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    Exceed (WIP)


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    Exceed (WIP)

    Post by Genesis on Tue Dec 22, 2015 12:43 am

    Name: Berry
    Rank: B
    Species: Exceed
    Type: Exceed


    Berry is a quite interesting exceed. He has an obsession of bears, from the moment he was young. He almost never takes off the bear suit that he wears, in fact on some occasions he even dreams of becoming one, something only he recently accomplished. Often timid and shy towards strangers, he tends to hide behind Genesis a lot. He has a good relation with the members of Sabertooth and tend to enjoy talking to them rather shying away immediately.

    He becomes slightly braver in battle. He will do anything to keep Genesis save, even fight if he is forced to. However, he tends to simply aid Genesis in combat, rather than actually do any fighting. He loves her with all his heart and is willing to die for her if necessary.
    Regular Form:
    Bear Form:


    Aera: Berry has the ability to sprout angel like wings upon his back and fly. He also has the ability to carry one and a half human behinds along with him. How high he can fly is determined by the height limit chart and he flies as fast as he travels on land.
    Transformation Magic: Berry possess transformation magic along with is Aera magic. He is able to transform into the form of a bear once per post when he transforms he will look like this.

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