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    The Guardian's Final Hope


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    The Guardian's Final Hope

    Post by Genesis on Wed Dec 09, 2015 1:25 pm

    “Amelia hurry up! We’re going to be caught! I didn’t bust you out of their headquarters for no reason.” Genesis’s voice rose to a shrill tone as she ran. She looked behind her shoulder at the Hunter that was chasing her. The two girls ran through the forest, one was fumbling behind. The other girl, Amelia struggled to keep up with her and held a hand to her chest. Her face was white and looked sickly.

    “Leave me behind Genesis. I’m too sick to continue. Plus I’m going to die anyways. This will merely speed up my death so I won’t suffer as much,”  she said falling to the ground.

    “I can’t just abandon you. You’re the only other member of the Guardians that is alive! I can’t lose another wolf to the Hunters.” Her voice began to choke up in tears. An arrow flew towards Genesis. She screamed and saw her friend take the arrow for her. The point lodged itself deep in her chest. She collapsed to the ground.

    “Amelia! Don’t die.”  She began to cry harder. However Amelia put a hand on her cheek. Her eyes were full of tears as she grasp the thin thread of life for a little longer.

    “Genesis, it's too late. I felt the arrow pierce something vital. There is no way I can survive. Live for me will you? I’m glad I could see you one last time before I died. Thanks for freeing me from the Hunters. At least now I can die as a free wolf, as a Guardian.”  Her eyes fluttered close as her breathing stopped.

    Her sorrow became replaced with rage, pure hatred filled her body. However her face did not show it for her anger was too intense for her to express. She stood and faced the hunters. “Amelia I shall avenge your death! You shall rue the day you killed my pack, my family and friends. Know the true anger of a wolf!”  She began to howl, her voice was shaking in hatred towards the Hunters and sorrow for the death of her friend. Then she saw it. Brandishing its bow, they headed towards her.

    It did not say a word, its face was covered by a simple white mask. It put two arrows in the notch of its bow and pulled, they aimed and released. In a flash two arrows headed her direction. Genesis reacted fast. Her body became surrounded by a sphere of water. The arrows sunk into the water but it slowly went towards it. The tip of arrow gently poked her flesh but it did not pierce it. “I shall not die. I will not let the Guardians! Die you stupid humans.”  She let out a roar of hatred.

    The Hunter had another arrow in the notch of its bow. It pulled back to fire at her and it released. It sank into her stomach and she yelped. However, fighting through the pain she used her teeth, rather than her hands to rip it out. She was glad the wound wasn’t too deep or the arrow was not magical or else that injury would have been more serious. She barked and snarled what would have been insults if she could speak.

    She then ran at the hunter once more. She would not use her magic killing the Hunter for it wasn’t worth it. Her magic was too pure for the extermination on such dirty vermin.

    She then lunged at the other Hunter. The hunter raised its bow and for the first time she saw it glow blue and shoot her. It hit her tail. She yelped in pain and she was thrown backwards. Finally however the Hunter spoke, its voice distinctively female. “Guardian trash like you have no part of our natural order. You were thrown out of the heavens for a reason. So we as the Hunters can exterminate you. Die under the judgment of I, one of the seven leaders of the Hunters. I am the Archer.”  She held up the bow and shot another blue arrow, this time it hit her right ear. She cried in pain.

    Her vision began to blur as the blood loss took a toll on her body. In a daze she ran up to her and punched her in the face. The woman was dazed and a smile crossed her face. “Not bad but that’s not good enough to kill me.”  She then launched a large magical arrow at her direction. Genesis made a few unintelligible sounds before she let out a burst of water from her mouth. The two spells collided and exploded in a shimmer of water and sparkles. Genesis took this chance to run at the Archer again.

    Before she landed an attack however, Archer then landed a kick on the wound on her abdomen. She coughed out blood as she shrieked in pain. She was grabbed by her tail and tossed to the side. Blood slipped out of her lip as her body hit the tree. “Now die! Once you die the Guardians are finally gone forever!”  

    Genesis accepted her fate as she drew up her bow again. In the notch was an arrow made from water. She closed her eyes as she accepted the fact she was going  die by the water arrow. Water. Water! Her eyes flew open. The arrow flew towards her and right into her mouth. She felt her strength regain as the water entered her system. “Thanks for the drink. You should never underestimate my power. The power as the final member of the Guardians. The power of a Dragon Slayer.”

    “I don’t care what you are I will kill you!”  She pulled another magical arrow in the bow and aimed it at her. She swallowed it again. She felt even better now. Genesis surrounded her body with water as she rammed into the woman.

    “That is for my mother.”  The Archer notched a regular non magical arrow in the bow and aimed it at her, but Genesis punched her jaw, her fist cloaked with water. “That is for my father.”  Her hand flew to her jaw in pain. Her other hand held a tight grip on her bow tightly but Genesis wasn’t done. She jumped up and kicked the Archer’s stomach, her leg was now cloaked with her magical water. “That is for Amelia.”  

    “I won’t lose.”  The Archer said weakly. Genesis, who was still in a fit of rage silenced her with a regular punch to the face. The Archer didn’t take too much damage from the punch however it silenced her.

    “Leviathan lend me your power! This is from the entire pack of the Guardians!”  A large burst of water came out of her mouth as she casted the spell. The Archer pulled in one more magical arrow, one that was not made from water and much more powerful than the other arrows she had fired for an intense magical aura radiated from it. The arrow met the roar and for a second nothing happened. Genesis poured all her magical power into her roar and hoped for the best. After a few torturous moments the water disintegrated the arrow into nothing and it headed for its target, the Archer.

    “Go ahead kill me. Kill me like I killed your family, your home, your pack.”  The Archer said, her eyes avoiding Genesis’

    “No, I rather keep you alive with the knowledge that I, the finally member of the Guardians defeated one of the strongest members of the Hunters. Besides, I have all the time in the world to kill you Hunter trash.” She put a hand on her own wounds and she turned around to walk away.

    “The other leaders are out for your head. They are much more powerful than I am. They will stop at nothing to kill you.”  A weak voice said.

    “Let them. I will also be much stronger by then. I will make all of you regret the fact you ever targeted my pack.”  Genesis said, running away as fast as she could. One day she will kill all the members of the Hunter but she wasn’t strong enough yet. She needed to get stronger so one day her dream of revenge would come true.

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