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    OFFICIAL REPORT: Grimrok/Zeek/Dragon


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    OFFICIAL REPORT: Grimrok/Zeek/Dragon

    Post by Bacon on Wed Nov 11, 2015 3:39 pm

    IMPORTANT: Grimrok

    Hello everyone.

    I would have liked to keep this situation under wraps, but that, sadly, cannot be done. Recently, as many of you have come to know, some issues have been going on within the site and staff. They have been taken care of for the most part.

    Despite it being wrapped up within the site, threats have been made known to staff. Due to these threats and such, Grimrok aka Dragon/Zeek has been permanently banned from the site and no longer will be returning to us. No specifics will be given at this time, but, legal actions will be taken if any of these threats given will be enacted.

    As said before, Rusty Hearts will remain open and Guild Master position will be opened to new applicants. Those that wish to leave can do so free of charge. Members do have the option of leaving and, as leeway, will keep the ranks regardless of the guild they choose. But, as the guild will remain open, the ranks will be removed as members leave the guild.

    If any of you have any questions whatsoever and or wish to give your input, please message me personally. I will do my best to sort it all out. Thank you in advance.

    -Bacon, the Site Owner

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