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    Shushimo, Bando

    Bando Sushimo

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    Shushimo, Bando

    Post by Bando Sushimo on Mon Dec 14, 2015 9:47 pm

    Shushimo, Bando
    April 11th
    Weretiger (Lion)
    Light Bringer

    Species Ability/Perk
    Enhanced Senses - He is able to experience scents far more vividly than your average person, extending all the way to the point of being able to notice fine details in smell. These heightened senses do not improve by range but only by quality, allowing him to experience things more in a more provocative and stimulating manner. Blood smells absolutely awful to him while sweet scents are intoxicating and inviting.

    Night Vision - Weretigers are able to hunt perfectly fine at night and as a result he has no disadvantage to his vision when the sun falls or when in dark corridors, being able to see perfectly fine in the darkness. This doesn't seem to work when surrounded by dark magic however as it is unnatural and he can only see through natural sources of darkness with his night vision. He doesn't have advanced range on this, as he can only see the exact distance that he can without the night vision. Sudden shifts from light to dark will cause momentary blindness.

    Special Unique Characteristics
    His body is covered in tattoos, when he transforms into his beast form his pelt is pitch black with a bright white mane, and his body is muscular and well defined. Otherwise he has bright red eyes and his guild Tattoo is located on his forehead because he is proud of the guild that he is apart of.

    Character Depth
    Personality: He is a man of expression and passion dedicated to his craft in improving not only himself but the reputation of the faction that he represents. Every aspect of his personality expresses a fundamental understanding of various intrinsic and extrinsic fields of study, most correlating to magical theory and how to formulate a higher functioning representation of ones latent talents. He is full of vigorous and highly volatile untapped mystical power, unlike most of his fellow were-tiger brethren, and he understands the uniqueness of his stipulated existence. Choosing to rarely acquire the unique animistic animal form of his ancestors, unless situations correlate to vast abundances of immediate danger to either himself or his peers. Opting to rely on the limitations and boundaries of his human figure often, he exudes charismatic charm and a keen sense of justice at nearly all times. Though not entirely without his faults, finding the tools of execution being useful if circumstances were to permit such behaviors.

    On more socially focused levels he is quite the figure to observe, holding wholly informative beliefs across large spheres of political, societal, cultural, and spiritual of influences. Ever inclusive with his inquiries, his curiosity and thirst for creative and efficient solutions to problems has given as much praise as criticism. Often considered overzealous in application to various practices both warranted and ill advised, there aren't many aspects to his personal being that would be seen as divisive at face value. He is grounded in strong morals but refuses to allow those mental conclusions to affect the open-mindedness bestowed upon him by his various mentors. He is for all intents and purposes a collected and wise man, one would describe him as "chill" while others would conclude him as lucid and uncaring. This is the furthest from the truth however, as his dignified and sometimes warped sense of justice overrides the nature he holds. He does have mercy, displaying it often through various inspections within the mind of several opposing figures be they on his side or against him.

    Likes: (3 minimum)

    • Missions - He has expressed a lot of joy for actually taking on tasks, not to acquire money to line his pockets, but rather to showcase that his guild is willing to help people no matter the circumstance, so long as it is of course, legal.
    • Improving - He wants to allow himself some sort improvement that others think he can't achieve. He wants to become someone whom is looked up too opposed to look down on, and wishes to represent what he figures is a good thing.
    • Observing - He is a very attentive person, whom cares about the information that surrounds him on levels that aren't entirely common. He is a very observant person, taking his senses into account on each decision he makes be they ethical, practical, or otherwise.

    Dislikes: (3 minimum)

    • Tyrants - He hates people whom attempt to control others, finding them to be disgusting abominations that plague the earth. He has no qualms of killing those whom think they hold the right over others to control their every whim and fancy, and determines that taking their life is simply karma for such actions.
    • Lawlessness - He is not a fan of the chaos that seems to permeate the land of Fiore, going as far as to make sure that he had been stopping petty crimes and dispatching criminals since before he joined the guild, he is adamant about making a difference, due to the trauma suffered in his youth.
    • Abusers - He hates people whom dominate others, both on a political and personal scale. People whom abuse their power or abuse others are downright disgusting in his book, and he feels as though he is unable to abide them in any way shape or form. He wants nothing more than to put down these persons.

    Fears: (3 minimum)

    • Uselessness - He doesn't want to ever become a detriment to his friends, family, or guild. He had already had to fight against one group of people he cared about, and has no aspirations to see such events played out in further contexts.
    • Enslavement - He doesn't want to relive the sensations that he had in the past, when he was underneath the watchful gaze of the oppressive Baron whom owned him and his siblings in secret. He especially hates it when someone breaks the mind of another, making those persons believe they are happy with their circumstances.
    • Abandonment - He doesn't want to be abandoned once again, his siblings attempted to kill him after the death of the Baron, and he had to slay them all in order to preserve his own survival. This action haunts him to this day, and strengthens his resolve for absolute justice.

    Motivations/Goals: (3 minimum)

    • Purpose - He wants to find his role in this world, feeling lost and without any true purpose he is guided by the hand of justice to try and etch himself out a place that would actually bother accepting him, he has no idea what he wants in life as a result.
    • Power - He wants to grow strong enough to avoid the circumstances that had placed him in a state of total mental and emotional isolation, through power he would never be at the mercy of others again and this drives him to work tirelessly to improve himself.
    • Solidarity - He has dedicated a large portion of his life to make sure that there was an environment in which he could socialize with others without fear of persecution. He has a hole in his heart due to the loss of important people to him, and he isn't one to let someone in lightly, but he is friendly despite being bizarre.

    Hair: White, its died black.
    Eyes: Red (Because Albinism)
    Skin Tone: Pale (Because Albinism)
    Height: 6'4" ft
    Weight: 220 lbs
    Overall Appearances: He looks exactly like his face-claim, only muscular, he has Albinism.


    Guild: Light Bringer
    Guild Tattoo: Forehead Silver


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    Re: Shushimo, Bando

    Post by Bacon on Mon Dec 14, 2015 11:20 pm

    Edits have been made and character looks go to go so.....
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