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    Post by Hiroko on Mon Dec 21, 2015 12:53 pm

    Golden Helios
    C Rank
    Black Airs
    Not Character Dependent
    8 000 Jewels

    Description of Item

    This is Hiroko's normal cloths. It's basically a bit white robe. The robe itself is almost always white and looks like a normal one, but the magic infused in it allows the user to actually transform the cloth into gold in order to form a strong magical armor. It's quite big and looks like this but can turn into gold to become something like this. In it's normal robe form, it covers all of Hiroko's body as a normal robe would.

    Abilities of the Item

    Gold Chest: While in a fight, the armor will transform into gold to reduce all melee damage in half. This is to provide defense against melee attacks and blunt weapon attacks. Cutting attacks or any type of spell won't be affected by this ability.
    Helios: The armor itself is made to assimilate Helios' powers, because of this, it was given heat properties. This way, it reduces the damage from any cold based attack in C rank damage. This means if Hiroko is S rank and is attacked with a A rank spell which deals 20% damage to S ranks, the c rank damage reduction would reduce the attack in 7% according to the damage and health chart. Also, this keeps the user warm.
    Colossus: The robe is able to wrap up the user completely by extending and moving around. After this, the robe will completely turn into gold to cover the user and make him look like a golden human. This will block D rank damage from absolutely any attack or out coming damage. This has a 3 post duration and 5 post cooldown. This also stacks with the helios ability if attacked by an ice spell. This also transforms any damage into blunt damage only.

    Weaknesses of the Item

    Gold Chest: While blocking blunt melee attacks, this blocks no burning or slashing attacks for example, receiving full damage from them.
    Helios: The damage blocker is reduced with each rank up because of the C rank flat damage to block. And this ability blocks only cold spells such as ice or frost spells only. It also doesn't eliminate it's effects, only
    Colossus: Without considering the same flat damage weakness just as Helios', Colossus has only one weakness. Because of it's full protection around the user's body, it's nearly impossible to nullify, but if stroke by a spell higher than the user's rank, it breaks instantly. It also lacks of team utility.

    Backstory of The Item

    Place the history of the Item, how was it made, who made it, ect, this should be at most 150-250WC minimum.


    Any additional information you want to add place it here, note this is a perfect place to put unlocks and what not.

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