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    Summon the Party till Death Breaks it up.


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    Summon the Party till Death Breaks it up.

    Post by Erin on Mon Nov 09, 2015 4:38 pm

    The land of Fiore was covered with the alabaster flakes of snow, a time of year to be celebrated by all around this winter solstice. One household was making preparations for these winter festivities one to remember as it was the fourteenth birthday party of the dear and beloved Erin Skye. Regardless of her grandparents death, Erin had moved away from her hometown in hopes to enjoy the greatest of birthday parties this wasn’t an ordinary party as the guests were all summons and one goddess who now shared these happy days with her. The majority of the Tarot Cards had manifested themselves for this special day to help lift her spirits. Erin herself though had grown weak and weary, even a goddess could get tired. Stumbling through missions like the undead all but ready to collapse from exhaustion. Just two days ago she took on a mission which one of her neighbors specifically requested she would do. Her Knight did the majority of the heavy lifting, but she couldn’t even keep her eyes open when she collapsed on her bed. Now that their goddess was asleep they would make the preparations to celebrate the special day of her host whom she grew closer and closer to.

    The Knight, The Priestess, The Fool, The Hermit, The Lovers, and the Magician all hopped to work. The apartment she was renting out wasn’t really large enough for a group of this size let alone for one to hatch a well thought out plan without waking a resting occupant. Thankfully she was sound asleep, her thumb tucked gently into her mouth about a teddy bear's belly. Cozily snugged in her bed as the visions of Tarot Cards danced in her head. Perhaps this was how it always worked maybe they all sat about talking when she fell asleep and that is why their persona’s were so strong. Anyway that was a different matter.

    CLAP CLAP CLAP! The Knight’s gauntlets smacked together delivering a thundering applause. “Right then ladies and chaps! How are we going to celebrate our dear little summoner’s birthday!” A choir of “Shhhhhhh!” answered him as they all delivered a firm smack to the back of his head sending him flying off into the door of the apartment with another loud crash. The crowd all winced as they watched him faceplant into the door ripping it from it’s hinges and now uncomfortably kissing the floor with face. A mere groan of discomfort would be the quip to his sudden chain of abuse.

    “You idiot we can’t be yelling and smacking metal plates together what if she wakes up in the middle of our preparations.” Each of them had lept to the hallway grabbing the knight and setting him upright once again. An imprint of the boards was left in red on his face. He certainly wished he had kept his helmet on after all that was the exact situations which they were built for when you were at risk of ruining your own precious face.

    “I merely was praising this day with my enthusiasm for the young miss,” he whined still unaware that he wasn’t keeping it down to the right decibel. A loud clang echoed through the hall as his helmet was pitched down by The Magician who was obviously not having any of this man’s shenanigans.

    “Knight listen here we have approximately six hours knowing our dear Erin’s sleep cycle as well as I do seven at best if we are extremely lucky. Thus the more of a racket you make now the less likely my estimation will be accurate, now unless you want a fireball so far up your butt I suggest you shush.” A twitch had begun to develop in the magician’s left eye as she spoke of all this to the bludgeoned knight. The last string that was holding her from making good on this threat was already slowly unraveling and if he made any remark …

    “Such Maiden’s like thou shouldn’t soil your silky skin with such trifling matters dear magus sit back and watch  me the most holy kn-ghhh-hg” One could almost see the last strand snap exploding in a raging inferno as the fair magus now carried the knight out in a choke hold fully ready to deliver on just what she said. The rest all sat their in silence for a few moments till one brave Fool spoke out.

    “Come on I can’t be the only one who wants to see his rear on fire? Anyone?” He looked about the room noting the various summons that were still with him. The Lovers had been sitting in the corner of the room delivering a barrage of sweet french kisses without paying any attention to the rest of the group. The Hermit was already chugging down another glass of her finest wine and the high priestess was … where was she? The Fool sprinted out into the hall looking about till he saw The High Priestess was going from door to door offering her healing services to anyone in the neighboring apartments. Sighing he would hang his head in his gorgeous suit. “Ugh guys I’m The Fool here and I’m the only one that is actually taking this party business serious come on can we all at least try and stick together and enjoy a great fire show of the Magician and Knight?” Frowning his answer would be made up as the Magician was already strolling in alone he had to ask as no one else was, “Umm question? Tarot Summons can’t die right, case being where is … never mind.”

