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    A hunt for treasure.


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    A hunt for treasure.

    Post by Goshiki on Wed Nov 04, 2015 5:31 pm

    Auron stood at the peak of a mountain, looking down at the vast sea of trees as he took a deep breath in through his nose. As he exhaled, he surveyed the surrounding area, spotting something that stood taller than all of the trees and appeared to be made of some kind of stone. He smiled, making sure to mark its location on his map before beginning his descent down the mountain. This side of the mountain was much steeper and smoother than the one he had previously climbed, but going around would take him an entire day, so he simply had to do the best he could to make a steady descent. After about an hour of climbing down the mountain, he had finally reached the forest floor and entered it without any hesitation. The thick canopy above completely blocked out the sun, but luckily for him daylight was something he never really depended on.

    Now that he was off the mountain, he began to approach his destination at a slow jog, trying to reach it as quickly as he could  while saving most of his energy. He knew that if what he saw is what he thought it was, he'd be needing as much energy as he could get. The temperature inside of the forest was significantly lower than it was outside, it had lowered by at least twenty degrees. This change in temperature was causing him to be even more suspicious that the forest had been touched by magic. Auron continued his advance towards his destination, however he began to get the feeling he'd been running in circles. He looked behind him, causing a small smile to grow across his face. The mountain he had climbed down was a mere ten feet away. He attempted to run back towards the mountain, but the forest began to stretch infinitely away from him. It was one of the oldest traps in the book and he had walked right into it.

    Auron leaned up against a nearby tree, "It's getting colder...", he said as small fog started to appear in front of his mouth. "So, you keep me in place while I slowly freeze to death. Heh, that's cruel even for me," he chuckled.

    His mind to begin to race for a way out of the trap that this forest had sprung on him, he had a feeling that any of the heat sources he had available to him wouldn't work. The torches would probably be snuffed out and his magic is more than likely nullified. At his current location, the object he saw was still a couple of miles away. So either way, he was probably going to freeze before he reached his destination. His mind began to race at a mile a minute, hoping to find some way out. Even if it meant never being able to get what he came here for, he just wanted to be able to escape, he didn't want to die; Not yet. He took a deep breath, trying to calm his mind when suddenly he picked up a scent, it reeked of death. He covered his nose and mouth, the foul smell almost caused him to vomit. He began to look around for any dead bodies that the forest had claimed, thinking he had just not smelled them until now. There was not a body in sight and the smell was getting stronger, his mind began to race again as the smell of death was invading his nose. His eyes widened and he dug his fingernails into his arm as hard as he could, breaking the skin and feeling the warm blood rush down his arm just before his surroundings changed to a hooded figure, hovering inches above his face.

    The hooded figure had him pinned down to the ground and he could feel that where his hand was touching felt like it had become solid ice. He looked at the figures face to see a rotting corpse with glowing, bright blue eyes. He instantly realized that this was some sort of Ice Wraith and it was the guardian of the ruins he was undoubtedly approaching. This explained everything he had been feeling, why it felt as though his magic was being sucked away, how he had entered a seemingly impossible forest and why he had so quickly given into despair when realizing he had walked into the trap, something that is completely unlike him. Snapping out of the wraith's illusion, Auron slammed his fist against the wraith's arm, causing it to break in two while some pieces shattered into tiny pieces of ice. Auron rolled away from the wraith and stood up, ripping the frozen hand off of his chest.  Weak and out of breath, he drew his sword and took his best swing at the wraith's head, which surprisingly sent it flying off its shoulders. "Ha! Haha! That will show a....puny...little creature like you to mess....with the likes of me!", he said while struggling to catch his breath.

    "I think i'll just....take a nap...right over here," he said still struggling to regain his breath. He knelt down beside a tree and rubbed his chest, attempting to warm it up. A small, stupid smile began to grow across his face when he could feel some warmth returning to his body.

    Suddenly, he felt a cold icy hand grab his shoulder and he could feel his heart sink to the bottom of his chest. The wraith threw him against a tree, causing a small cracking noise to come from his back. "I've been meaning to get that knot out..", he joked. However, the smile quickly faded from his face when he saw the wraith's head had reformed and was soaring towards him with its razor sharp claws pointed outwards. Auron dodged to the side, just barely escaping the wraith's attack. The wraith however, had slammed into the tree with enough force to stab clear through it, but now had its hands stuck in the center of the tree. "It seems ordinary attacks won't work with you...", he said just before the wraith forcibly cut the tree in two and started to chase after him again.

    Auron made a dash away from the wraith, every step he took it felt like his foot was landing on a thousand nails and every breath he took it felt like a part of his ribcage was breaking. The wraith had really done a number on him while he was under the illusion, probably as a precautionary measure in case he was able to break out of it. Now he was almost too weak to fight it, especially if it had the capability of regenerating its body from normal attacks. Even now he could just barely keep up with how fast the wraith was. Auron made a sharp turn in the forest, causing the wraith to soar past him and buying him a little more time between him and the wraith. As he turned the corner, he could see the ruins that he had been trying to reach this entire time. He could see that some sort of battle had taken place seeing as many of the walls had been destroyed by catapults and much of it had been set ablaze.

    "That's it!", he shouted, turning around while pulling a torch from his bag. He mustered up the small amount of magic he could and lit the torch. The wraith was soaring at him, once again trying to impale him with its razor sharp claws. Just when the moment was right and the wraith was within perfect distance, Auron threw the torch as hard as he could and dropped to the floor. The wraith flew past him and came to a sudden halt, turning around to reveal that the torch had become lodged in its chest. Its entirely body trembled violently and suddenly erupted in a burst of sparks. Auron sighed a deep breath of relief and turned on his back, breathing heavily and laughing slightly. After a nice rest, he stood up and stared at the ruins, realizing that the treasure he'd been seeking could be only steps away. He also realized that there could be even more traps lying in wait for him at the bottom of the ruins, so he readied himself and went to grab his sword. When he did, he noticed that when he should have grabbed the hilt of his sword, he grabbed absolutely nothing but air. His head slowly turned around, his face white with fear, "I dropped my sword when the wraith attacked me..." It was then that Auron dropped to his knees and let out a scream that echoed throughout the whole forest.

    After walking to the complete opposite side of the forest and back simply to retrieve his sword, he was finally ready to enter the ruins. He walked slowly, examining the ground as he did so to ensure there were no tripwires or booby-traps waiting for him. Throughout the entire ruins, there was only one building left standing, he approached it and slowly opened the door. The only thing inside of the room was a ladder that led straight down to a level beneath the ruins. Sheathing his sword, he began his descent down the ladder. The ladder led to a single earthen corridor that was lined with torches that were still burning bright, even after all these years. "Probably infused with magic," he muttered to himself. He continued down the corridor to find it come to a dead end with a single chest lying on the floor. There was no lock on the chest, which stirred up a disheartening feeling deep within him. He lifted the chest up and to his his dismay, the chest was completely empty. He stood in shock of the empty chest, not being able to register what sat before him. A small smile started to creep across his face, just before he busted out into a spout of insane laughter, rolling on the floor uncontrollably. He laughed continuously, his laughing echoing through the corridor and kept laughing until he couldn't any more. Afterwards, he regained his composure and exited the corridor.

    When he resurfaced, he could tell that night had come. He looked around at the barren ruins and sighed, "Well...on to the next", he said, starting off towards the forest's exit.

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