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    Creatures of the Night


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    Creatures of the Night

    Post by Kyoto on Mon Dec 21, 2015 9:32 pm

    It was a peaceful night in the woods or so it seemed, Kyoto had just awakened on the bed of the wooded area with no recollection of any of the previous events that led him to his current position. Kyoto had blurred vision upon first opening his eyes seeming to be covered by some gray glaze, but eventually faded away as his eyes had finally adjusted and were focused. Kyoto slightly raised up and looked at his clothes noticing that they had been torn and tattered, it seemed like he had a fight with a wild animal and was on the losing end. Kyoto looked around the area to both his left and right then behind himself not seeing anything but pure darkness which didn’t make him feel any better about the situation. Kyoto gradually made it to his feet dusting himself off and removing twigs and grass from his once white hair.

    What is going on here..” Kyoto whispered to himself, and then suddenly *SNAP* It seemed something in the area had just stepped on a stick breaking it under its foot, was it watching Kyoto? “Who’s there?” Kyoto yelled out as he began to start to sweat profusely becoming extremely nervous. Kyoto was normally calm and composed but the fact he was somewhere he didn’t know anything about with something watching him had completely plagued his mind with fear. Kyoto’s eyes search through the trees as he turned in circles attempting to track the sounds with his ears, but with not being able to see anything that far in front of him and everything sounding so close it was hard to tell in which direction the breaking of sticks was coming from.

    The next sound caused Kyoto to stop all motions and breathing as sweat now dripped from his fingertips, glowing red eyes were now looking directly at Kyoto from which the sound came from, which were fixated on him. Kyoto began to ease up a bit now that he knew in which direction his prey was, and the sweating also started to stop gaining his composure back. Kyoto stood firm “So are you going to stand over there and watch me or are we going to play some more?” he said with confidence. The creature before him must had caught him off guard earlier since he couldn’t even remember fighting anyone or anything, but now that he was aware and alert the outcome would be different.

    Kyoto’s breathing slowed down as he began to drop into a strange fighting posture facing the red eyed figure that remained a few yards away still unflinching watching as if waiting for the perfect moment to strike. The beast finally made it’s presence loudly known letting off a screeching yelp that was more annoying than scary, but giving the right situation it could strike fear into someone. Kyoto braced himself for battle forcing his hands to form tightly clenched fists, and his feet slowly bouncing off the ground causing his body slightly hop to the left and right. Suddenly the unknown beast leaped out from the darkness pouncing on him, which admittedly caught Kyoto off guard because of the darkness and the creature blending completely in with the darkness. Kyoto caught the beast with his hands while he started to fall backwards, but he quickly spun his body causing him and the unknown creature to switch positions causing Kyoto to land on top of the beast as it hit the ground.

    Kyoto raised up attempting to place his legs over the beasts arms in an attempt to pin it down, but the fight in the creature was unlike anything Kyoto had ever encountered as it forced him to fall backwards off of the creature. Kyoto quickly gathered himself standing back up gaining his balance before the creature to get up, he approached the creature rapidly as the close combat made the creature slightly easier to see with it being directly in front of him. As the creature rose up Kyoto met the creature with an uppercut to it’s jawline, but the creature countered with a claw to Kyoto’s chest as it took steps backwards from Kyoto’s punch. Both Kyoto and beast lunged at each other, Kyoto throwing various punching combos only to meet the creatures hard exoskeleton. The creature covered up defending itself from the barrage of punches from Kyoto, and they didn’t seem to faze it as Kyoto dropped to the ground attempting to leg sweep it. The creature easily dodged the leg sweep doing a quick jump and landing back on the ground before Kyoto even finished the motion of the attack. The creature tackled Kyoto as it screeched loudly in his face dropping a sticky and wet substance from it’s mouth onto Kyoto’s face. It seemed as if the creature was about to attempt to bite Kyoto’s head off just to end the struggle quickly, but Kyoto held off it’s head by gripping onto the creature's neck squeezing it tightly.

    Kyoto squeezed tighter attempting to strangle the beast but it quickly swiped his face causing him to losing his grip a bit before throwing the beast off of him. Both Kyoto and the beast once again made it to their feet facing each other, Kyoto breathing hard and the beast looking at him with the look of an undying urge to feed. “I guess it is time I used some magic to make this fight a little more interesting, wouldn’t you agree” Kyoto asked. He generally only used his magic when he physically couldn’t beat his enemy, and this was one enemy hand to hand combat would not be enough. The advantage was his since he specialized in Earth-Make magic and he just so happen to be in the woods where he had all the earth he could ever need. “Earth-Make Canon!” Kyoto screamed out as the ground beneath them trembled as seconds later a large cannon had rose from the ground with Kyoto standing on the tip of the cannon. The reason Kyoto had chosen this particular spell was that because of the darkness it would be hard to get an accurate hit on the creature but with his large cannon, and it’s projectile it would make it a lot easier for him to get a hit on the target. Kyoto smirked watching the creatures red eyes still watching him with hunger in them, “So lets get this over with shall we?

    Kyoto crouched down on the cannon so that when he did fire it, he wouldn’t lose his balance and fall off, since it’s happened before. The beast seemed to be unsure of what Kyoto was doing or had created, but in a split second it let out another loud annoying screech right before leaping at Kyoto and his Earth Canon. “BOOOM!” A large ball of earth was launched directly at the beast as earth debris was also released from the canon covering the area in a light dust. The red eyes of the creature couldn’t be seen which was due in part that Kyoto’s sight was hindered by the dust and darkness. There was noone Kyoto could see how far the blast carried the beast back except if he went in the direction that he had fired it. Kyoto’s earth canon returned to the ground, bringing him back down as well forcing him to ready himself for an unknown attack. It was silent, nothing could be heard or seen and Kyoto was unsure if the beast was defeated or just playing with him. Kyoto stood there awaiting for the beast to make it’s next move, but nothing happened. Kyoto backed up slowing before yelling “Earth-Make Wall!” creating a earthen wall separating him and anything that was in front of him allowing him to hopefully get away from the area to somewhere that was visibly benefiting to his sight.

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