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    The Beast of the Sea


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    The Beast of the Sea

    Post by Uri on Fri Dec 04, 2015 11:54 pm

    Name of Job: The Beast of the Sea
    Rank of Job: SS
    Repeatable: Yes
    Description: Long again, in deep history there was a beast known as the Long One. It was said to be a dinosaur from the past and in fact a creature of great destruction. Wherever it when it brought fear and destruction. The seas were never safe for it was sure that if one were to set sail any farther than 30 miles from the land, they would surely die for the creature would raise its great head from the water and eat anything from the sea, whether human or ship or cargo. For thirty centuries, the people lived in fear of this monster, however it all changed when the people started using magic to fight back.

    Around five hundred brave souls went to face against the Long One. However, only a hundred came back alive to describe their journey, none of them came back in one piece and many were missing parts of their bodies from the encounter. However the people only got stronger. They fought back in larger numbers which kept more alive. One day all the mages from Fiore teamed up together to take this great beast down, only with their combined forces were they able to banish this creature back to the sea and placed it into a deep sleep which will last for many years to come and keep the seas safe for everyone. For eons, the great beast has rested on the bottom of the ocean, its sleep undisturbed, until roughly a hundred years ago.

    Reports have been coming in about disappearing ships for nearly a century. They all disappeared around the same location, fifty miles east from Hargeon Town. The disappearances have happened in a circle. The area has been nicknamed the "Circle Graveyard" by the sailors. It is rumored any ship that enters the circle will never come out in one piece, any person that enters will not exit out will all of their bodies. Recently there has been a sailor, an old water mage name Barns, who was found on an island thirty miles south of the Circle Graveyard. He was found in a nearly dead state, missing his right hand and left leg. After he has recovered in a decent state, he has been spouting something about a sea monster that destroyed his ship, ate his comrades and took away his hand and leg.
    According to the description of the monster the man has been spouting, it has matched the one from the legend of the Long One. The appearance and the behavior of this sea monster is similar to the one in legend, thus proving the legend was in fact true and the seas were no longer safe again. The Long One has begun its reign of terror on the sea again; devouring anyone that enters is territory. However, unlike in legend it is much more aggressive and cause more violent deaths for those who fall under its wrath. After eons of sleeping, the beast had held anger for the mages of Fiore and hunger for it hasn't eaten in so long. It regards anything as its food and enemy and will attack anything that gets on its territory.

    Barns, has issue a job for all the strongest mages in Fiore to banish or even kill this monster to end it once and for all. He is willing to pay a large sum of money for all who takes this job, just as long as they would force this creature back into its sleep. However, he wishes to not only want to restore peace but as well get revenge on the beast for the loss of his boat, friends, and his body. Be aware that this job will not be easy in the slightest, for this sinister creature will attack anything in its sight. The Long One's strength is also not to be underestimated for; it has experience killing and defending itself from those who wish to banish it to the sea once more or even kill it.

    However, the mages of Fiore has gotten stronger than they were many years ago. Their power has increased so drastically that it takes only the power of a SS class mage to defeat it. However, this task will not be easy to complete, for the monster has the strength of an SS class mage as well. A group of other highly ranked mages is recommended for this, for death is a high possibility on this job. All types of mages are welcome to fight against this sea monster. A special boat that is magically enchanted with runes to keep it from sinking will be provided so that you could fight from there. Remember, this is not an easy job and has a high risk of death, so take this quest at your own discretion and be careful, for each decision make may be your last if you aren't careful.


    The Long One is a large monster that shares a body similar to a serpent. It is 500 meters long and 200 meters wide, and has tough cyan scales covering its soft interior flesh from any harsh damage. It has a darker blue fins peeking out from its head and the tail. There are sky colored spikes protrudes from the base of the head to the end of the tail in a straight fashion. It is an extremely dangerous monster who is strong enough to take out an entire fleet of ships from a flick of its tail. This monster usually attacks from physical damage however it can wield two incredibly powerful water attacks and the result of each attack is devastating. However, it rarely uses these attacks and it only uses it as a last resort rather than a common attack. It also has a final ability, that it will always uses no matter what. However if you are able to defeat this ability you will be given the chance to kill the beast which will end things once and for all.

    Name: Water Rush
    Description: The Long One infuses the sea's water inside its body and dives deep into the water before it rushes up in an incredible speed, hitting the target and inflicts S rank damage on whoever it hits. This attack is quite hard to avoid, however this attack often misses its target as well. If it does hit however, this attack can affect up to 6 people at once causing the said damage to each of them.

    Name: Water Beam
    Description: The beast gathers a large amount of scalding hot water in its mouth before is spits it out in a highly pressurized stream. This causes S rank damage on whoever it hits and the victim will also suffer B rank burns. This beam has a range of 250 meters and moves at a speed of 50 meters per second.

    Name: Water Bubble
    Description: The Long One surrounds itself with a sphere of water that has a radius of 300 meters. This sphere blocks attacks from 5 S ranks attacks and only 1 SS rank attack. This shield however uses most of its energy which will force it into a deep slumber that will last many years. It only activates this ability when its health is down to 10%

    The Long One has twice as much health as the average SS rank mage, having 200% instead of 100%. Each physical hit by the beast will cause A rank damage.


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