    The Mage nodded toward the fool, “Clever boy, now where we we right the plan we need streamers, balloons, a cake, and those noise makers. Do you think that you two could make the cake run?” In an instant the two Lovers nodded walking hand and hand down the hall in search of a market where they could get the most delicious cake that they could find. Shocked beyond belief that the two had stopped from a mere order of the magus he began to ponder what special powers she must have to get those two from ramming their tongues down one another’s throats. “You Fool go find us some balloons I believe that a few blocks down their is a cheap shop where they sell balloons take this money.” Reaching into the saving of their young master she tossed him a handful enough to probably riddled the ceiling of her room with them.

    “U-uh yes ma’am?” The Fool shot off toward down the hall his tone changing from dazed to certain as he had no wishes to end up like The Knight. On his way out of the apartment he saw the Knight lodged in the fountain gurgling painfully as his rear smoking.

    “Right Hermit you are on drin-” stopping as she realized what she was about to say was being spoken to a known alcoholic, “High Priestess you are on drink patrol and Hermit go get us some party decorations.” Standing there she stopped as she thought of the last thing that was needed for the party. The room was now vacant of all the summons except for the mage she strolled over to the bed and sat down beside Erin who was whining in her sleep as she was having on of her normal nightmares. It was her grandparents reaching down toward her from a lit hole in the darkness begging for her to join them. Every time she knew where it was going but she kept reaching out falling down and being left sprawled in a jungle. The jungle had numerous creatures of demonic nature that were hunting her down talking about how they have already gobbled up her precious grandma and grandpa.

    The Mage had been told this story on numerous occasions and she sighed stroking her hand through the silver mane. “Shhh, it’s ok just look back to the light sweety.” Whining out she twisted and turned as her head was now laid upon The Mages lap trying to help console her from the nightmare. As it persisted and she coaxed her summoner to a restful state she smiled as the dream finally had left her to sleep peacefully. “There you go hun,” she smiled resting a hand upon her cheek. Their she would wait as each of the others got back with the supplies. Each of them went overboard a bit but that was what they did best as a group. Sighing she looked at all the decorations and the cake. “Guys we are not celebrating with an army of guests the only one who even eats and drinks here is Erin herself.”

    “OHHH RIGHT,” the gang realized all at once now and gesticulated on the remark of how stupid they all felt now. She laughed before laying Erin’s weary head to rest and hopped off to start decorating with the group thankfully it went by quite quickly as the entire group was now finishing off the last of the decorations. “Well guys I think we have finally fixed up everything for her special day now where is all the leftover money?” She smiled toward the group at a job well done and put out her hand. They all aimlessly looked at the empty hand before they all began biting their lips.

    “UMMMM.” Again they all knew one another far too well but nothing was to come of this as they had all splurged on this event.

    The Mage’s head fell down gloomily, “Guys, please tell me that you didn’t waste all of her money on this what is she gonna do now?” Grumbling, “Guys what is she suppose to do now for food we wasted it all on decorations we didn’t need this many.”

    The young child began to stir from her slumber though it was to late for them to start returning all of it. “Hmmm?” She murmured before wiping her her eyes of  the sleepies she had been getting use to the situation now. “What why are you guys all out I didn’t summon you did I?” It was odd she hadn’t seen this happen on any occasion but she had heard that the celestial key summoners were capable of doing this on their own perhaps these Tarot Cards were the same way. She then made a double take before noticing that the entire room was set up. A squeal ripped through the room as she now giggled with joy, “I love it! I love it! I love it!” Hopping onto The Mage “You guys didn’t have to do all this for little old me sillies. But thank you so much for this party.”

    “U-uh I wouldn’t congratulate all of us as we sorta wasted all of your money,” she rubbed the back of her head feeling bad as she orchestrated all of it.

    Her grip only became tighter as she smiled, “It doesn’t matter I never was in these jobs for the money I just want to keep getting more of you guys to join us.” As she laughed holding her Mage tight, the shattering of glass broke the peace and with it the arrival of an unwanted party crasher showed up. A man of vulgar smell and equally manners, but the girl just laughed and smiled, "Guys I didn't know you were going to even stage a little game like this. The man had a wicked grin and the act had just begun.

    "N-no that isn't part of the surprised Erin!" The magus shouted jumping between her and the assailant. Please little miss you must defend yourself." The magus urged as the rest of her summons now vanished leaving on the Magician to defend her.  "W-why did you send the others back?"

