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    Vi, the Start of a New Evil


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    Vi, the Start of a New Evil

    Post by Lucina on Sun Dec 13, 2015 1:28 pm

    Six, that's how they called the monster in Gar, a small town in Alvarez. Six was only one of the few names she had, but besides that one, the other real name she had was Vi. It was that monster who had killed the young and beautiful woman known as Lucina. When the men entered the room, it was already too late, the bride was already laying on the ground with the witch standing next to her. The old lady was licking the blood in the blade she hooked with her left hand. She was quite old and looked very disturbing with the remaining blood in her left chick. "I told you, you won't stop me! Never!" She said and laughed with a crazy look in her eyes. "The spell has been prepared, there's no way I'll be stopped now!" She said and kept laughing as the blood in the dead woman's body started to move inside the corp and seal the single wound in her shoulder and breast. The men quickly moved, but it was anyway too late for them. They attacked with spears and swords, they were all enhanced by holly mages to ignore the witch's dark power. The blades pierced threw the old lady's body. Vi coughed twice as some blood moved down her mouth and wounds in her chest and stomach. She smiled and laughed once more just before turning to dust and dying freeing her spirit for the spell she had prepared. The next days were sad days for the Pacifica family. Their only daughter had died in her wedding day, and the fiance had suicide after his huge lost. Lucina had been buried in the same place her husband was buried, they were suppose to be together for the eternity, but it wasn't until a few weeks later, the young woman's body was found missing.

    One hundred years later, during the war in earthland, a young looking beautiful woman appeared in the middle of the desert. These were huge news and quickly spread through Desierto. This young lady was quickly attended by people there and was looked as a miracle since she survived lots of days walking in the dessert. She carried nothing but a sword and didn't even feel tired when she arrived to the city. She was received by the emperor who spoke to her. It was time of war and he had to make sure she hadn't been sent to kill. But she hadn't, she was just looking for a specific guild known as Wolfbane. Well known in Desierto, the emperor ordered the guards to kill her while she slept, but that was easier said than done. The guards took her to a bedroom where she would stay a few nights, but they only waited until midnight before entering to finish with the life of a evil mage. They took a blade and quickly stabbed her in the stomach as one of the other three guards hold her head for her not to scream. She stopped moving and the guards stepped back as they saw they finished their jobs. They started to walk out of the room when they heard something moving.

    "Did you really think I could be killed that easily?" She asked and stood up. The wound in her stomach started to regenerate and to heal itself stopping the bleeding. She took her sword which was lying on a nearby wooden chair and dashed towards the guards. She instantly slashed them all and killed them all. It wasn't that she was invincible or just too strong, but they were anyway weak compared to her. She kept running through the hallways till she found a window. She took her sword and made change it's form to a thinner one. In a instant, purple like metallic dust moved towards Lucina's back forming a pair of wings. She started to fly and moved towards the village. She turned around after hearing a loud shout coming from the castle. It was sjust another guard, nothing she would rather return for, or that's at least what she thought. The man jumped just as lucina had and pulled out a sword from his belt. A pair of wings were also created, letting him move towards the mage. "I can fly too you know?" He shouted as he dashed towards her with her swords pointing at her. She turned around causing both blades to collide and pushing them both back. She made the sword separate into that same strange dust and appeared 5 more blades around her. Her blade then regenerated itself. "I see you posses magic, but can you defeat me?" She asked and threw all those five swords at the guy in front of her. The blades were stopped by a white shield the guys summoned. The swords turned into the metalic dust and flew directly towards Lucina in order to prepare another attack. The man had re-equip magic of some sort, but those wings were pulled out wit another spell. lucina had lots of attention focused on the smiling guy.

    She created a few spikes made with that dust and threw them at the guy. The attacks were easily blocked by the shield as the winged man moved forward with his sword pointing front. Lucina used her sword to move the attack towards another place and landed a kick on the guy who lost his balance and was easily moved. She dashed again towards the man and created a sphere made of that strange metal in his hand. She got above the guy who was now facing the sky and pointed the ball at his stomach. She threw it, moving the mage down and making him crash against a building completely destroying it. Lucina flew down towards the destroyed building and kicked the man. "You're lucky, I'll let you live this time, but I really don't this twice." She said and flew again as she left the bleeding man in the ground. That was an example for people to know what they were facing. War was maybe the biggest darkness in the world at that time, but it wasn't the only one.

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