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    Selenia's Heavenly Body


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    Selenia's Heavenly Body

    Post by Selenia on Fri Nov 06, 2015 10:12 pm

    Breathing hard, the female mage stumbled down onto the ground, a small stream of blood flowing down from her mouth, tingeing the white desert sands red. The night was cool and yet the woman was sweating as she looked down, seeing how her blood coated the surface of the sand, the dark red liquid clear under the rays of the full moon.

    Gulping down air, she fought to stay conscious as her opponent grinned at her, her keys in his hands. Next to him, on either side, stood his own Celestial Spirits. To his right stood Cassiopeia. A Celestial Spirit with a silver key, hers was the gate of the Queen. A fitting name; a green and gold headdress, fitted with a large blue sapphire at the center, adorned her face, giving her a regal, if not overly opulent look. Her upper body was barely covered, save for a bra, which would’ve made her appealing to most if not for the fact that her lower body was that of a snake. Scales covered her long tail which stretched out behind her as she grinned cruelly at Selenia, her yellow eyes stark against the moonlit night. It was because of her that Selenia had lost her keys; in fact, the Celestial Spirit was probably one of the strongest she’d faced that wasn’t a Zodiac Spirit. On the opposing mage’s other side was exactly that, however; the Zodiac Spirit known as Scorpio, the Scorpio, and this was his battlefield. He wielded Sand Magic, and while he was already quite strong, being a Zodiac Spirit, he was nearly unbeatable out here in the vast emptiness of the desert, surrounded by his element. So, keyless and severely injured, Selenia stood once more, fighting for her Spirits and her life. However, even after all this, she wasn’t helpless. She still had one more thing that this mage didn't know about, and she'd use it in order to stop him from doing this.

    “It seems the battle has come to an end, wouldn’t you say, Selenia?” the man said, grinning. “I don’t want to have to kill you, really, so why don’t you just give up? After all, there’s nothing you can do. You’re worthless, a total failure. You lost your keys, and now you're too hurt to even move. Realize that you are utterly helpless, beg me for me for mercy, and perhaps I’ll spare your life. I haven’t decided yet,” he lied, an obvious falsehood and they both knew it. He had no intention of letting Selenia off easily; he’d kill her slowly and painfully.

    "I-I won't let you take them! Those aren't just keys... they're so much more than that. For all the trouble you've put me through, however, I guess you deserve to see this, which I've kept my little secret for some time now. Prepare yourself, for I shall do to you tenfold what you've done to me," Selenia mumbled through her busted lip, her voice faint over the dunes.

    "What was that? You're going to attack, is that what you said? What power do you have left? None! Fool, do you think you can really best me?" her enemy snickered, but she could tell he was nervous. The tone of his voice had changed, and he suspected there actually might be something he hadn't known about her. How right he was.

    Selenia, hunched over the ground, looked up at the man, seeing her chain dangling from his hands. She'd do whatever it took to get all of them back. So, resolving her mind, her body began to take on a glow of golden light which outlined her body. Then, in an instant, she was off, flying towards her opponent at an incredible speed, a trail of light flowing behind her.

    "Scorpio, Sand Wall!" the man said, but she was prepared for any tricks that they might pull.

    "Heaven Palm!" she shouted, raising her open hand in front of her in order to break through the sand wall which Scorpio had created in front of her. However, what she didn't expect was for Cassiopeia, that Celestial Spirit, to be standing right behind it, ready to take her punch for the Celestial Spirit mage with her own body. The punch ended the summoning of the Queen, her body glowing golden as she returned to the Celestial Spirit World.

    The shock forced Selenia to stop in midair, and it was all the time the mage needed to retaliate.

    "Scorpio, Sand Spear, now!" he shouted. Scorpio got down on his hands in order to move his tail to take the shot, and thankfully, out of the corner of her eye, even as she watched her keys in the man's grasp, she noticed Scorpio prepare for the attack. It was the man's own failure that was his downfall; he commanded his Celestial Spirits instead of trusting them to do what was right. Bringing her own hand around, she was able gasp out, "Heavenly Beams!", the four of which pierced Scorpio's Sand Spear.

    "This is impossible! You... you can't have this kind of power, I've never heard of it; how could this happen?!" the mage shouted, his face contorted in rage and hatred.

    "It's about time you stop making Celestial Spirit mages out to be weak. We're not, and now, I'll show you how truly powerful we can be. Gravity Push!" Selenia said, sending Scorpio flying away, just far enough so that Selenia could deal with this man without having to hurt another Celestial Spirit.

    "Now then, your time has come," Selenia began, staring at the man who held her keys. He'd regret this day, on which he'd tried to steal her life-long companions, for as long as he would live.

    "Raging Solar Flare!" she said, creating a giant red magic circle below the enemy mage. However, she wasn't done yet. "Holy Lunar Light," she continued, as an equally large magic circle formed in the sky above them, directly between the moon and her target.

    Flying into the sky above, Selenia began the chant to enact the spell. "O holy Moon, O fiery Sun, let the seas roar and the land burn. From the earth and the sky your power collides, Lunar Eclipse!"

    With that, fire poured forth from below the man, while light beamed down from above, crashing down upon the enemy. It was a powerful sight to behold; as both spells met in the middle, emitting an intense light. When all was over, in just moments, the enemy was defeated, though he still lived. In the distance, she could see Scorpio's body glow as his time ran out, his body returning to the world of the Celestial Spirits. Making her way back down to the ground, Selenia allowed Meteor's glow to disappear, the magic drain of having done so much at once drawing her to the ground. Soon enough, more people might know about her new power. However, it mattered not; if anything, it would be a lesson to those who may try to take from her what she valued more than her life.

    So as she collected what had been stolen from her, deciding to rest before hauling the man off to jail, she grinned. This magic was indeed powerful; she was grateful to have it. And if anyone would come for her again, let them come. She'd be ready.

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