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    The lucky Lion


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    The lucky Lion

    Post by Hiroko on Tue Dec 08, 2015 11:51 am

    Name of Job: The Lucky Lion
    Rank of Job: A
    Repeatable: No
    Description: The Lucky Lion is a big hotel casino in Rose Garden. The owner of this casino is known as Shiki, the little lion and received the casino from his father. This casino has lots of activity day and night, but it gets very crowded at midnight because of it's shows and lots of activities to do there. Shiki however has a few enemies just as anyone in that kind of jobs do. The second biggest casino in Rose Garden, the Red Garden Casino, is trying to take down this new and young businessman. He payed illegal mages to do his dirty work. These dark mages are from a little dark guild known as Third Hound. This guild is well known in nearby towns, but it's nothing compared to the high class dark guilds. Third Hound is getting paid very well and rumors say they are sending their three strongest mages and their elite team called cerberus. These three are each specialized in a different combat styles and have different magics which work well with their teammates. After some investigation, the attack is supposed to occur at midnight. the dark mages are supposedly going to attack together and won't actually be that sneaky. They will kill anyone they find and destroy the whole casino. Your job is too stop them and to protect the casino to keep it from being as damaged as it would.
    At midnight, you will encounter 3 enemies. These are 3 powerful mages who will fight very coordinated with each other because of their experience together. The one who will fight in the front Argos, he has knife magic and is able to control his five knifes at will by manipulating them with some sort of telekinesis. He can also throw energy blades from the knifes and use them even to carry objects. The second one, Huargo, has barrier magic. He'll be blocking one spell each post with his barriers. The last one is Garm. He'll fight in the back line with his darkness magic. He can cause darkness in any room and allow only his allies to see. He can also throw dark bullets at enemies with his fingers to attack from behind and afar. These three mages are experienced and dangerous. They will represent a big threat for you. They are each A rank mages and have 80% health each.

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