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    Angel of Yellow Blade Eyes

    Enzeru Metsuki

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    Angel of Yellow Blade Eyes

    Post by Enzeru Metsuki on Wed Nov 04, 2015 9:44 pm

    Enzeru Metsuki
    Enz or Yellow Reaper
    100 years Old
    November 14
    Bladed Angel
    D {Ex Magic Council}
    Lawful Good

    Species Ability/Perk

    Bladed Angels: This is a unique species that get their name from being declared as angels yet in actuality they are not angels at all.  They are spiritual beings that take the appearance of an angel and are the absence of evil entirely.  Bladed angels are said to have the ability to conjure their spiritual life force into a weapon.  The way this is done is through their eyes being the source of their power, this causes their energy to formulate from the location of where their eyesight is directed.  Their weapon normally comes out in the color of their eye color they were born with, many times then naught they will be nicknamed by the color of their eye and the weapon they wield.  The Weapon is a part of their soul as such it strengthens as they strengthen {I.e rank up}.  

    Blade Eyes: This ability allows the user to create and summon a weapon of their choosing, Enzeru's weapon of choice is a scythe but he can change it's appearance to look like any bladed weapon he so wishes so long as it is light weighted.  The weapon will remain through the remainder of the thread it is activated in.  The weapon can be destroyed only if used to defend against Spells equal to its rank as well as attacks equal to its current rank.  Spells higher and attacks higher will instantly destroy the weapon, after of which will take a total of 2x the number of posts the weapon was active for.

    Ghost Control: This ability allows the Bladed angel user to use their life force to control send out an after image or control an object within the area so long as it does not belong to another user.  The way this works is the user will send their Spiritual life force into their hand which will then cast images of a ghost like figure grabbing, attacking or so forth.  If the opponent is lower ranked than the perk, the ghost like image is distorted and barely visible. but doesn't mean it still can't be avoided.  If the opponent is higher rank than the perk then the Ghost like image can be seen.  Ghost Control has a Duration, Cooldown, and Range system when used in battle, however outside of battle it has zero duration, cool down, and range.

    D Rank: 1 Post Duration -2 Post Cool Down- 25m
    C Rank:2 Post Duration-4 Post Cool Down- 50m
    B Rank:3 Post Duration-6 Post Cool Down-75m
    A Rank:4 Post Duration-8 Post Cool Down-100m
    S Rank 5 Post Duration-10 Post Cool Down 125m
    SS Rank 6 Post Duration-12 Post Cool Down 150m
    X Rank 7 Post Duration-14 Post Cool Down- 175m

    Examples of Ghost Control:

    Special Unique Characteristics

    Bladed Eyes: These are eyes that seem almost unique from any other eye any species have, it isn't race specific but Bladed Angels are said to have these eyes.  The eyes all are made through different colors which are giver at birth.  They have a certain glow to them which emanate white like energy that always and constantly pulses inside the pupil which is said to be the source for their spiritual life force abilities.  The eyes seem almost animal like but can shape to be human like as well depending on if the user is serious or not.  

    Amnesia: After the great war and fighting along side of Janet in the great war between the guild's Enzeru suffers from Major amnesia.  Because of this he forgot all the high level magic he had once learned, and because of this he actually lost power in rank as well causing him to be equal to that of a D rank Mage.  Shame he used to be a great Magic Council Mage.

    Magic Council Crest: Due to being a part of the magic council, Enzeru caries the crest on his outfit, he lost his memory so he doesn't know what it means, but carries the crest on him always, in hopes that it may lead him to the answers he seeks about his memory being lost.

    Character Depth

    Outside of battle, Enzeru is an overly energetic soul, in fact more so just like a child.  He can get on the nerves of others relatively easy from his over excitement.  Enzeru due to loss of memory, often questions many things such as who is is, what is he, where did he come from, and why did he last show in the Animus Sin Guild.  Enzeru is very caring towards other and treats everyone around him as family.  Enzeru can prove to be lazy at times more so than others.  Half the time he will be too lazy to be asked to do anything, caught sleeping underneath trees or far too be bored to be asked to do anything, he finds the act of fighting to be rather boring in the sense he just doesn't care for it or see what the point of it is.  However before he lost his memory, Enzeru was a force to recon with, he was the head of his race and was known as the Yellow Reaper.  Outside of battle Enzeru was ruthless and strict, he believed in justice and would follow by the rules at all times.  Enzeru was a well respect Magic Council member and was next in line after Janet, however after loosing his memory, everything was rewritten for him, he found himself confused and lost.  When he awoke he was at the Animus Guild, and as such decided to join the Guild in the hopes to find himself.

    In battle Enzeru becomes serious and won't stop until he wins.  For the most part he will only fight if he has no choice, at that point he will use all of his power to defeat his opponent. Thinking strategically, watching movement patterns, looking for openings and will strike.  He will incorporate unique combos into his fighting style. Due to enzeru's loyalty he will fight to protect those he cares for, due to his nature now he serves Animus Sin, having no idea that he was on the magic council before fighting against them.  Before losing his memory Enzeru was very precise about fighting, he was all about judgement.  He in fact had a move called judgement which would scale whether or not the person before him deserved to die or not, sadly because he lost his memory the ability Judgement and the secondary magic it was attached to was long forgotten.  Enzeru was called the Yellow reaper due to using bladed weapons and giving no empathy when slaying others as if he was dead.  Because Enzeru is a bladed angel he has no exceptions for the filth and trash that is evil.

    Likes: (3 minimum)
    -Animus Sin, Enzeru is quite fond of the guild he is apart of now
    -Foxes, Enzeru doesn't really know why but he likes foxes, this is due to before him loosing his memory he had a companion Fox that would follow him into battle always.
    -Sleeping, Enzeru is very lazy as such he likes to sleep.

    Dislikes: (3 minimum)
    -Fighting, Enzeru sees no need to fight at all, but sometimes he has to and this bothers him
    -Threats, Enzeru hates being threatened in any degree this is due to the fact it puts others in risk.
    -Killing, Enzeru hates killing people, but he will if he has to, but generally he tries to avoid it

    Fears: (3 minimum)
    -Never Regaining his Memory, Enzeru fears he will never find out who he once was
    -God Slayers, for whatever reason Enzeru is terribly petrified  of God slayers, this is probably because of his spirit like aspect due to his race.
    -Losing, Enzeru fears that if he ever looses a battle he will lose who he is as is.

    Motivations/Goals: (3 minimum)
    -Getting his memories back, Enzeru is motivated to get his memories back and will do what it takes to get it.
    -Animus Sin, Enzeru is deeply motivated by Animus sin, this is due to the fact that when a bladed angel pledges loyalty to someone they stick by it till they die, unfortunately he pledged loyalty to Janet before he lost his memory so he forgot the pledge.
    -Kitten, Enzeru is motivated by Kitten, he doesn't really understand why but he as a connection with her that rather confuses him all together.

    Hair: White
    Eyes: Yellow
    Skin Tone: Pale
    Height: Five ft, eleven in
    Weight: 125lbs
    Overall Appearances:

    Animus Sin Arc:

    Great War Arc-Bladed Angel Mercenary Outfit"


    Guild: Animus Sin
    Guild Tattoo: White and located on his right hand.

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    Enzeru Metsuki

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    Re: Angel of Yellow Blade Eyes

    Post by Enzeru Metsuki on Thu Nov 05, 2015 12:31 pm

    Bump this is done.

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    Re: Angel of Yellow Blade Eyes

    Post by Selenia on Tue Nov 17, 2015 5:51 pm

    Character approved!

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    Re: Angel of Yellow Blade Eyes

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