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    RP Sample: Training: The Birth of the Flame God Slayer

    Malik Roberts

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    RP Sample: Training: The Birth of the Flame God Slayer

    Post by Malik Roberts on Sun Dec 06, 2015 8:13 pm

    It was a magnificent day within the bustling area known as Magnolia Town. The civilians tirelessly stride about on the roads, getting to their individual jobs to make due for who knows what rent. Owners of certain stores, without effort, worked without flaw to maintain optimal business. While all of this took place within the somewhat peaceful town, the fiery sphere above all known as the sun rested in the heavens. It seemingly didn't move one inch as it's brilliance down on all whom were in it's light mercifully. Clouds steadily moved about as each minute passed. They at times moved in front of the sun, altering the light that, without break, fell to the lands. One moment, there would be a glint of solar luminescence then, the next, it would be a sprinkle of sunshine through Magnolia Town. The overall state of this current location was that it was tranquil without conflict. At this time in the serene meadows resting far, far from the town, two figures could barely be made out within the distance. It was a certain location to get away from all the noise that would prove distracting for the two who were current there. The fields were laid with lush, fresh grass that danced about in the gentle breezes that occasionally blew about. A small amount of trees provided shade for whoever needed it when there would be times where the temperature became too much to bear. Flowers of vibrant color neatly decorated the landscape, bringing about greater beauty to it. One of the two figures present in this beautiful setting was tall, yet feminine, indicating that it was a woman. Her body was highly curvaceous as if sculpted by gods themselves. Her face was that of an angelic maiden. Few can only match such beauty on Earthland. Her hair was long, glorious, and healthy. It fell to passed her waist, a length few had seen a woman's hair grown to. Her very presence gave off an aura of divine nature, bring peace and love where ever she went. By what she wore and from just looking at her, one could easily tell she was not over this world. She was not any ordinary woman. In fact, she wasn't even human. She was a goddess, a female deity. As one may already know, deities are transcendent divine beings both perceiving over and embodying natural forces. They are of the highest order in Heaven as well as the first and most powerful beings to be created by Lord God himself. This heavenly maiden was also none other than Amaterasu, the Goddess of the Sun.

    The other figure that was with her in the first was much small in comparison to size and length. Specifically, it looked to be a child. Through the blindly light of the sun's unrelenting rays, the silhouette was reveal to be a boy. He had a skin tone of chocolate brown. His eyes were of a similar shade, but were so golden, it reminding one of the beautiful sunset. It was a gaze that was revered as a gift. Worn over these beautiful eyes of his were grey-framed glasses, which enable the child to see his surrounding much better. His hair was simply black as well as being mid-length compare to the woman's hair. From how he appeared, the innocent child was no more than eight years of age. His name was Malik J. Roberts, originating from the Robert's family. Despite looking so harmless, this boy held a great deal of energy as well as power within his small frame. This just part of why he is so special to begin with. Malik was no ordinary human. He was, to say, of two worlds, of Light and Darkness. From the day he was born, both of his parents and the doctor were shock with awe to know what he was, a nephilim. These race of mighty beings were half-god, half-demon. Malik looked like any ordinary human due to still being in his human form. his nephilim form has been described as somewhat powerfully imposing as well as intimidating. What the child and the beautiful goddess were here in the peaceful meadows doing was that they were training with the use of magic. To put it more accurately, Amaterasu was the boy's master with the young one being her person protege. She was teaching him in the ways of a type of magic that had long been lost from history, a magic created by the deities themselves, God Slayer Magic. Some would say that the purpose of this power was to slay deities, but Malik's teacher told it was more than that. This magic was originally utilized to defeat evil beings of transcendent power. Also, as this power is of the deities themselves, a God Slayer is said to be the most powerful of the slayers. The type of magic originating from this category, which Amaterasu was teaching her student, is Flame God Slayer Magic. Each God Slayer utilizes an elemental force of nature. However, unlike other slayers, they manipulate the negative and darkest aspects of those same forces. This makes their respective element more powerful and exceptionally destructive. At this moment, Malik stood firm within a combative stance. He looked so cute to the heavenly goddess when he tried to act so tough. It was to the extent she gave a genuine smile. They have been training for more than five hours and the boy was starting to get the hang of using his magic. Amaterasu noted the child's growth rate to be fairly quick. He still had much to learn though. Especially on how to control the flames of a god more efficiently.

