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    Bloodflower [Private]

    Geiji Yoshi
    Geiji Yoshi

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    Bloodflower [Private]

    Post by Geiji Yoshi on Fri Dec 25, 2015 2:57 pm


    The ferocity brimming from each fiber of Yoshi's being emanated with intense vigor, the heat within the danger room skyrocketing to unfathomable levels before plummeting again. Laying upon the cold tile floors while the holographic projections flickered into nothingness was two persons, heaving hard and attempting to catch their respective breaths, the young male sporting azure eyes looked up at the massive man whom put him down there. It was none other than the Flamewyrm, a six foot eight behemoth whom once commanded the flames of the fire dragon, Atlas Flame, he whom reduced mountains to ash. It had been so long since he had given up that Dragon knowledge, to acquire the powers of a Devil Slayer. Unfeeling emerald irises peered downwards, a powerful gaze judging infinitely the performances of these B-rank mages whom thought to cut their teeth upon the speaker of the guild. His words were swift, his animosity clearly defined and expelled from his hot breath without any secondary commands. "Vacate."

    Obeying his whims immediately, the slightly injured personnel found themselves scrambling to their feet, one holding his ribs and the other grasping the back of his cranium. Moving with gazelle-like quickness, they evacuated his presence, eager to tend the scorch marks adorning their meager body frames. The rather tall male allowed for the simulation to be reprogrammed, switching the location to a place of immense bloodshed. A locale he found to be rather calming, the chaos around him, the ceaseless screams and raising fire seemed to call out to him, coalescing into a warped shrine of peace. A smile perched upon his lips, and the larger male knelt down, resting upon a single knee. Interlocking his fingers and praying to the abyss. Finishing his confessions, his lack of taking lives, he moved over towards a cobble-stone wall that was no higher than his waist. Hoisting himself upwards and sitting upon the object. He closed his eyes, contemplating a vast majority of events and missions he soon would be taking, in the name of Animus Sin.

    His expression altered into a grimace as he held his chest, the wound inflicted upon him by those Rune Knights six years old seemed to grow worse as the years continued onward. But the pain was an excellent motivation device, keeping his chagrin channeled into liquid hatred for those whom opposed Animus Sin. He wore knee-high shorts and sandals, both matching in their jet black color, and was shirtless due to training against two people whom were members of the elimination corps. He had always wanted to run that division, but was far more comfortable with the responsibilities given to him as speaker for his mistress, she whose will was as infinite as the endless void. With shades upon his face, he hung his head downwards before speaking aloud, addressing himself due to his current self-induced isolation.

    "I've yet to transcend these mortal limitations. What kind of Requiem am I? Can't even heal from these fucking wounds like my grandfather could. Heh. Oh well, it's not going to matter much longer. Perhaps if I fall in battle my legacy will be cemented here, and I won't be this pathetic creature I am now." His pessimism was not commonly known, given his immense confidence, however he found himself thinking negatively on this day, especially given that he failed his last mission. It was the only time he had failed, but that didn't seem to matter to him. His spotless record was tarnished. In his mind this made him full of many flaws that, if he had been more equipped for his task, wouldn't exist. These weaknesses were weighing on him heavily, though it was something he always had trouble getting over. He didn't really have family whom helped him overcome these things. He did it himself. He ceased his prattling however, once that door slide open. Whomever came to see him shouldn't have known he was here. Perhaps they came to train and this was coincidence.


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    Re: Bloodflower [Private]

    Post by Kitten on Tue Feb 02, 2016 1:43 am

    The bright, orangey sun shone beautifully high above the white fluff of clouds almost as if a team of painter themselves had crafted such elegance upon the allotted canvas. As if it weren't enough, the wind blew in a soft breeze through the city of Rose providing a surreal feel to the city. The people within the magnificent city moved this way and that in an effort to obtain the latest offers and deals for the opening day. The day was what almost all would have considered perfect if they had not been the Guild Master of Animis Sin.

    The red haired vampiress gave an exasperated sigh as she shuffled one of the stacks of papers before her. To put it lightly, it had been a fairly long day within the Guild of Animus Sin. Especially as she had spent days locked up inside her office with nothing but the Guild and its past in mind. Elizabeth had started working on the stack a few days ago, yet it never seemed to disappear. Files full of confidential paperwork had piled up upon her desk begging for her to take a look over them as soon as she was able. Which, in turn, brought the question of when?

    She needed an Ace. That was an undeniable fact. Someone to help her out with running the Guild smoothly yet as to who, she had but two candidates. The final question being if any were ready or had the actual capabilities to keep up with the Guild and its ever changing 'personality.' The vampiress frowned as she placed the documents she had been holding down. First, though, she needed a distraction from the suffocating feeling of being locked up inside of the Master study.

    The vampiress's mind began to race as she began to think on what and where exactly to go to accomplish such a feat. It was but in a while that she came up with heading towards the Danger Room. And, to be quite frank, it would provide a comforting feel towards the young Guildmaster. The distraction was what she needed, although she could definitely go for something more exhilarating

    The vampiress sighed as she licked her fangs in thought as she neared the place of destination. To train and fight against monsters or perhaps relax in a tropical island with nothing but her satisfaction to worry about? She would decide once she opened the doors.

    Upon arriving, she pressed in her pass code and ventured in. No sooner had stepped halfway inside when the vampiress's lips curled to that of a small smirk. The woman's eyes fell upon the light, almost white haired man whom seemed to have stopped his training exercise at the sound of the opening door. Her rosy lips further curled to that of a wide smirk, allowing one of her fangs to be seen, as she leaned against the wall with her arms crossed. "Hard at work, I take it?" The vampiress grinned in dark amusement as her eyes took in the room.

    The man within the room was none other than Geiji Yoshi, a long time member of the guild and one of her candidates. He was a loyal member to the guild although he and her vampiric self almost always stood at odds with one another. The vampiress's then arms fell to the sides as she walked towards him gracefully, her eyes never leaving his. "Any particular reason why?" Elizabeth's eyes shifted towards the entirety of the room although the mischievous eyes of hers never wavered. "I'm quite sure Natalia would approve~" This would prove to be interesting day.

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