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    The Essence of Water


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    The Essence of Water

    Post by Genesis on Wed Dec 09, 2015 9:32 am

    Genesis hugged the neck of Leviathan, a great water dragon tightly as he flew over the ocean. “When will you fall into the ocean and I don’t have to take care of you anymore?” He asked her. It had been many months since he saved her, when those humans she had called Hunters thrown her into the sea to drown. It had been many months since she was chosen as his successor for his magic.

    Genesis buried her head into the massive scales on his neck. “When I feel like it. I know you love me Levi. You have a tough guy attitude to others but when you’re around me you are just a big old softie because you love me a lot.” She replied with a yawn. The young wolf tightened her grip as the dragon let out a bellow that sounded much like a laugh.

    “I won’t deny that, Genesis. However, if you want me to show my affection more you need to learn the ways of my magic. Water Dragon Slayer magic, this will help toughen you both physically and mentally. Are you ready? This task is not easy.” She lifted her head and twitched her ears.

    “I’m ready. I want to be as strong as you Levi. I can protect myself from all those bad guys that want to kill me.” She answered. The dragon landed on the ground and she hopped off his back. “To begin learning this magic, you need to learn how to interact with water. Water is one of the most fluid materials out there. It is constantly changing, it has many forms. Water is the basis of life for most living creatures such as you and I. We will start by teaching you how to harness the water. Do you see that pond over there? Take a drink from it.” Genesis walked over and cupped her hands before she dipped them in and brought it to her mouth. She drank the water, however she didn’t feel any different from before.

    “It doesn’t work.” She said, pouting.

    “You did it all wrong. You are drinking the liquid, not the essence. Close your eyes and focus on the essence this time.” Genesis tried again. She drank from the water once more, this time closing her eyes and focusing on the essence. Nothing happened again, Genesis was about to complain when she felt a warm tingling sensation in her chest. It made her feel refreshed and much more energetic than she was before. She looked up to the dragon in confirmation. “Good job Genesis, I can at least now acknowledge you for being able to extract the essence in the water. In a few years, you will be able to harness this power even farther. For now, we will focus on extracting the essence in the water some more. Now drink up.” He said in all seriousness.

    Many years have passed since she began her lessons with him; Genesis now understood water element in greater depth. She was also now able to harness her magic much more efficiently than she used to she was a few years ago. “Now Genesis, teach me how much you’ve learned over the past few years with me. This will be your last challenge. Fight with me. Show me your strength as a dragon slayer. Prove to me that, I haven’t wasted waste all those years teaching a useless mongrel.”

    “I will Leviathan,” Genesis said simply. She rushed to the dragon and she punched him with all the strength she could muster.

    “Harder, Genesis. That punch felt nothing more than a slight discomfort. I know you hold more strength than that in your little body. Prove to me, that you have learned something. Use your magic!” She swung her fist again but this time it was infused with magic. However he easily dodged it. “Better but attack faster.”

    Genesis jumped back. She bared her teeth, and hissed slightly. “Let me show you the power of a true dragon as an example.” The dragon’s claw began to glow blue and it headed in her direction. She jumped to the left avoiding it. “You can’t dodge forever, you need to learn how to fight back. What is usually a peaceful element can turn into a destructive one in the matter of a few seconds.”

    Genesis looked at him in confusion before she saw the beast swing his tail at her. This attack she could not avoid. She fell backwards into the water. Every part of her body ached from this attack. She took heavy damage from just one attack. She lied in the water, breathing shallowly. She was ready to give up when it occurred to her. She began to suck it in; the water went into her system, reviving her. She stood up. “I’m not out of the count from just one attack.”

    The dragon nodded to her in acknowledgement he said out loud. “Water Dragon’s Roar!” An enormous blast of water blasted out from his mouth.

    Genesis stood her ground and yelled out as well, “Water Dragon’s Roar!” A large beam of water formed in front of her and rushed to meet up with the dragon’s roar. The two beams collided. For a moment, the beams seemed to fight for dominance. Leviathan’s own roar seemed to win for a second and Genesis placed all her strength into it and soon she overpowered him. In the end, the two beams of water burst and the two stopped their spells. Genesis smirked at her mentor before fainting on the ground from overuse of magic.

    “You have done very well Genesis. You have made excellent progress from the time I first taught you. Anyone who can hold their own against my roar is someone who needs acknowledgement for it is definitely not an easy task. You are ready to face the world yourself.” He said smiling before he flew up into the sky.


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