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    The Job System


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    The Job System

    Post by Admin on Sat Nov 28, 2015 10:02 am

    Jobs are the lifeblood of guilds that allow mages to earn money by helping those in need, either by defeating monsters or performing various other tasks, from escorting people to finding lost cats. In any case, these jobs are also a way for mages to learn and grow. There are different ranks for jobs, and the rank of the job determines the payment amount, EXP earned, and also word count required. People of lower ranks can go on a higher rank job as long as their combined rank equals the rank of the job, although S-Rank jobs require at least one S-Rank mage in the group to be taken, as is true for SS-Rank jobs. However, each person on a job must reach the word requirement separately. To increase one's rank, it will take a certain amount of missions at that rank; missions used to gain a previous rank cannot be applied again. Information as to Jewel amounts, EXP, and word requirements are below.

    D Rank jobs: 2,500 Jewels, 50 XP, 700 words
    C Rank jobs: 4,000 Jewels, 80 XP, 1,120 words
    B Rank jobs: 7,000 Jewels, 140 XP, 1,960 words
    A Rank jobs: 12,500 Jewels, 250 XP, 3,500 words
    S Rank jobs: 20,000 Jewels, 400 XP, 5,600 words
    SS Rank jobs: 40,000 Jewels, 800 XP, 11,200 words

    To make a job, just fill this out. The name of the job, rank of it, whether or not it is repeatable, the guild (and even specific members who will take it), and the description (including location and what the job entails) all need to be clearly stated. If there are enemies, list their names, amount, rank, and a short description as well. All jobs above B-Rank need enemies, with the number of enemies being at least two enemies of the rank of the job, although the number can be divided to have more lower rank enemies as long as their rank equals at least two enemies of the rank of the job.

    Name of Job:
    Rank of Job:

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