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    Last Time We Meet


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    Last Time We Meet

    Post by Hiroko on Sun Dec 20, 2015 12:50 pm

    Hiroko stepped forward, cracking the ground below him and pushing back any enemy near. His army was fighting against a guild he didn't really care about. They had no real enemies to fight with, it was just to boring to see how all his weak allies had someone to be entertained with when he had absolutely nobody to kick his ass. That was the reason he decided to interfere in the fight and make things quicker. He got some attention just with his presence, but nobody was actually strong enough to get close to him. He kept walking until he almost reached the entrance of the target guild. At this point, he was just ignored by anyone near until he finally found someone worth of fighting. "I see you've come for me. If I've heard right, you could've already destroyed this whole guild by yourself." Said an old man standing in front of the guild's door. Hiroko smiled upon that flattering sentence and started to stretch his arms for a fight. "Indeed I could, I've thought about that, but those stupid mages fighting your friends are strong enough anyway. And I really thought about destroying the whole place, including them, but I guess it will depend on our fight, defeating me is the only way to protect them."

    They were in the nearby woods out of a little town in Alvarez, and even if it only was a little guild, that was what meant having a war. Hiroko prepared a punch and threw it, but instead of getting closer to hit the man, he maintained his 10 meters distance and cracked the air itself with that attack. The crack completely shattered and everything in front of Hiroko was destroyed in an instant. Dust covered the old man in front of Hiroko, but without even seeing, he knew that old man was lucky enough to block the attack. The dust fell revealing a wind barrier blocking the devastating path of the attack and interrupting it's destruction only to protect the guild. Enemies an allies around Hiroko however, were lying on the ground just from the attack's impact against the wind wall.

    "Wing Blast" Shouted the man and threw a blast of wind with his hand. The attack was very fast, but Hiroko evaded it even before it actually was launched by jumping back and getting away from the guild. The old man quickly maneuvered through the air with his wind magic and tried to land a punch against Hiroko. Hiroko, not being able to move in air, had no option but to block it, but even like that, the attack was strong enough to throw Hiroko towards a nearby tree and actually destroy it in it's way with some other ones nearby as well. "You sure hit hard." Said Hiroko as he stood up and cleaned some blood from his mouth. The old man landed a few meters in front of Hiroko and shot another wind blast. Hiroko shouted and causing the attack to actually explode before reaching its target. Hiroko ran towards the man, and without seeing because of the explosion, he punched the old man in the face, launching him towards the battlefield and pushing back some people in the guild fight. Hiroko jumped towards the old man. "Oni Ude!" Shouted Hiroko and punched towards the old man releasing a shockwave able to destroy rock itself. The old man quickly reacted and got to evade the direct attack, but the explosion pushed him back making him lose the balance he hadn't even completely recovered.

    Before he could even stand in both feet, Hiroko dashed towards aggressively and landed another punch on his face, throwing him even further. The old man got up from the dust and ran towards his enemy. But with the damage he had received already, it was easy for Hiroko to actually out speed him and evade the attack, but before Hiroko could counter it, the old man released a wind gale around him throwing Hiroko to the air and causing some quite deep cuts. Before he could fall or even reach a close distance to the ground, the guild master ran below Hiroko and prepared another attack, but Hrioko saw the attack coming and snapped his fingers. The fingers created a very strong vibration and caused an explosion on the enemy, blinding him enough to evade the wind enhanced punch. Hiroko landed a side from the man after his strong but not efficient attack and prepared his punch.

    The old guild master couldn't even return his arm from the punching position before Hiroko created a bubble like attack with his fist and punched his target. This was his strongest single man attack. The bubble like sphere actually deformed the target's structure making it look like if the man was bending to evade the sphere, but it actually was hitting directly. The attack threw the man towards the ground and destroyed a huge area of ground by cracking it and completely destroying it. The man was completely defeated, no normal person could defend themselves from such attack or survive a direct hit from it, but the guild master, even if not stronger than Hiroko, was strong enough to keep himself from fainting. "You're weak! Weaker than I expected. You were the only one here able to actually duel me, but I see your nothing but a pile of old waist." Said Hiroko as he stepped back from the old man. "Now before you die, you'll presence my strongest attack, you should be flattered just by being destroyed by this attack. Oni..." Hiroko used his both hands to actually grab the air itself. He prepared himself by separating his legs a bit and getting to a very solid position. But after that single attack, anyone near and anything near would just be crushed by Hiroko's power. "Buraker!" He pulled the air itself down. It did look quite strange, but it didn't take too much before nobody paid attention to that specific interaction with the air itself.

    "My...my balance." People started to shout as they fell to the ground. Vehicles and transport rolled towards a single place, everyone fell to the ground and they could do nothing now but to wait for their destiny. The ground cracked, the buildings fell apart, even the ground itself shattered and elevated part of it, it was like the world sucking the surface down. Hiroko moved towards the old man before the spell accomplished its goal. "It's funny isn't it?. How can humans be so foolish to start such a fight. It's just stupid how small a reason has to be. It can be religion, it can be simple differences, it can be as simple as taste for power, but even if that reason is small and so weak, it's big enough too start a war. I hope I can see you soon, but I don't really think god has a place for me up there anyway." Said Hiroko and walked away. Just after he finished his words, the whole area exploded with a last shock wave creating a massive dust dome which covered the whole place. It was the end of his intervention in the war. It wasn't much, but it was enough for him.

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