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    Lucky Valentine [Done?]

    Lucky Valentine

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    Lucky Valentine [Done?]

    Post by Lucky Valentine on Tue Dec 22, 2015 12:20 pm

    Vincent Vikktor Valaetino
    Lucky Valentine
    Chaotic Neutral

    Species Ability/Perk
    Heighted Sense - Smell: Vincent had an enhanced sense of small that allows him to track objects or people with relative ease. While an exact estimate of how powerful his sense of small is hasn't been currently feasible, his sense of smell is much like a foxes. This has been said to be 50-100 times stronger than a humans, and his sense of smell is only dwarfed by dogs who are bred for their sense of smell.

    Nature's Prankster: Kitsune are often known for their mischievous nature and love of pranks, tricks, and tall tales. It's no wonder Vincent quickly took in interest in parlor tricks and Tarot readings, it's in his blood as it were. When performing any action that may be considered as deceiving or sleight-of-hand, or just in general a trick or prank on someone, Vincent is much more likely to succeed in this area than another. Lots of people train in these 'arts', but Vincent is not only trained but also born with the silver tongue and tricksy nature to perform even better in acts such as lying, card tricks, the shell game, executing a prank on another, etc. 

    Special Unique Characteristics
    Vincent was born a Kitsune. This is a race that is basically a humanoid fox, and as such he has pointed ears and a bit of a long snout, although his is shorter than others. He also has sharp fangs, and sensitive black nose, whiskers, and big busy tail that is white at the end, and his feet legs are that of a normal fox...but as used in a bipedal fashion.

    Character Depth
    Personality: Vincent is always calm and cool in nearly every situation, always speaking with a low-tone southern drawl and always sounding like he's trying to shmooze over someone, even in casual conversation. He is most polite and respectful to all he speaks to, although this irritates a lot of people even more, giving some people the impression he thinks he's better than them and has a sarcastic undertone when in reality the morals he was raised on just stuck very strongly.

    In all honesty, Vincent will never engage extensively in conversation unless there is something from him to get out of it, be it money or a strong drink or pleasurable company, he does not actively pursue an interaction with another unless he thinks he'll gain something worth while. This can make multiple engagements with him a bit frustrating as he will only give you extended time if he would be getting something out of it.

    Believe it or not, Vincent believes he has REALLY BAD LUCK! Due to this, he loves to collect good luck charms that he can fit on his person to keep him at all times, and will pay a decent price for those he doesn't already have. He may also appear self-absorbed, only caring about himself and how things affect him, and to a degree that is true: his past has shown him that caring about yourself and only yourself is how you stay alive. That's not to say he can't care about another, given the proper circumstances, but those circumstances may be a bit wild and there is a shell that he hides behind.

    Being a Kitsune, he has a bit of a mischievous streak in him, loving to perform tricks or pranks that are hilarious to him...but not always to others. However, he's not mean spirited in the slightest, just a combination of slow to trust and loving a good joke. He comes from a long ancestry of pranksters, but he does appreciate true loyalty, and will honor and return it to those who he deems worthy.

    A bit of related streak in Kitune's as well, he loves shiny objects. Normally he can resist this urge unless it involves an item he already wants, but sometimes the urge is just too great and he has to have something. This is at it's greatest when money is involved, but can also happen with general trinkets or jewelry.

    When not performing well in poker or various other betting games involving cards or dice, Vincent can be seen drinking at the bar and 'escorting' fine young woman. He has his preferences, but if everything is in the right place, then nothing is really stopping him from going in for the kill as it were.  He also seems to have a bit of talent when it comes to making the ladies weak at the knees for him, which is definitely something worth noting, considering he is basically a fox-man. He seems to be enjoying himself an having the time of his life, spending more money than required to by desired items. Of course, this is all just to hide the pain within, but who else is going to notice or care about that?

    - Money, both making and spending. Money makes the world go round, and you can't get far without it. Since he comes into a lot of money on the occasion, he loves to spend it on nice clothes, tasty food and drink, curvy women...money can get you nearly anything your heart desires.
    - Games of Chance. A lover of roulette, dice games, black jack, dominos...you name it. If it's a game that relies on the 'luck of the draw', he will find it hard to resist placing a wager.
    - Games of Skill. These games are similar to games of chance, but have more skill required than relying mostly on happenstance. Variation of poker, Euchre, chess, mahjong, etc fall under his favorite games that require more critical thinking than just hoping for the best.
    - Winning (be it games or duels, just general success really). Winning means success over another, and usually involves some sort of prize, even if only recognition. However, most times it involves money, and we already know how much he loves money.
    - Gorgeous, red-headed women. Also a self explanatory, he just has a strong desire to pursue red-headed woman with all the right parts in the right places, something that become evident after he met his first love.

