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    Victor Wolf

    Victor Wolf

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    Victor Wolf

    Post by Victor Wolf on Sat Dec 12, 2015 4:40 pm

    Victor Wolf
    Nick Name Here
    Twenty Nine
    July 3
    D Rank
    Chaotic Neutral

    Species Ability/Perk

    Wolves Sense: Basically he has a slightly heightened sense of smell compared to normal humans. This however does mean that anything that is a horrendous smells affect him far worse than normal humans.
    Wolf Shifter: He can shift into a wolf and talk with other creatures that are his kin while in this state. He loses the ability to talk though as he has essentially turned into an animal. Can transform once per post.

    Special Unique Characteristics
    He has lots of wolf bites on his body from having lived with them occasionally attempting to protect a kitten he had been taking care of.

    Character Depth
    Wolf has been living a rather miserable life for the larger portion of his life ever since his sister passed away for his own sins. He is filled with anger and hatred most of it self imposed upon himself as he hated that she took his punishment for him. He generally prefer to live in solitude as he can’t stand the sight of his own face even till this day. If he was an investigator he would be a self-loathing drunkard that would be sleeping on the streets like a vagabond. However, he does have a keen sense of character of other individuals can blame it on his keen canine senses. Despite everything, he truly does love the people in this world, well most of them at least as the majority of them aren’t responsible for his sisters execution. Those that were are long since dead as he couldn’t heed her word for mercy, another cruelty that eats away at his soul.

    As one can tel by just walking up to him, Wolf is not one to generally sit around and make idle conversation unless you become a member of the group that he associates with as his new pack. Those he marks as a member of this pack will be graced with an ally who has undying loyalty and full access to his pack as he holds back nothing from those whom he trust. Bolstering that trust is hard though and will often lead to a greater attachment like a dog to his owner. If one is to break this trust that he has, he will without hesitation end you though as he does not suffer betrayal lightly.

    In combat this misery is visible as he tends to take unnecessary risks that are sure to inflict harm upon him making him appear reckless or even careless. Despite his best intentions to be mortally wounded through, his wolf instincts take over kicking either his fight or flight depending on whichever is more useful given his current state. Overall he fits very well to the lone wolf persona, but every wolf has a soft spot for their pact meaning that he will go out of his way to save those that he know as they are dear friends or even guild members to some points.

    -Pets: Head massages are an incredible thing for most animals and as Wolf is a member of the canine species by his half blooded mixture of DNA falls prey to his enjoyable weakness of sorts. Even after being increasingly aggravated, he is easily tamed by the gentle massage of the head right behind his ears. Most people use this weakness to calm him down and pull him away before he huffs and puffs blowing the whole world down.
    Meat: Meat of all shapes sizes, tastes and smells. It doesn’t matter what type of game is hunted and placed on his table or even the amount of time that was taken to cook it. He can eat a rabbit raw and whole without caring what anyone else thinks. This is the biggest tell that the man isn’t entirely human, that and his obsession with full moons.
    -Full Moon: Full moon lit nights he enjoys laying out under the stars, no matter what the rest of the world is planning. It’s odd as he enjoys howling to it as if the goddess of the moon was singing as weet melody to him.

    -Felines: Felines always seem to get on his nerves but regardless of it people would think that the way he carries on about nearly everywhere that he love them. He despises the noise they make the way they smell and the means they keep their hygiene, but because of an old friend he has adopted one to remind him of her.
    -Children: Despite his usual gloomy demeanor, Wolf always seems to hate kids with a burning passion. Most people imagined that he would grow old and be that grumpy old coot telling the young ones to get off his lawn. But for the most part he just turns his back on them and leaves them alone instead of getting angry with them.
    -Disloyalty: Perhaps it is more of his inner canine speaking but he hates those who betray the trust of those he cares about or himself. He is much like an honorable sword fighter, in many regards as he generally can sniff out a lead as an important asset.

    -Enochlophobia: It’s not at all out of the ordinary, but the extremes to which he takes it is rather absurd as even in his own guild hall he begins to grow uncomfortable as he is much of a lone wolf only opening up to a few people.
    -Chronophobia: Having lived as long as he has he knows and fears the idea of growing older at a fraction of the time of the normal human beings that grow old around him. He’s afraid of it to be  honest and tries to avoid talk of months, years and even hours to most extents.
    -Kynophobia: A fear of rabies, an extremely canine thing to do, He fears the day when humans find a reason to put him down and the most likely one he keeps spotting is rabies. They put down their dogs all the time so why wouldn’t they do the same with him.

    Motivations/Goals: (3 minimum)
    - Revenge: His life started out an adventure and loving story which he sought only to bring peace and happiness to his human half sister who he was raised alongside. Today, he seek justice for her death as she took responsibility for the murders that he committed in order to protect her. It was a brutal massacre where he had torn the lunges from their throats and his sister was hung for being a monster.
    - New Cause: He seeks out a new individual which he can see as his younger sister or someone that he deems his loyalty to be worth. This person he seeks and will gladly give up his own life for them if necessary.
    - Live: It's rather silly, but since his sister passed away he has been clinging to the few words that she had spoken to him. Live, live for her was what she told him even as he watched the rope now tighten around her neck and as her feet did the floating dance in the air.

    Hair: Brown (White when turning feral)
    Eyes: Emerald (Red when turning feral)
    Skin Tone: Fair Peach (Pale White when turning feral)
    Height: 6’1”
    Weight: 150
    Overall Appearances:


    Guild: Animus Sin
    Guild Tattoo: Upper right part of his chest. Blood Red.

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    Re: Victor Wolf

    Post by Genesis on Sat Dec 12, 2015 7:40 pm

    Hi my name is Genesis. I'll be grading your app today.

    Wolf Sense: You can't have both enhanced hearing and smell, that counts as two perks. Please choose one.

    Wolf Shifter: This needs a duration and a cooldown.

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    Re: Victor Wolf

    Post by Genesis on Sat Dec 12, 2015 7:57 pm

    First Approval given

    Other Siggys and Avis:


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    Re: Victor Wolf

    Post by Remix on Sat Dec 12, 2015 10:35 pm

    Hi! Remix here to give you your second approval review ^-^

    Alright. From what I'm understanding, this is just more of a 'sensitive' smell and works much the way a human does (beside the sensitiveness) so this is fine. If I'm mistaken, do not hesitate to contact me.

    Second ability, I'm going to emphasize that the actual shift can only happen once per post and keep the form for as long as you want. That said, this is fine as well.

    As per your overall app, I'll trust the first approval given and say that this app is hereby...

    APPROVED!!!!! ~

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    Re: Victor Wolf

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