    "Your doing well, Malik, now rid your mind of distraction and frustration. Quell the might blaze that burns deep within you. When you have calmed that chaotic fire, take command and summon it forth. Be mindful of how destructive these flames are. They can literally burn anything." The beautifully magnificent goddess instructed for her favorite student. She was teaching him how to generate the type of fire a Flame God Slayer can manipulate however they desire. Her warnings on how dangerous the flames can be are to be remembered greatly. They were the destructive aspects of fire itself. This type of fire destroys anything and everything in it's wake, leaving nothing left, not even ashes. If it were to grew enough, it would eventually become an unstoppable inferno that could erase the beautiful meadow they were both training in. Taking note of what his master mentioned about the nature of the flames of a god, he will make a great effort at hearing out her warnings to avoid any tragedy that will follow, if he should make a mistake. While Malik remained in his combative stance, he slowly held out his open right palm in front of himself. He concentrated on the center of his hand, recalling what his master recently said. First, he had to rid his mind of distraction, such as noise from the outside. This is one of the reasons why Amaterasu took him here. Also, he need to calm himself and not to strain his small frame. There was no need to be frustrated. He just had to be patient. So, he decided to close his eyes to attune himself to his thoughts. The next step the goddess stated was to quell the raging flames dwelling in his tiny physique. He suddenly felt intense heat radiating from within himself. At first he could only feel a harmless warmth from when he tried to create the flames before, but now it was like being close to magma. Yet, it didn't burn one bit as it was a part of him. With a firm inward command, he silence the raging blaze that moves wildly inside him. Now, the last step, to summon forth the flames of a god. He switched his point of concentration to his outstretched right hand.

    Amaterasu watched closely to see what will happen next as the boy before her increased his Magic Power. Before, all Malik could make was a flicker appear, now that he has gotten used to the steps that had been laid out for him, the woman wonders how far he has come. It will be determined by how well the child can call upon the mighty flames of a God Slayer. So, she patiently observed him and see what will happen next. Opening his eyes to better visualize what is in his hand, Malik gave all the concentration he had and focused it into a singularity within the center of his right palm. He increased his power further as he could feel the heat starting to emanate off of it. He gave one mighty push and in a flash, a black flash ignited in his hand, strong and powerful. It raged on ever so as if it had a mind of it's own. It appeared to hunger for destruction where ever this force went. Thankfully, it was in the hands of a capable individual, despite his age and size. If one were to mindlessly fling this flame about, it would spread about like a wildfire, annihilating all that stood in the path of mighty inferno. The boy smiled at the small feat he managed to accomplish. He jumped up and down with excitement, but was careful not to burn anything. He didn't want to harm such a beautiful field of flowers, lush grass, and healthy strong trees.

    "Well done my boy, you have many to successfully summon the flames. Remember what I said about being careful of such power while it is in your hand. We certainly do not want these beautiful meadows to burn down. It will take sometime for use to generate that fire with great ease, but fact you can create on your own is an accomplishment in of itself. I am very proud of you, Malik. However, your training isn't over yet. Now they you have managed to get the hang of the first part on the create of the flames of a god, it is time for the next step. You shall now learn how to use these flames in combat as they were primarily made for as such. I would like for you to use that flame and hit that target right in front of you. There is really no rush. You don't have to worry about disappointing me, because I will be happy that you gave it your best. You can try as many times as you like, my nephew." Amaterasu said, expressing her pride and joy at how well the child that is revealed to be her nephew is doing in the training she is giving him. One may wonder how the boy and this woman were related. It goes back to how his father and her first meet. His fathers name was Cortez J. Roberts. When the man was a boy himself, he had a miraculous meeting with the Sun Goddess herself. Under unknown circumstances, they became official siblings with the woman his big sister and the future parent her little brother. His mother, whom Cortez eventually meet as a teenager, was name Monique Roberts when they became a married couple.

    An interesting fact to be known is how Malik was born a nephilim in the first place. Half of the reason is what his parents were. They were a demigod and demigoddess, respectively. This is where his god-half came from. While he was a deity in a physical body, his demon blood came from a distant ancestor, who was a powerful demon god. He wanted to ask his aunt and father about who the demon was and what was he like. It always made Amaterasu smile at how curious her nephew was. Unfortunately for the child, they both told that was a story for another time. They will tell him more about it when he was older, preferably when he was a teenager, like his father was. At the moment within the blissfully peaceful meadows, Malik immediately stopped jumping about and smiled at the praise he was given to by his aunt. He felt like he had made a performed a great feat. Not many children could create black flames by will. He then, listen intently on what the beautiful goddess has to tell him about the next step in his training in becoming a Flame God Slayer. The small child turned his innocent gaze with the black flame still in and stared at a training dummy. All he had to do was hit this target and he would have completed his next step in his God Slayer Training. The main difficulty is that it was moving around a lot. It was hard to hit a moving target, especially for a beginner mage. However, he will not let something such as this falter his confidence. He will passed this test, he can guarantee it. He turned to his divine aunt, excitement and vigor flowing around in his tiny body from his eyes as windows. The goddess simply smiled at how much power he possessed, despite being so young. She considered him a true prodigy.