    - Always seeming to be low on funds. This comes from being rather frivolous with any money that he's earned, occasionally have to take some handouts of others and convincing others to provide for him momentarily. This could easily be budgeted and taken care of, but since there is no one else in his life and frankly no one cares, his often lack of funds on the occasion is a bit of a downpour.
    - Losing (be it games or duels, just general failure really). Since he very rarely loses, and money is usually on the table, Vincent hates loses games. This is a bit of a general hate, but whenever he steps up to a challenge, he intends to win and becomes irritable and discouraged when he loses.
    - Being treated as a scumbag criminal. Although he has committed actual crimes, he was forced to just to survive as he was unaware of his true magical talents and that he can get paid for said talents until recently. He never desired to commit crimes, and he still sees himself as innocent and a victim, and as such he hates it when someone treats him as if he's scum beneath their feet and not worthy of society or being treated proper.
    - Rune Knights. They toss bad wizards in jail, and although Vincent rarely uses magic for crimes, he was labeled a long time ago. Thus he tries to avoid contact with them at all cost, and if confronted by one, does his best to weasel his way out of the situation.
    - Wolves and wolf-persons. Vincent himself being a Kitsune is technically makes him part of the canine family, so he doesn't have issues with your average dog or dog person. However wolves are different, while they are technically also canines, they represent a more powerful breed. While it's less out of fear and more out of distrust, Vincent has a bit of a distaste for them regardless, though he will treat them as politely as anyone else for as long as he can stand.

    - Never completing his life goals. Kitsunes live for a very long time, and considering how long a century and a half can be, not being able to complete your goals in that amount of time (or just the idea of that) can be a bit of a dampener of spirits.
    - Moving vehicles, to a degree. (he can handling riding without having a major freak out, as long as nothing bad - happens during the trip; Still prefers walking or horse riding)
    - Spending the rest of his life in prison. A fear that seems self-justified, as even though he gets shady looks and shunned a lot, even that interaction is better than being isolated behind a jail cell for the rest of his long life.
    - Finding true love...again. Vincent fears the idea of letting go of his past enough to even make lasting friendships, not that anyone has given off the vibes of desiring even just being his acquaintance. It may take some work and time for him to be able to let his true feelings for another woman to shine through, outside an physical ones of course.

    - To be the strongest wielder of card-related magic
    - To complete his own perfected deck of cards
    - To have complete control over his own fate and luck
    - To own at least one of every symbol that represents luck (four-leaf clover, horseshoe, etc.)

    Hair: Mainly orange, with portions of white and small bits of black.
    Eyes: Blue, clear and steely
    Skin Tone: Umm...probably a pinkish-peach...
    Height: 6' 2"
    Weight: 185
    Overall Appearances: At first glace it can be hard to tell exactly how inhuman he is, his hat usually tipped to hide his snout, which is honestly a bit shorter than a general Kitsune's if even slightly. However, a quick glance at his feet or ears or big bushy tail and his race becomes quite clear.

    Other than the obvious foxy qualities and his crystal clear and steely blue eyes, his clothing line leaves much to be desired, looking like he belongs in a play or some sort of well-executed charade while also looking fashionable with a fancy and stylish blazer that fits him and his notorious infamy to a 'T'.

    He doesn't have to much of a commanding presence, but his racial traits and outfit combined with the attention he grabs from locals, he is very easy to notice and find. He tends to give off an odd aura that most people just ignore: seriously, who wants to talk to the shady fox criminal who's rocking something out of a Alice and Wonderland getup, always shuffling a deck of cards and offering you the option of testing your luck? No one but the Rune Knights and persons looking for revenge or some sort of connections would be looking for this guy.


    Guild: Wanderer: Currently none, could be convinced later on.
    Guild Tattoo: N/A


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    Re: Lucky Valentine [Done?]

    Post by Bacon on Tue Dec 22, 2015 5:48 pm

    Dont see anything wrong, so... Approved! ~

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    Re: Lucky Valentine [Done?]

    Post by Selenia on Mon Dec 28, 2015 1:56 pm

    Hello, my name's Selenia and I just need to ask you to make some minor changes to one of your perks.

    Heighted Sense - Smell: Vincent had an enhanced sense of small that allows him to track objects or people with relative ease. While an exact estimate of how powerful his sense of small is hasn't been currently feasible, his sense of smell is much like a foxes. This has been said to be 50-100 times stronger than a humans, and his sense of smell is only dwarfed by dogs who are bred for their sense of smell.
    This perk needs a range it can smell. Here's the AOE ranges, please make a note of them in the perk, thanks!
    D-Rank: 10 meter radius maximum
    C-Rank: 25 meter radius maximum
    B-Rank: 45 meter radius maximum
    A-Rank: 70 meter radius maximum
    S-Rank: 100 meter radius maximum
    SS-Rank: 140 meter radius maximum

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    Re: Lucky Valentine [Done?]

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