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    Anghel bond


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    Anghel bond

    Post by Xhibition on Wed Dec 23, 2015 8:18 am

    Anghel Bond
    Supportive buffing
    Guild Item N/A
    8000 jewels

    Description of Item

    It is formed like a ring and rests upon Seths right ring finger and always fits perfectly around Seth's finger however not capable of being removed without removing Seth's finger or arm the Ring has small meat hook like features on the inside of the ring and clings to Seth like a baby clings to its mother.
    Anghel bond before being equipped:

    Abilities of the Item

    Fed Anghel bond(Activated):By feeding blood and the control of resisting blood Seth can Increase any one stat by one point for A Item Rank posts duration.
    Hungry Anghel bond(Passive):The Anghel bond is hungry after being fed (while the Fed anghel bond is on cooldown) and during this time it increases the movement speed of the Seth. Movement speed is increased to a footspeed of 16 meters per second.
    Dormant Anghel bond(Passive): The Dormant Anghel bond when neither fed or hungry does absolute nothing for Seth but look pretty.

    Weaknesses of the Item

    Fed Anghel bond(Activated):By feeding blood and the control of resisting blood making him loose any form of civil manner such as resisting the urge to kill someone in the middle of the streets making him go for a more straight forward approach it also removes his ability to judge friend from foe.
    Hungry Anghel bond(Passive):While the Hungry Anghel Bond might Augment his speed it does not make his movements more precise making it harder for him to turn at max speed and making him sluggish in comparion to his own speed.

    Anghel bond creation info

    The Anghel bond Is a item that was crafted by Sethiel almsot 4 thousand years ago when human society was still simple and without most any real capital cities containing more than 10 thousand citizens, Seth made the Anghel bond after studying human society and their early cultistic craftmanship believing he could dominate their frail minds by overpowering them. However for every upside there is a downside to things... To create the Anghel bond Sethiel had to sacrifice many a creatures souls mainly because of the art of magic being so unrefined.


    The Fed ability of the Anghel bond Rank up with it in terms of active duration.

    Cooldowns are based on Item rank.

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    Re: Anghel bond

    Post by Krow on Wed Dec 23, 2015 2:59 pm

    This looks good to me, though, could you please list duration's and cool-downs for the buffs it provides to Seth?

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