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    A Change in Leadership


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    A Change in Leadership

    Post by Victoria on Tue Dec 22, 2015 10:21 pm

    Victoria strolled around the guild hall, her gaze switching between people. Everything was perfectly fine, calm and collected for the time being. She could almost relax for the day, but she wanted to get over to the job board. It had been a while since she went out, and the guild master being gone kept her there until he got back. She’d probably tag a job of lower rank so that she didn’t have to gather up a team. Her boots clicked along the floor until she reached the main room. She made her way to the board, looking at a few of the smaller jobs, the ones that’d take no more than a couple days. She pulled one off, reading over the paper.

    It was a B-Rank mission, a simple task for her. It was from a distant island, but she could manage. All she’d need to do really is go down there and take out some monster in the forest - something the natives named “Trace.” Apparently it looked like a large wolf and was stirring up some trouble, having killed a few children who had wandered away at night and chased around the livestock during all hours. They wanted it either tamed or killed as, if tamed, it would make a good herding dog.

    Victoria folded up the paper and returned to her room. She’d set out as soon as he got back, supposedly in a few hours. Until then, she’d settle down to read up on a few books. She pushed a pair of glasses up on her nose before she pulled out a hardback the color purple and opened it, flipping to the marked page midway through the book. She read through the end and half of another book before she was stopped by the sound of footsteps approaching her. She looked up, watching as the body of the guild master stumbled through her door. She set her book down and folded her frames on the stand beside her bed, gesturing her superior towards a chair next to the small bookshelf along the wall. He sat, one arm leaning on the armrest while the other wrapped around his stomach.

    “Victoria, you’re aware that I went on a mission with a few others, correct?” He sparked the conversation, his face entirely serious. She nodded, and he continued, “Well, we ran into an issue. Turns out we walked right into an ambush. We’re uncertain why, but it’s more than likely some scam to take us out. We handled them fairly well, but…”

    But…? Victoria prompted him to continue after he trailed off.

    “But I was wounded. They were fairly strong, and we were outnumbered. While my comrades took care of the others, I fought the leader. He rivalled me in power, and as such I couldn't complete the task and-”

    -you were hurt, she interrupted, finishing his statement. She sighed, shaking her head and walking over. I get that you’re the head of this guild, but you really shouldn’t walk right into stuff like that, especially having walked out of it without a reward... Let me see the wound.

    “But that’s just it. There is no-” He coughed into his hand - more so hacked - and removed it to see drops of blood. He cleared his throat. “There is no wound, Victoria.”

    Huh? That’s not possible, is it? I haven’t seen any magic like this before. How did this happen? She pulled his arm away from his stomach, inspecting the origin of his pain. No blood, no cuts. The only sign of pain was the red coloration of his skin. The hell…?

    “I believe this person’s magic worked similar to pressure points, affecting the person only if they’re pressed physically with enough force. This person damaged my insides upon physical contact with me.” He sighed and brought his hand back up to his mouth, coughing up a few more drops into his palm.

    Judging from the rate things are going, you probably have anywhere from two hours to a day if I can’t heal it, she sighed. Although, I don’t doubt I could. It’s just… well, you’re older and I’m not sure-

    “Heh. Victoria, I’ve been with this guild about as long as you. Look at me - I’m only alive right now thanks to your magic,” he chuckled, broad smile painted on his face. “But my age speaks for itself. I’m human and I’m getting weaker as I get older. You’re a spirit. You can easily lead this guild to great things. You can heal me if you want, but I’m retiring. I’ll probably go live as a hermit in the mountains.”

    He laughed again, putting a smirk on the girl’s face. Of course. But first, I do believe we’d best talk to the guild about your choice. And chase down that oddity of a mage. She laid down the elderly man, placing a hand on his stomach and healing the inner damage. She led him back to the main hall, placing the poster she had grabbed earlier back on the board before heading off in search of the man. She got a general direction of where to go and with her wings, she could travel a bit easier than on land - and faster without the obstacles. She took off on her journey, stopping at towns in between. After about three days, she arrived at the location prompted and entered the dense forest. She kept alert, keeping her wings away as she walked among the trees and shrubs. She walked for a while there listening to nothing but the sounds of the birds and insects. She could’ve counted this as a time to relax if she weren’t looking for someone who had hurt her guild master.

    Victoria continued to walk until the sun had begun to set, its rays of light dimming at the arrival of the moon. She sighed, beginning to turn and walk back. Crack! She took two steps before she sidestepped. A bullet whirred past her head, lodging itself in a tree in front of her. She spun on her heels, coming to face the stranger wielding a gun. She narrowed her eyes, observing his looming figure, tall and bulky. Most of his face was concealed with cloth, revealing only his amber eyes and the skin around them. She cracked her knuckles, placing her umbrella carefully on the ground. Excuse me, but you wouldn’t happen to be the mystery man who attacked my guildmates, would you? If so, I hear you have this magic that affects the internal organ systems. Might I ask how that works exactly?

