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    Let the Mayhem begin (Open to all but Sacred Sea members and their alts.)


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    Let the Mayhem begin (Open to all but Sacred Sea members and their alts.)

    Post by Zagan on Tue Nov 03, 2015 6:34 pm

    How often does one get a chance to enjoy a beautiful day just relaxing near the ocean. Feeling the breeze coming off the ocean, cooling the skin and invoking a peace within one's self. The sun was shining bright. Golden beams revealing all around. How it made Zagan sick. It wasn't that he was against a nice sunny day or anything of the like. It was the people that made him sick. The weak and helpless were all around. They were allowed to beg on the street and people helped them. What kind of way of life was this. Why should the strong, those that took care of themselves, have to help those that were either too inept or lazy to do the same? This would all change eventually. Zagan even had the crazy notion of even trying to do some about it that second. But now wasn't the time. That would come later, exactly when still wasn't set, but it would come eventually. For now all Zagan needed to do was to scout. He needed to learn the layout of this town. Learn the switch backs, hidden alleys. Learn where the major buildings are and so forth.

    "Fruit! Fresh Fruit," the cart vendor shouted, waving an apple high above his head. His constant shout of fresh produce attracted the occasional customer and it didn't go unnoticed by the silver haired angel. A growl long and loud erupted from his mid section and Zagan remembered the most annoying part about being cast from the heavens. While filled with holy grace, angels didn't need to worry about the trivial things mortal had to. Eating, sleeping, defecating, none of those activities were necessary for an angel. But since he had been cast out and his grace taken from him, it had been a daily annoyance for Zagan to have to do any of those. "I'll take three," Zagan offered the man a few jewels and took his fruit. It wouldn't provide him very much sustenance but it would do at least for now. He'd have to go find a proper meal later, but this would work for now at least.

    "You Bastard!!!" A shout came from behind the tall angel, from a squat balding fellow that was brandishing a sword. "You won't get away from me this time!" The squat fellow charged, head down and sword point aimed straight ahead. As far as an attack, it was quite a poor one. Zagan simply stepped to the side and let the poor man run straight into the fruit vendor's cart. The blade tip struck the wood, a harder target than the man had expected, and flew out of the man's hand. The strangest part of this was that Zagan had no idea who the man was. He didn't remember ever meeting the man before, nor had he ever seen him as far as he could recall. The flying blade soared through the air, causing a panic among the spectators, people starting to scatter to avoid the falling metal. That led to a man pushing into another man, who pushed into someone else forcing that person to fall into a stand of fish. That person hit the board the fish vendor was using to hold up crates of ice and fresh caught yellowfin crookers. Those flew through the air and landed all over the Fruit Vendor's cart and onto Zagan.

    The smell filled Zagan's nostrils. He hated fish. Hated! Now not only did he have fish lying all around him, but he smelled of fish as well. "I get you eventually Drake, I swear my Sarah shall be avenge." The squat man, spat at the angel's feet and took off running. Zagan would have killed the man if he hadn't been so surprised by first the fact he was covered in fish and second he had no idea what the man was talking about.

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    Re: Let the Mayhem begin (Open to all but Sacred Sea members and their alts.)

    Post by Uri on Thu Nov 05, 2015 5:26 pm

    It was beautiful that day, the sun was shining down on the the town of Hargeon. The sea splashed against the harbor and the sound of crooning sea gulls filled the air. Uri was walking on the edge of the harbor, she was careful to watch her footing and fall into the blue sea. She sang a song, a ballad of the seas as she walked on the edge. Her heart stopped when her foot slipped and fell slightly into the water but she fortunately managed to catch herself.

    She gave a small chuckled before she heard a ruckus. There was a man with a sword in his hand who ran at a very tall man. The tall man stepped to the side and the one with the sword crashed into the fruit vendor's cart. The sword flew out of his hand which caused general panic. People crashed into other people and suddenly fish flew through the air and landed on the tall man. Uri laughed at this, she knew that she shouldn't be laughing at this situation but this seemed quite humorous. 

    The man with the sword soon took off running leaving the tall man confused and covered in fish. She laughed and walk towards the man. "You look like you are in a fishy situation Sharkey." She said, smiling at her new nickname for the man. "That's quite a lot of fish, its quite smelly as well. Somebody must have hated you if they sent fifteen pounds of smelly fish flying at you." Uri then theatrically plugged her nose. She laughed again, she was having so much fun that she could almost not feel the tension in the air. She then stopped her act and said in a patronizing tone, "Well then. You better get this cleaned up. Fifteen pounds of fish isn't going to magically disappear."


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    Re: Let the Mayhem begin (Open to all but Sacred Sea members and their alts.)

    Post by Kialya on Fri Nov 06, 2015 6:25 am

    Kialya had only watched the commotion occur. She was in the back of the crowd observing and smiling slightly at the humorous sight. It was funny. She had only arrived a few minutes earlier but early enough to watch as the fish came down all around and on top of the man who seemed to have been the cause of the commotion.

    She had come out to the sea in hope of some peace and for the calming feeling that the sea breeze gave as it brushed across your skin and whispered in your ears. The nymph had never been to the sea and had only heard of this occurrence from other nymphs who had gone before. But, hearing about it was not enough for her she had to go and experience it for herself. Hence the reason that she was here now. But instead of running into the slightly chilling breeze of the sea she had run into a man being head to toe covered in fish and a girl who seemed to making puns about his situation. A small laugh escaped her lips and she covered her mouth with her hand. The pun from the girl was good, but for Kialya what had made it better was the fact that maybe the girl seemed slightly clumsy? She would being her own fishy situation if he didn't watch where she was stepping and slipped. Hearing the words of assistance Kialya looked up at the sky. She wanted to help , but that was not the reason that she had come to the sea. Hearing a whisper in the wind the dark haired girl looked down and sighed before slowly moving and slipping through the crowed.

    "I saw only some of what happened, would you like assistance?" Kialya small melodic voice slipped from her lips directed at the man who was still covered in fish and the girl who was right next to him.

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    Re: Let the Mayhem begin (Open to all but Sacred Sea members and their alts.)

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