. Once more he cleaved through the water like a missile shot about a foot above the surface of the pool, causing it to churn violently when he crashed back down. As he floated on the now-stilling surface of the pool, he suddenly heard a sound in his mind, reminiscent of a old-fashioned gong. This was his alert that there was someone at the door. He sighed, climbed out of the pool and began to dry himself off with the towel he brought. When he was sufficiently dry, he threw on a white tee shirt emblazoned with the mark of his guild in metallic gold and went to answer the door, his hair still dark with dampness. When he opened the massive but perfectly balanced doors to the guild hall, Ryoshi was confronted with a rather nervous-looking man, who began to speak almost immediately after the doors were opened to him.
    "Greetings. I am a representative of the new Magic Council, and I am here on the behalf of Lady Janet and the King himself. I am seeking Ryoshi Akuryo, the guild master of Light Bringer. I presume you are him?" he said quickly, stammering slightly. Ryoshi blinked, taken aback for a moment, but he recovered quickly.
    "Yes, I am he. What can I help you with?" he stated calmly.

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    Re: The Dawn of a New Era (Part 1) [Plot Event]

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