    “Heh, heh… Let me show you, princess,” he laughed, placing his gun in his coat and running towards her. He extended a hand as he grew closer, one that would hit her head had she not ducked and spun behind him, jumping back to put some distance between them. He attacked again in the same manner, only this time aiming for her stomach. She sidestepped, her eyes catching the small electric charges that barely extended out from his hand. She could pretty much guess what would happen if she were to be hit. A blow to her head could either fry her brain or confuse her for a good bit of time, her torso would cause internal bleeding or potentially shut down a system, her arms or legs would probably render those limbs useless for a time. She watched him charge again.

    Risky, but just to be sure… She thought, jumping up to direct a blow to her stomach. His palm came to impact her stomach, sending her flying back with a new hole in her shirt. Her eyes widened for a second at the impact, a few drops of blood falling from her mouth as she landed. She smiled, wiping the trail of red from the corner of her mouth as her stomach healed with a dim glow. So you have a charge that affects whatever you manage to land a hit on your opponent. You’re rather interesting, sir, but you’re at a weakness.

    “Weakness? Last I checked, you just took one of those charges to your stomach. Come back and take another one!” he growled, running at her again. He attempted to hit her, hitting nothing but thin air for a bit before landing one on her side. She tumbled over, biting her tongue at its sting. She felt her ribs crack, causing her unsteady breathing before it healed up. A light glow was visible beneath her skin where a new tear rested over a section of her ribs, mending her bones before it vanished. She stood back up.

    First off, you’re a melee fighter. That’s evident. And unfortunately for you, I can fight both up close and at a distance. She smirked, standing up and making her way away from him. For example, just to bring you a bit closer, Sky God’s Pull!” She lifted her palms, dark pools of air swirling around and stretching towards the man. He stayed up for a few seconds as the wind slashed through his clothes to hit skin, but he couldn’t keep his grip on the ground. He was drawn in, his feet pulled out from beneath him. As the spell ended, he was a yard away from her, blood flowing from his arms. Second, you seem to have a high offense, but your defense is weak. The air began swirling around her hand, encasing it in darkness. She balled it up in a fist and hurtled it at the man.

    Cracking and breaking echoed in their ears as he tumbled over again, landing painfully on his back with a final snap. He attempted to stand, but he couldn’t. She walked over to him, standing just outside of his reach as the wind around her hand dispersed. Your spinal cord could’ve easily been hurt in that. You’re probably paralyzed from the waist down. My apologies that it hurt you in such a way, but you’ve lost this match. I could attempt to heal you, but now that you're rendered useless, you don't do much good to me either way - alive or dead. You can no longer stand. Your magic was interesting, but it wasn’t able to come out victorious. Plus, you hurt two things I care about: my guild and my jacket. Now if you’d excuse me… She spun, abandoning the paralyzed man as she picked up her umbrella. Her soft blue wings appeared, lifting her up into the air. She flew up through an opening in the trees and towards the city outside of the forest.

    After getting some rest, Victoria went to claim the reward for the mission before she began her three-day trip back to the guild hall. Upon arrival, she was greeted with silence outside the doors. It was an unusual silence, unnatural for the guild. She entered with caution, pushing the doors open to the darkened hall. “Victoria!” the shout of one of her guildmates echoed in the empty room. The call seemed to summon forth the rest of the guild from their various hiding spaces. They greeted her with hugs until the guild master led her to the front of the hall. He brought the attention to them. “Members of Rusty Hearts - family and friends - we gather here in celebration not only of the return of a cherished guild member, but we also for an announcement. I leave this guild today, no longer your guild master. While many of you have already guessed, I’m getting a bit too old for this - my physical being, anyways. I leave you all under the new rule of Victoria Mavis. She is a rather old friend of mine and as such, I trust her with this guild, with all of you. If there are any objections to my decision, speak now.”

    Upon the silence, the former master stepped back, allowing Victoria to take the stage. Thank you all, dear friends for remaining loyal to our guild - our cause. Please keep in mind that I’ll do my best to adapt to this change and will try to serve you all as best as I can as your new guild master! She turned to gesture to the elder man. She continued with a joke, earning some laughs, I may not be that old geezer, but I know just as much as he about this place. Now, I assume he’s had you guys set up some sort of party, so what’s say we start it?

    Laughter and cheers rang throughout the hall, leading into a night of cake, drinks, and good memories. They bid farewell to their old guild master, watching his departure for his secluded mountain home in the morning with the reward that Victoria had decided to share with him as a final gift. After his leave, Victoria took over, adjusting to her new position of importance in Rusty Hearts and leading them into the new era that was to come.

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    Extra Note(s): The spell used at the end can be generally labelled as “Sky God’s Fist” for the time being, a spell that encases the user’s hand in whirling air, causing damage to the opponent when hit. It doesn’t harm the user, despite the air clearly brushing the user’s skin at times. This is due primarily to the fact that the user’s magic is the source of the attack.
    The guild here displays some aspects of a family such as the bonds and loyalty.

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