    She wasn't answered with a serious tone which made this all the more harder, "Silly Mage don't you realize that it wouldn't be polite to gang up on my first birthday guess? Now go on and show him a dazzling display of fireworks this is my special day." Her command was rather simply placed but it was direct The Mage turned toward the aggressor opening her book and chanting. Shortly following her chants three fireballs shot out from her hand that she raised toward the approaching man. Sadly for him he had cut the distance between him and the woman to quickly and now had a mere second to react to the three colored flames that each burned scorching different layers. The first struck at his chest burning a well sized hole in it and singing his chest hair. The villain howled out in pain as the next two impacted sending him right back out the shattered window from whence he came.

    "Yay good job Mage, although I think you went a bit overboard he may not survive that fall?" She questioned her as she now approached window crawling over the shattered glass so she could check if they had prepared foam for him to fall onto. He had finally crashed down landing the apron of the front door of the apartment that had cushion his fall ever so slightly. He was still out cold though and that brought up more questions from the young master. "Mage was he not a guess to my party? I told you that we shouldn't have stayed in this city this long ... I guess it's back to hitting the road, but first we should probably lay him down in the apartment. He can deal with the expenses when he wakes up then."

    "Sorry little miss he was not." Her time was finally up and her essence faded away till her picture had appeared once again on the card in the girl Tarot deck.

    Wandering down multi-floored apartment the girl would attempt to lift him up with little avail. "Strength help please?" as she said this a maiden appeared behind her card partially raised in her hand as the transparent figure continued to meditate behind her. Suddenly the girl lifted the man with great ease carrying him bridal style through the hallways of the apartment. A variety of odd expression were exchanged to the young girl who was carrying a male that was great deal larger than herself. "Sleep well silly willy." Planting a kiss upon his forehead she gleefully skipped out of the door, Dang it, I’m a goddess not a child why don’t I do anything dignified anymore.

    At the edge of the hall she stopped, this scene still didn’t sit well. Something wrenched in her stomach, why would he have come to attack her she hadn’t made herself well known in these parts, cept for a select few. WOOSH! A breeze blew through the door and with it a spectre garbed in the finest of ebony robes and a scythe that seemed it was made by the purest of obsidian. Something that couldn’t be matched with mortal materials in this realm. A ghastly chuckle accompanying it, one that she hadn’t heard since her banishment. Death? readying her deck in her hand she trembled fully knowing what this had to mean.

    “What a pleasure, seeing that you made it my dear Lady luck,” a wicked smile glistened behind the robe. He rushed forward scythe in hand and slashing down upon the girl. She had no time to summon, her only choice. She plucked a card from the deck knowing full well what it was. A clash of steel upon steel rang out as the Tarot Card caught the point of the blade. Face up  the scythe of the card, Death had both impacted.“Ha ha ha,” the spectre could only laugh at the irony. “Death to fight death, how wise of you. Suppose we should get started then.” A fluid motion brought the scythe resting back behind his back.

    Erin was panting already from strike these cards were part of her, and Death was no exception it was everything she truly feared in this world. Again he prepared a sing and warped to behind her slicing his scythe toward her back, spinning on a dime she once again deflected it this time lunging forward with a hatred in her eyes as she reposited it. This time lunging forward at the cloaks next only to dash through a smoky wisp it left behind. She then drew another card this time summoning her most reliable one in situation. The Wheel of Fortune Raised into the sky above the building she jumped out the window and landed by the fountain. Death waited there for her as the laws of Fortune took place. Two maiden’s materialized and raised up their revolvers toward the air. A barrage of shots fired upwards.

    “Fortune favors the prepared don’t you remember?” Death laughed again giving her few choices. Descending on her two girls she bit her lip knowing full well what his plan was. She came down upon one as Erin made her way to them as well this time catching the hilt of Death’s scythe in her hand.

    “I may no longer be on your level but even you have rules you must abide,”the wheel rotated through a series of colors till resting upon white. Smiling the girl stopped struggling with death lowering her hands as the scythe cleaved through her. “I’ve won for now death that swing of yours will make up for those lost times I had. So, how about we call it a quits and settle for a rematch?”

    “Cheeky as ever Fortune,” again she vanished this time to appear with her tongue licking up her neck. Nobody cheats death, you’ll be wise to remember that.” In an instant he was gone and her Wheel disappeared along with it the spell that saved her from death.

    Collapsing upon the ground Erin’s knees had finally give out on her, maybe it was stress of the situation. It didn’t matter though she couldn’t keep living like this she needed people she could depend on and that would trust her. It didn’t take long, she quickly sprinted back up the stair and looked at the man who was asleep in her bed, his breath had stopped despite her best intentions. Death always wins …

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