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    Luck Magic

    Lucky Valentine

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    Luck Magic

    Post by Lucky Valentine on Tue Dec 22, 2015 11:05 pm

    Luck Magic
    Custom/Lost Magic

    Magic Description
    Luck Magic (also known as Fortune Magic, Fate Magic, Destiny Magic) is an ancient and very powerful magic that hasn't been delved into for many years, actually thousands to be exact...and for good reason. Many forms of magic are basic in nature, be it having some sort of control over an element (Fire, Electricity, Earth, etc.) or simply summoning another being or item to aid you. Then there are the more sacred and forbidden arts, like control over space and time, shape-shifting, and reaching deep into the inner workings of magic itself to wield them. Luck Magic is up there with the big dogs of magic, if for only one reason alone: it can do anything, literally. Elemental spells, defensive magic, healing arts, dark arts, holy magic, summoning, rituals...even being able to tap into some of the most dangerous and forbidden arts of magic. Luck Magic can do it all, and more! It's lesser known ability to effect the fate of the wielder and those around him, however, may be it's more impressive line of feats. This magic has heavy consequences that have been all but completely forgotten over time, consequences that prevented even the most powerful of wizards from mastering it...

    Perks of Magic
    Lucky Lucky~! - Luck Magic is one of those tricksy kind of magics. Much like time and space, luck is a bit of an abstract thing that anyone can have some control over, but there are those who are more inclined to wield it effectively. A natural wielder of Luck Magic is known to have extremely good luck, even in the most dire of circumstances. Whether that be finding 200 Jewels on the ground more than once a week, or surviving what should have been a fatal wound, or getting out of a seemingly impossible situation...a magic wielder who is naturally capable of wielding Luck Magic can (and will) experience these things. This carries into their spells as well, being able to occasionally have more control over the random aspects of Luck Magic. However, this 'Lucky Aura' tends to only affect the wielder, although there have been some recorded instances were a Luck Magic wielder was able to passive bring good fortune to another, but they are few and rare instances indeed. Also, Luck is a fickle little thing: no matter how adept a wielder is, they will have those days where it seems like everything that could go wrong does, and it's completely out of their hands. Whether you stub your toe, lose all your money, lose your lover, lose a fight, or finally find that bullet with your name on it...well, that's all in the cards, as they say. (Depending on your rank, after every so many Luck Magic-based spells you cast your next spell cast has the desired outcome of your choice, within reason. D-Rank = Every 10, 11th spell; C-Rank = Every 7, 8th spell; B-Rank = Every 5, 6th spell; A-Rank = Every 4, 5th spell; S-rank = Every 3, 4th spell; SS-Rank = Every 2, 3rd spell; X-Rank = Every other spell. You also have extremely good fortune in the events that happen to you, within limits of staff discretion. These lucky events rarely affect those around you and are only relative in characters. At staff discretion, you will have a topic now and again where bad things fall upon you, though these things do not have to permanently affect your character.)

    Fortune Telling

    What are the Weaknesses of the Magic?

    What are the overall Strengths of the magic?

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