    "Don't worry, Auntie Ama, I can be sure that I will be able to hit this target in three tries." The young nephilim said, sure of himself that he could hit such a difficult object. The look in Amaterasu's gaze gave clue that she knows he has what it takes to do what he just said. He was his father's child after all. When a man of that family make a promise, they keep it. The child was so reckless, like Cortez was. She swears it was like she was looking into a mirror. Turning back to the task at hand, the young god slayer-in-training focused his child-like gaze upon the move target of a training dummy. He intensified his black flames in his right hand. The destructive fire grew larger in size, but at the same time the child kept careful not to add too much power. He looked closely to the target and tried to time it just right. He positioned his arm, readying it to through the black flame within his hand. His irises followed the movement of the floating training dummy, slowly starting to get a sort of pattern going along with what motion it was going by. Deciding to release his self-generated flame, Malik thrusted his right arm forth. The chaotic blaze launched from his palm and at the target with the innocent boy hoping it would hit. Unfortunately for him, the dark fire managed to only graze the training dummy, sadly flying passed it and landed on an exposed part of the meadow. Amaterasu quickly lifted her left hand up and with a swiping motion to her corresponding side, the flame immediately extinguished.

    That was certainly a close call for both the target and the grass behind it. Malik was also able to hit it on his first try while the the part of the lovely grassland his fire attack had his would have started to burn to nothing, if the Sun Goddess hadn't put out the fire in time. This type of flame only stopped burn under the wielder's command. If they are not strong enough to cancel out the raging blaze themselves, then, it will spread everywhere and consume all in it's path. With the embodiment of the sun at the young god slayer-in-training's side, he didn't have to worry about hurting the blissful meadows. The boy felt slightly disappointed that he missed on his first try, but quickly perked himself up with a quick huff. He wasn't going to let one failure hold him back from success. After all, to make a success sometimes requires one to learn from their failures and mistakes. Man learned from the mistakes they have made in the past and make up for them, looking to a brighter future. The wicked fail to see the good in mankind and as such loses faith in them, leading to no salvation for the accursed as well as vile. The petite little fighter returned to his battle stance, leaving his right palm open to prepare another attack. He closed his eyes to rid himself of distractions as well of loud noises that may be present. He then, went on to calm the raging fire resting inside of him. With a strong command for his age, he opened his eyes and called it forth. In another flash, a black flame ignited powerfully in his hand. Amaterasu could tell very well that her nephew was taking this serious. He was really determined to become a God Slayer and was willing to give it his all.

    This would be the child's second try at landing a hit on the training dummy. He had to be careful to focus this time. The previous time he had graze the target was when he was able to pinpoint a type of pattern it was moving it. If he could figure out the rhythm as well as where the dummy would move next, he could land an accurate blow with his black flame. In the moment he was trying to figure out the kind of pattern the target went by, certain other figures started to approach from behind. The Sun Goddess was very impressed at her nephew growth. Already he was starting understand the pattern the target moved by. This would make it much easier to hit in the process. Simultaneously, she felt a familiar presence and looked behind herself without worry. She then, proceeded to turn her whole body. There in front of her was Malik's family, which consisted of his mother, father, younger brother, and younger sister. The names of his siblings were Marques and Makayla Roberts, respectively. His brother was only five, while his sister was still a three year-old toddler being held in his mother's arms. Both parents carried smiles on their faces. Amaterasu suspected that have been watching their son for some time, since arriving in this wondrous field. Cortez put up his right index finger to his lips, motioning for his surrogate older sister to keep quiet while they all watched. The man wanted to surprise his son when he finished his training for today.

    With a adorably stern, yet powerful gaze, he focused on the movements of the training dummy floating about in a seemingly aimless manner. As he began to piece together the kind of pattern it moved by, he began to see more clearly on how the target moved about. His small iris darted about, following each move he took. It was up to the point that his eyes moved to which spot the target would go to next before it could. When he was sure on the repetitive cycle laid out in front of him, he reared back his open right hand. he then, thrusted the mass of black flame towards the target. He had hoped it would hit this time. To his answered prayers, the fire managed to directed hit the target head on. The heat of the flames was so intense that the training dummy started to incinerate upon impact. The size of the blaze grew until it consumed the entirety of the target. Instantly, the dummy vanished in a raging inferno. Amaterasu lifted her left hand and performed a quick swiping motion. In that instant, the flame itself disappeared. In that moment, he felt like he had accomplished a great task at hand. From the Sun Goddess's point-of-view, he would be right. From here on, he was a Flame God Slayer, the one who wielded the power of a god of fire. He took a few deep breaths and exhaled the same amounts of times. He turned around to talk to his aunt, but was surprised to see his who family. His father, his mother, his brother, his sister. The site of them brought a big smile on his face. Amaterasu admitted she had never seen him this happy before. The boy quickly ran to his father, who welcomed him with open arms. The man was able to catch his son in a bear hug.

    "That's my boy, we're very proud of you, Malik." He said, congratulating one of his own children on his recent accomplishment. He may have a long way to go, before he can be consider a powerful mage, but there was no rush. Still, with his growth rate, the boy was well on his way as such and his aunt will be there to protect him all the way.

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