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    A Trickster's Will!

    Obsidian Nightshade

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    A Trickster's Will!

    Post by Obsidian Nightshade on Wed Nov 04, 2015 4:31 pm

    "I would like to point out that you have what appears to be a teenage boy tied up in your basement. I knew I shouldn't come here on the promise of candy!", joked Obsidian as he is currently incapacitated by rope. In response to his comment, he received a glass bottle to his head.

    "God dammit, doesn't this guy ever shut up?", complained the thug that had recently harmed Obsidian.

    "Depends... Got a gag anyway?", Obsidian quipped weakly as he was recovering from having a glass bottle break on his head.

    "What the fu-", the thug had his sentence cut off by his leader.

    "Shut the Hell up.", said the leader who has an impressive height with a body of a seasonal fighter. "It doesn't matter if he talk or not. We just need him alive long enough to tell us everything about Sabertooth. So don't hurt him too much yet.", he stated to quiet his underling. The leader is currently sitting at a table littered with various stage props of a magician that Obsidian has been carrying on him when he was captured. The props was currently being examined by another thug who was slightly smaller than the one that had hurt Obsidian but was still imposing.

    "Gotta start off small.", came the second thug as he was examining what appears to be a trick rope. "Can't believe a member of Sabertooth was carrying around crap like these.", he commented.

    "I can't believe that I'm out of that bind!", Obsidian replied as he was stretching his arm after being restrained.

    When the first got distracted by his comrades, Obsidian used the shards of the glass bottle to cut himself loose!

    "Take him down!", roared the leader as the first thug charged at Obsidian but staggered as the tulpa had tied the thug's shoes together without him noticing. "Wha-", he didn't get to finish his sentence as Obsidian stabbed the thug in the throat.

    "Shank!", Obsidian said before ripping out the shard of glass from the thug's throat and threw it at the leader who was now standing by the table.

    To his surprise, the leader easily caught the bloodstained shard easily with his bare hand. "Damn idiot got himself killed.", cursed the leader.

    "On the bright side, our cut for the information is bigger now.", the second thug commented as he was completely unaffected by his comrade's death. "I'll go deal with him. He basically unarmed and have no skill if he didn't put that much of a fight in resisting when we captured him.", he stated as he pulled out a machete and channeled it with his magic which gave it an ethereal glow before walking his way over to Obsidian.

    "Oh jeez, he's right! I don't have anything up in my sleeves!", Obsidian feigned panic. "Alright, you've forced me into using my trump card!", he bluffed as he reached into his mouth with his right hand.

    Seeing the sight of Obsidian stuffing his own hand down his throat shocked the thug into stopping in his track. Despite having a job at hand, he was curious in what Obsidian was doing.

    "Here I go!", Obsidian mumbled out as he pulled out what was in his mouth. The thug closed his eyes and braced himself against the assault. Hearing the sound of Obsidian saying "Tada!", the thug cracked his eyes open to see the sight of Obsidian holding an absurd length of scarves tied together that was being pulled out of his mouth. At the sight of seeing the thug flinched, Obsidian couldn't help himself from laughing at the thug's expense. "You should've seen the look on your face!", he jeered which infuriated the thug.

    He charged at the tulpa but the spy ducked under the swing and was now behind him. He was about to turn around, but he felt resistance on the machete and learn that Obsidian wrapped his scarves around the hilt of the blade. Grinning, the tulpa yanked the machete out of the thugs hand and flew through the air. The thug was still shocked that he had lost his weapon to react and had his throat cut by his own weapon.

    "Look at the irony! Being killed by his own weapon!", he continued to laugh until he felt pressure behind his head. The leader has taken the opportunity to hit Obsidian when he wasn't looking. He was sprawled on the ground as the leader loomed over him.

    "I admit, I may have underestimated you. It looks like you're too much work.", he stated as he gathered magical energy around his hand and was about to blast Obsidian's head off.

    "Damn! And I just got my machete loot! I hope it's worth it!", he complained which alerted the leader of the fact that the machete hasn't hit the ground yet.

    Turning around expertly, he annihilated the flying machete with the blast that was meant for Obsidian. "Should've kept your mouth shut.", the leader criticized.

    "My loot! No!", Obsidian cried as he watches his recently acquired weapon being destroyed. "In the end, all I have left are card tricks!", he said tearfully and he balled up on the ground.

    The leader was about to turn around and blast off Obsidian's head when it finally clicked to him. Card tricks? Turning around, he realized that an entire deck of playing cards was scattered in the air after being hit by the flying machete. The machete was a decoy and was meant to distract the leader from seeing the deck of cards being knocked into the air from the edge of the table. Hiding his grin, he uses Trickery to spatially sharpen the cards' edges to become razor sharp. The leader noticed the distinct sound of something cutting through the air and realized that he had lost. "No!", he screamed as he was cut up by the flurry of cards in the deadly game of 52 Pickup.

    "Yahtzee!", he cheered while throwing his arms in the air after killing three criminals with the help of his cunning and his deceitful nature. "Morons! Every action was a distraction! Woo!", he continued to cheer as he gathered up his belongings and made his way back to the guild. "Sorry guys, but the info was meant for someone else!", he said to the corpses before leaving.

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