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    The Great Flamewyrm

    Geiji Yoshi

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    The Great Flamewyrm

    Post by Geiji Yoshi on Sun Dec 20, 2015 12:49 pm


    Grit, determination, skill, and luck. Four pillars of combat which exuded in intense fashion from the furthest reaches of monstrous might were perfected by some, neglected by others, and were honed endlessly by the vast majority of individuals whom weren't god-tier freaks of nature. This distinction served as an ample descriptor for the Flamewyrm, for he was never satisfied with the power he procured throughout his ceaseless efforts to appease his leader. Finding himself unworthy of being considered strong by any other living being, he strove to achieve a level of power that didn't exist within any plain of reality, yet it was this drive that kept him facing stronger opponents. Like the beast he encountered on this very day. He had left the two novices accompanying him outside, not because they would get in his way, but because his guild was important to him, he'd not allow the "younger" brothers and sisters to endanger themselves towards an unknown enemy.

    He had heard rumors; a disgusting eight legged amalgamation of a snake, goat, lion, boar, eagle, and spider seemed to lurk within the confines of a productive mine located to the south of the continent, kidnapping locals from its nearby town and devouring them whole. Leaving no trace of the entities it consumed, as if its gluttonous rampage seemed unhinged and without cause. These facts didn't matter to the Flamewyrm however, focused upon the large disturbing creature, he stood to face the monstrosity alone, eyes trained upon it and debating on how to take such an unbelievably foul creature on. "Diablo Directo." He determined it was best to start off engulfing his entire body in the protective flame technique, similar to the dragon that raised him, this was going to be an all out war. The creature managed to interrupt enough of Animus Sin's operations as it was, killing off workers and whatnot.

    The very jowls of this blood-starved atrocity, this horrific affront to nature and logic, seeped with malicious hunger. Oozing its liquid saliva upon the remains of dozens of pre-digested victims. A grotesque monolith to all wrong with the world, it was only fitting that such a beast be tested outright. "Spiteful Combustion." The bright yellow discharge flared upwards out of the tips of Yoshi's fingers, poised and bearing a proper stance he launched forth the low-tiered spell, hurdling five small spheres of brilliant gold flame at his opponent to gauge the creatures physical defense. It was made well clear that the crazed creature found the display to be extremely irritating. Lunging forward in a blood curdling frenzy, the ten feet tall Goliath came down from the ceiling, charging with its ferociously strong paws, swatting at the dragon and finding itself screaming out in pain from the head, however it followed through, batting the male against the cave wall on the opposite end of the opened cavern they battled within.

    He was durable, to say the least, but that attack had some real kick to it. Being oppressive in a manner borderline excessive, the flame-casting psychopath rose to his feet, prepared to etch out a chasm of infinite atomic reduction if the situation required such brutally effective methods. Aiming his index and middle finger towards the creature, watching it rush at him again he chanted the phrase that would allow for flames to coil outward like a spring towards the target, their intention being to burn the opposing creature in a controlled area so that the beast itself couldn't fully get the upper hand with it's own brute strength. "Memoir of Atlas." Despite skating across the skyline in a beautifully elegant manner, it was caught and eventually disrupted by a spit-wad of acidic poison, generated from within the creature itself. The resulting collision resulting in an brief explosion of magical energy. Flowing outwards in an unstable manner. Intelligent and ugly? How typical.

    It seemed ranged techniques were not going to allow for a swift and decisive victory, perhaps melee techniques could help procure the victory. Adorned in his typical jet black armor, he swished his cape briefly, eyes poised upon the target before speaking outwards, his arms engulfed in bright red flames distinct from the fire that caressed his body in a swirling manner. "Ferocious Flambe." With his upper limbs coated in enough heat to increase his damage input he allowed the beast to rush him once more, swinging it's snake tail towards him he sidestepped punching the snake directly in the face with his flaming appendage. Securing the burn effect upon the creature, he attempted to follow up with another punch, this time aimed at the torso of the multi-legged animal, however it charged forward, knocking him over and trampling his body with it's weight amplified upon it's many, many legs. Raising upwards, coughing up blood due to the walloping he managed to survive, the bloodied tyrant got on his knee, panting and watching as a large acidic ball came towards his location from up on the side of the wall, damn beast was going to use the environment to it's advantage.  

    "Noxious Heat Bog." With words spoken jet-like fire pits rose from the pores of his living carcass,flushing outwards in all angles colliding into the acid neutralizing it. Seemed that tactic worked both ways. Large char marks adorned the inner mine shaft in which these two battled, but it was clear this creature was at least legendary in terms of its power. No beast had caused him to swallow his own blood in quite some times, the thrill seemed to keep Yoshi's warrior spirit alive. This being bad news for this rare creature. Yoshi couldn't do much with the beast out of reach, so he squatted and scooped up a rock, chucking it at full might towards the beast itself. Agitating it further as a popping noise distracted the creature.

    That monster reacted in a bizarre manner, white silk spade-shaped lances flurried out its mouth towards the living nuclear reactor, all he could hope to do in this situation would be to dodge, if he was a pansy that is. No he had better things in mind for handling this sudden attack. "Crematory Center." The temperature around his body seemed to spike immensely as he shot forward in a straight light towards the wall, arm stretched backwards before slamming his supernova-like fist into the side of the mastodon, this behemoth toppling off the side of the wall with a sort of whine as a loud thud shook the very foundation of the mine-shaft violently. A frenzied display if there ever was one,  the upper hand was not as obvious as it appeared, for those wings, massive and thick, swung out and send the black-knight soaring into the wall once more, blood coming out. He couldn't take much more of this beast. It's power was something to be both respected, and feared.

    He may have made an impression in the wall, but he breathed inwards as the beast rose to his feet, and while falling out the wall, with the beast charging him yet again, he did the only thing he could do. Resorting to his last resort. "Fire Dragon's Malicious Obliteration." In one brief brilliant light-show, that cavern lit up like a fourth of July celebration. That pillar of heated hatred escalated rapidly, wild and alive with hell's damning dragon fire, there was only a brief reprieve as the beast noticed its disgusting existence flash before its eyes, engulfed fully within the confines of the spell it let out a mutated roar, human sounding, frail and innocent. But this creature was anything but ,and it's light extinguished before the flames had. Breathing heavily, he whom disintegrates dragons shook off the situation he suffered. Deactivating all of his spells and flipping his cape. He peered further into the mine, sweeping for eggs and other beast, yet finding nothing. Truly this monster he slew was a stray, hungry and confused. At least now it could roost eternally...in purgatory!

    He would never truly find himself to be worthy of his role within the guild. Lopping the head of the massive creature off it's body, he removed the creature into parts and dragged each specific piece outside one at a time. Sure it took awhile, but he was focused, determined. He spoke to the younger members, his onyx armor washed in sanguine, a look of disappointment flushed against his foolishly foul, flamboyantly flustered, face. "This isn't enough to sate my hunger. This isn't enough to validate me in her eyes. Tsk, truly pathetic. If I didn't strive for more...i'd gladly allow myself to be put to death..." Loading their wagon, they made their way back to town, selling the creatures parts off and returning the head to the employee seemed like a fair trade indeed, good that they removed the venom and silk sacks beforehand.

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