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    Project "N" [DONE]


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    Project "N" [DONE]

    Post by N-san on Fri Mar 20, 2015 9:57 pm

    General Information:

    Name: Project "N"
    Nickname: The Heartless
    Age: 21
    Species: Human
    Species Abilities/Perks: N/A
    Special/Unique Characteristics: N/A

    Character Depth:

    Conceded: N is extremely confident in his abilities, so much so he believes himself incapable of being defeated in anything. He believes that anyone’s greatest efforts can’t surpass his, even willing to go as far as to say instances of this happening never actually happened, being straight out lies that nobody would believe.

    Empathy: Our Heartless lacks the compassion or empathy towards others. This is how he achieved his nickname. When it comes to battle, N had no care for others. A man may be holding his daughter, begging to spare them or at least spare the girl. With this tough decision in mind, N will most likely go after the girl first, then killing the man. This is 80% of the time, the 20% being reasons why he may do otherwise.

    Sadistic: N may have no compassion for others, but that doesn't mean he'll always straight up kill them. He is quite the sadistic psychopath. He enjoys hearing the pains and howls of an enemy. Mutilation is quite something fun to do.

    Materialistic: Coming from quite the well brought up family, N has lived a luxurious life. He plans to continue doing so. When it comes to appearance, N tends to wear only the most expensive things, an image that this person belongs to those of higher ranks and status.

    Womanizer: N is quite the handsome man. He's often labeled as a womanizer for attempting to take over females with his looks. Using the obvious sex appeal approach, he's often caught winning women over with flattery.

    Logic: One of the most contradicting things you may see from one who is noted as quite strategic is the lack of logic. N has no filter when it comes to whether or not one thing truly makes sense. If the requirement is that he sends people to their dooms, then so be it. If it's necessary to lose his strongest chess pieces in war, then so be it. As long as the game is won, N will show no disapproval.

    Survival of the Fittest: The belief in this system is quite extraordinary, but that does not apply so when it comes to N. He has no care for what happens to himself, much less his comrades. He is very willing to let them go die, as it proves, only the strong survive, the weak becoming prey. N would rather much prefer the company of those who are strong. By staying with the demons, he's more likely to become one himself.

    Insanity: In recent times, it has become more and more apparent that N has begun to suffer from an illness of some sort, seeming to be of a mental capacity. His reasoning and rationale have become more and more mysterious and unclear, even to those who at one point might have considered to be in his circle. Now, it seems that the only person who even knows what she might be thinking now is him, and even then, it is not a comforting thought.


    • Power: N thoroughly loves the idea behind power, as well as the power derived from being in control of a situation. For N, more power means the easier it is to kill. With less work needed to kill someone, N has an easier chance or attempt at maiming someone to the point where they're simply dead bodies on the floor, not uttering a word.
    • Insanity: With insanity, N has no control to his own personality nor actions. It is with pure instincts of insanity that N is able to continue living and get where he is at. He respects this trait for himself.
    • Sins: For every other goody goody out there, when committing sins, they feel bad about themselves. N enjoys committing them or witnessing them being done. They're both pleasure to the eyes.


    • Humans: N does not classify himself as a human, therefore he dislikes these creatures of frailty. In N's mind, he's a god that has transcended the boundaries of humanity.
    • Virtues: They're the opposite side of the coin, the thing that contradicts sins. If he enjoys sins, it's only logical that he dislikes virtues.
    • Allies: N has no place for allies whatsoever. These are simply people who claim to be of assistance to you, but want something in return. N prefers soldiers, listening to his every command, than allies.


    • Death: With more death N is able to bring upon the world, the better he feels. His goal is to cause chaos in the world, in the end, bringing down the corrupted Magic Council.
    • Power: As stated in likes, N is willing to do anything to make his life easier. Training to achieve more strength turns him into a force to be reckoned with.
    • Status: N plans to keep up his high rank among the dark guilds, a sign that he is the ruler, and they, gnats.


    • Children: The worst of the worst. These little demons are the devil himself. Ugh.
    • Humans: They're the worst creatures to walk the Earth. Other animals are better than they are. So what if they were granted the ability to speak? It certainly didn't change their choices and stupidity factor.
    • Logic: Logic doesn't apply at all to N. He fears those who speak of it, as if they had a chance in proving him wrong.


    Hair: Blonde
    Eyes: Black
    Skin Tone: Light
    Height: 5'7'
    Weight: 142 lbs


    Rank: D-Rank
    Guild: Tartarus
    Guild Tattoo: Tongue in black

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    Re: Project "N" [DONE]

    Post by Bacon on Sun Mar 22, 2015 7:17 pm

    Approved. Have fun~

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