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    Bhairyuu Yagami (WIP)


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    Bhairyuu Yagami (WIP)

    Post by Bhairyuu on Sun Nov 22, 2015 2:28 am

    Bhairyuu Yagami


          First Name: Bhairyuu
          Surname: Yagami

    Nickname: N/A
    Age: 25
    Species: Human
    Species Ability/Perk:

    Special/Unique Characteristics:


    • The biggest one is located on the frontal aspect of his torso running from his right hip diagonally up till his left shoulder.

    • The second biggest is a roughly star shaped scar which is 7 inches in diameter and located on the front of his upper torso, stretching across both pecs.

    • The third biggest is located on the right side of his face stretching from 1.5 inches above his eyebrow till the top of his cheekbone and this scar stretches across both eyelids.

    • There are several smaller scars of various shapes scattered over the rest of his body .


       Birthmark:  a crescent moon shaped mark with both horns pointing up which is located on his forehead between his eyebrows.

            His eyes turn various colors depending on their emotional state and level of activation of his abilities:

    • Default (amber yellow)
    • Happy  (jade green)
    • Enraged  (ice-blue)
    • Aroused (crimson red)
    • Melancholic (black)
    • Powers Active: (metallic silver)

    + Personality:

    Likes: (3 minimum)
    - Wisdom (knowledge and the instinct to use it appropriately)

    - Strength (physical, mental, and supernatural)

    - Wealth

    - Wine (crimson red, mostly)

    - Women (intelligent, strong, beautiful ones who are his peers in age)

    - Cats of all kinds

    - People who bully those who are weaker than themselves

    - People who nag and are overbearing and controlling towards others

    - Weakness

    - Ignorance (and the prejudice that comes with it)

    - Needless violence

    Fears: (3 minimum)
    - Fear itself

    - Long range type fighters

    - Lightning Element mages

    - Canines (except foxes)

    - Women (when they are angry)

    Motivations/Goals: (3 minimum)

    Bhairyuu wishes to become as strong a mage as he can possibly be in this world. This is because it will allow him to accomplish the following goals:

    - It will allow him to avenge the destruction of his clan and the deaths of his parents and childhood friend at the hands of marauders from the Animus guild during the war.

    - It will allow him to gather around himself the best the world has to offer in terms of wisdom, wealth, wine, and women.

    Hair: jet black with crimson red highlights
    Eyes: thin eyes with amber yellow irises
    Skin Tone: sun-kissed
    Height: 6'3"
    Weight: 180 lb.
    Overall Appearances:


    Bhairyuu is 6' 3" in height and weighs in at 180 lb. He is decently athletic in build and his skin exhibits a sun-kissed tone and roughened texture due to all the time he spent outside training in the various arts required of a mage. His upper limbs are of the same length as any other person’s while his legs are a cut above the average in length while the bone density throughout the rest of his body is in the medium range. However, the density of the bones in his upper and lower limbs is on the heavier side of the medium range due to the extensive training in hand-to-hand martial arts that he has underwent till now.

    His jet black hair with its crimson red highlights is of shoulder-length while its texture is quite coarse from being constantly dried by the sun’s heat. He prefers to tie it up in a high spiky ponytail, so his bangs are non-existent while his sideburns extend down till 3 inches above the angle of his jaw.

    His eyes are narrow and his irises are amber-yellow in color while his pupils are round in most situations. He has rather high cheekbones and his teeth are straight with his canines being slightly longer than those of the average person while his jaw is strongly set and tapers off to a point. All of these combined with his gaunt cheeks and high forehead give him sharply defined facial features.


    His preference in clothing is quite unique. When he is on a mission or in class, he wears a comfortable navy blue half jacket which has a high collar, long but loose sleeves and a series of fasteners running down the right side. Below, he wears a pair of equally comfortable navy blue trousers which have pockets located in strategically advantageous locations for easy access in any situation. His choice of footwear is a pair of black steel-toe combat boots which reach up till 3 inches above the ankle.

    On his hands, he has black finger-less gloves with the dorsum of the gloves being reinforced with a plate of crimson red metal and the knuckle region with a strip of the same crimson red metal, both bonded to the semi-thick, soft cloth permanently. The gloves have a roughened patch of leather on the palm side to increase his grip. Inside, he has a jet black muscle tee which goes up enclosing his whole neck and ends by covering the lower half of his face, especially his mouth and nose and below he wears equally form-fitting but comfortable black boxer shorts extending till 3 inches above his knee. His forearms are wrapped snugly with black bandages which extend down his forearms from 3 inches below elbow till 3 inches below wrist. His legs are wrapped in black bandages of the same length and color as those on his forearms.

    On his head, he wears a black fedora and he shields his eyes from the bright sunlight and from the eyes of others with a pair of performance shades. All the clothing articles above have iridescent metallic crimson red highlights running vertically along their borders and crimson red mesh armor sewn into the layers.

    While off duty or out of class, he can be seen wearing muscle-tees with face-mask in either navy blue or black and matching knee length cargo shorts with their pockets in easy to reach locations. He keeps his gloves and bandages on as well and his footwear is the same steel toe combat boots from his public outfit. In times of adverse weather, he wears clothing similar to his standard outfits but which are appropriate to the climatic conditions in question (warm clothes for winter, light colored, loose clothes for the summers, etc.)

    Blemishes or Scars:

    He has several scars scattered across his body which he has gained over the many years of his training on his way to becoming a full fledged mage. The first of these is present on the right side of his face and extends from 1.5 inches above his eyebrow till 1.5 inches above his cheekbone, running across both eyelids. Some more scars are present scattered across his body and a few on his arms, the biggest being the one stretching diagonally across his torso from just below his left shoulder all the way to just above his right hip. The last mark on his body is a crescent moon shaped birthmark on his forehead in between his eyebrows which has both the horns of the crescent pointing upwards.

    Guild Tattoo

    Character's Title Here

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    Re: Bhairyuu Yagami (WIP)

    Post by Bacon on Mon Dec 07, 2015 8:44 am

    Hello Bhairyuu and welcome to the site!

    When you are done with this character, feel free to bump and post this in the Help Desk. After that, someone from our moderator team would be happy to look this over.

    Thanks and happy RP-ing!~

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    Re: Bhairyuu Yagami (WIP)

    Post by Bhairyuu on Thu Dec 10, 2015 8:27 pm

    sure thing, sorry for taking so long. My end of term exams are coming up so my RL schedule is very hectic right now, but once things settle down some, i will upload the rest of my app including the magic.

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    Re: Bhairyuu Yagami (WIP)

    Post by Remix on Sun Dec 20, 2015 6:09 pm


    Seeing as this app has had no reply in over a week, we will be giving a time span of a week before this application is moved to archives. If you need more time, please bump and, when done, post in Help Desk so that our moderators know to check the application.

    Thanks in advance~

    [Btw, hope your Finals turned out alright :3 ]


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    Re: Bhairyuu Yagami (WIP)

    Post by Selenia on Mon Dec 28, 2015 10:09 pm


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    Re: Bhairyuu Yagami (WIP)

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