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    His New Family


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    His New Family

    Post by Hiroko on Mon Nov 02, 2015 4:10 pm

    Blood ran through Hiroko's hands, he thought he was strong enough to protect his family, his friends and everyone he actually knew, but he was wrong. He stood up in tears and saw the dead corps of his family, lying on the ground letting the only alive human he was weak. Hiroko was in pain, seeing those opened terrorized eyes in the little dinner room was too much for him. His sister and his mother were now dead, and only because he couldn't protect them and keep the promise he had made to his little sister. He walked slowly towards both corps and closed their eyes. He walked outside his house and looked at the sky. It was red, bloody red, and he was trembling in tears. It was just a couple of second before he fell in his knees and then landed on the ground of his hometown. It was dark and the only thing he could see was a drawing in the town's clock tower. It was Tartaros' guild mark painted with his town's blood. But even if he regretted going hunting earlier that day, what would a 12 year old kid be able to do against one of the most powerful dark guilds in Fiore. They existed for not too long, but they were already strong enough to wipe out a complete town by their selves.

    The kid was still on the ground when he saw a shadow near the painted guild crest. It was then when he realized the real situation. That wasn't happening, not again. He closed his eyes and concentrated. He started to focus in his little body when he felt a strong stab in the lower part of his stomach. "It's not as easy as you think." Said the shadow which was now standing in front of the kid. Hiroko closed his eyes again in big pain and kept concentrating. He felt another stab in his stomach, this time a bit higher than the first one. "You know I'm just playing around with you, I could finish this easier, but slowing your pain is the best part of this job." The shadow was suddenly gone and everything turned black. Hiroko was still concentrating though and he wasn't going to give up that easily. "Just get out of my head." The image of the little kid and the black space shattered and fell apart. When Hiroko opened his eyes again, everything returned to normal. "Why did you make me see that? Why that?"

    Hiroko was standing in the middle of the forest. It was around midnight and the stars in the sky gave him enough light to see the shadow-like person in front of him. "I told you, I was just playing around with you." Said the shadow who also had a blade in his possession. Hiroko tried to step forward and felt a huge pain in his stomach. When he looked down, he had received a pair of deep stabs. It was bleeding and the only thing covering it was now his hand. "Can't you see your situation? You're already doomed, there's nothing you can do." Said the shadow as he started to walk toward Hiroko. "So that's what you think huh." Said Hiroko and started to vibrate his legs. "You haven't seen my real power." He said with a tiny painful laugh and dashed towards the shadow. In a blink of an eye, he had moved 8 meters straight to end up in front of his target with his fist aiming at the man's head. The punch landed directly shattering the black wooden mask the man was wearing and completely taking half of it off. Hiroko used the same hand he used to punch his enemy to clean the blood coming out from his mouth. The shadow was launched many meters away, bringing down any tree in it's way until he finally stopped about 20 meters from Hiroko.

    "You shall pay for that." Said the man in the broken mask and turned into a shadow. The shadow moved quickly towards Hiroko, but before it could even touch him, Hiroko dashed towards it as well trying to land a punch, but instead trespassed it. He stopped and looked at his hands, he was confused, why wouldn't he be able to punch a enemy with his magic. Suddenly, before he could turn around, a sword slashed his chest as the masked man appeared in front of him. "Remember, I'm just an illusion." Said the shadow and banished once more. Hiroko concentrated to feel any vibration in the area, that was his main method of defense after all. "Where are you? Show yourself!" Shouted Hiroko and the same man appeared above him. He blocked the full moon above them and wielded his sword in attempt to fall on him and kill Hiroko with one last attack, but it was Hiroko's magic that saved him. He didn't feel any vibration in the air coming from that body, it was nothing but an illusion. He instead felt vibration coming from his back, that was where his enemy was located. He turned around and gave a punch at the air. Some sort of sonic wave could be seen around his fist, and in a second, a wind-like shock wave was thrown from it in his punching direction. This attack didn't just reveal his invisible enemy, but also pushed him strong enough to make him fly and crash against a huge boulder which started to crack. The impact was strong enough, not only to break the man's mask, but to cause him to bleed from his mouth just as Hitoko did with the two stabs.

    Hiroko dashed one last time against the masked man lying on the boulder as he prepared a powerful left handed punch. "This is for reviving that terrible moment if my life." He said and landed his punch on the enemy, finally destroying the rock and throwing his enemy further away. The rock shattered in many pieces as the man landed on the ground. Hiroko slowly walked towards the man with a tear moving through his right cheek. He took the man's leg and then threw him many meters into the air. "This is for both stabs in my stomach." He said and opened his mouth towards the flying man. He shouted and released some sort of invisible shock wave towards the flying man pushing him even further in the sky. Hiroko then jumped into the air and prepared one final blow with his two arms. "And this is for simply being part of such a terrible guild." He said and smacked the man into the ground once more to finally end with his miserable life. Hiroko was still bleeding from his open wound, and the strength he needed for his magic was too much. He landed in his too feet, but he didn't wait too much before he felt too week to keep standing. He landed on the ground, just as he did when he was a little kid, the only difference was he now had the power to protect those he loved. Before he fainted, he heard a voice coming from behind, he wasn't sure who was it, but it was a female voice. She was screaming as she got closer, there was no doubt it was a friend, someone who was part of Hiroko's new family, someone from Rusty Hearts.

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