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    Character Class System [suggested]


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    Character Class System [suggested]

    Post by 13ea on Fri Mar 20, 2015 5:11 pm

    This is a new "Class" system some of us agreed with. Here are links to the threadss relating to this idea.

    Suggested idea:

    Now I like this idea, as Tap and Ser know I'm a huge fairy tail fan. I think this idea is worth considering. But instead of jewels, why not purchase stronger spells and upgrades using exp? Say a D-rank spell would be perhaps 100 maybe 50 exp? And an S class spell would be like 1000, maybe even more? That way people will focus on training and improving their magic rather than getting a letter next to their name to show off how strong they are. Not to mention this'll allow player to custom their magic further, a player would decide weather to save their exp for a stronger spell or spend it on a multitude of lower rank spells to increase versatility? For HP and MP, people can use exp points they gain to upgrade their HP and MP. Again this will allow the players to construct their characters to their style, would they spend EXP points on Hp, MP, or spells? It's up to the player, that way players will not be locked into a specific amount of spells, hp, mp etc. Of course we will have spell/skill templates and a battle system to keep order. But if you enforce this idea, I believe it'll give the site a fresh feel, not to mention it'll encourage variety.



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