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    Her New Pack


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    Her New Pack

    Post by Genesis on Mon Dec 28, 2015 4:12 pm

    (Warning Auto tune)
    The war, oh how long and hard it was. She was a mage in the dark guild side. She hated the Magic Council greatly for letting the cult that massacred the ones she loved go without even a single day in prison. She had enjoyed watching them fall. Now she wanted to aid the dark guilds in their fight against the light guilds. She had killed many of their allies with her power and ferocity. She believed that with her power and strength she could kill anyone and nobody could defeat her. However she was wrong. Genesis had just claimed her last victim, an unknown man who used swords magic. She delivered the finishing blow onto him before a slow clapping entered her ears.

    They perked up on her head. “Who’s there?” She demanded. The clapping got louder and louder. Suddenly through the thick fog that suddenly entered the battlefield a figure came closer and closer to her. Soon only a few meters away were a cloaked person, their face was covered by a hood. She didn’t know who that person was but her eyes immediately fell upon the emblem of Sabertooth that was on the cloak. She bared her teeth and positioned to pounce, however the figure spoke before she got the chance.

    “It’s sad how a poor young girl like you got drafted into this war. It must have been terrible for you when the dark guilds forced you to fight on their side.” A feminine voice came out of the cloak. “Why don’t you come with me, and I can show you the correct path down the road.”  

    Genesis snarled. “Shut up Sabertooth. I am your enemy. I can kill you without hesitation. I can drink your blood as if it was water. I can eat your flesh as if it were simply an undercooked steak.”  She spit out.

    A low chuckle came from the cloaked figure before it spoke once more. “Such harsh words coming out of an innocent child. I would ask you for your name but I already know your name, Genesis.”  She said, her hands went up to the hood that was covering her face. “I am the Guildmaster of Sabertooth. Most call me using my real name, however your side knows me as the Misty Woman.”  She removed the hood and revealed her face to indeed show that she was the Guildmaster of Sabertooth.

    “People are going to be both shocked and happy when it is revealed that I have killed a Guildmaster.”  Genesis said with a smile. She immediately began to attack, her fist was cloaked with her water, but a sudden blow to her stomach stopped her. It wasn’t harsh at all, however it was extremely painful for some reason. She had trouble breathing and she held her stomach.

    The Guildmaster raised up her right hand to show that it was sizzling. “Steam magic has an advantage against water magic don’t you know? Your attacks will do nothing unless you are determined.”

    “Shut up!”Genesis hollered as she attempted to attack once more, she opened her mouth and her sharp teeth were exposed and she was ready to rip and tear. She aimed a bite to her neck, which she managed to execute, however she could barely sink her teeth deep enough before the woman became steam.

    “Like my steam body? It’s similar to your own, water body as well.”  She said simply. “Genesis, know that you are on the wrong side of the field. Come with me and I’ll show you the light.”

    “You don’t understand! Nobody had ever understood from your side.”  Genesis began to cry. “A member from your side killed all my friends and family and they were let off without even a bat of an eye. The dark guilds are the closest anyone had ever come to understand me.” The Guildmaster looked shocked and sad for a moment. Genesis took this opportunity to use her feelings against her.

    In her hands, Genesis created 2 stakes like figures made from her water. She ran up to her and shoved one in her chest, before she had any time to react. Her eyes widen in a brief expression of pain. Then woman merely smiled. “You are clever Genesis. You know how to fight, however this is not enough.”  The water stake disappeared as it evaporated into steam, and suddenly the evaporated water rushed towards her and as if it were a blunt force it smashed her against the floor and pinned her down. She was unable to move at that point. She tried, but she failed.

    “Don’t resist, this will make things more painful, especially for water mages like you. Now listen to me. Genesis, your family and friends may have been killed by that group but why would you want revenge?”  

    “To make them suffer for what they did. That’s exactly what I’m going to make you do!”  She bared her teeth as she gave her a cruel smile. “The Hunters made me feel so much pain that they need to feel some as well, both physically and mentally. They hurt me in so many ways.”  She began to start to cry. “They killed the ones I loved without batting an eyelash.”  The steam around began to disperse as the Guildmaster walked towards her.

    “Don’t think of attacking me, it will end badly for you.”  She warned. Placing a hand on her shoulder she then looked straight into her eyes. “If you kill the Hunters wouldn’t you fall to their level? You currently are simply a freak against nature. However, if you kill them, they will treat you like a monster. They want you to turn into one, so they can kill you without hesitation. Don’t be the monster they want you to be. Fight back against them, don’t follow their wishes.”  

    Genesis’ tears began to fall. “They made me this way. Did you see that man I just killed?”  She gestured towards the corpse that was lying next to her. “That’s proof that I’m a monster.” She began to cry harder.

    “No, you can stray from the path. Join me in Sabertooth, I’ll teach you how to become a better person.”  She said. Genesis’s eyes were skeptical, if this woman was telling the truth she would come. It would be a better option than turning into a monster.

    “What do I have to do?”  She asked the woman tentatively.

    “Show me your resolve. Show me how badly you want to become a better person. Let us continue our battle.”  The battlefield became misty again. The two continued their fight. Genesis nodded. She aimed another punch at her direction. She had a plan in mind however. She watched as her right fist went through her; however she paused as she waited for her body to reform before Genesis performed her true attack. Her other fist was cloaked with water and before the guildmaster of Sabertooth had the chance to react, she successfully landed an attack to her jaw.

    “Good! Continue! Show me more of your resolve.” Genesis’s tears began to fall down even more. Her sobs began to get louder. She tried to wipe away her tears to hide her sorrow. “Don’t hide your feelings, show them. How will we know what you truly are feeling?”  Genesis nodded. Tears began to overflow on her face. She began to hiccup slightly.

    “Lend me all your strength. Levithan….. Mom….. Dad…… Brothers and sisters….. The entire pack, I need your courage and determination.”  She murmured. “Water Dragon’s Roar!”  A large pillar of water exited her mouth and rushed at the guildmaster’s directions. She was started by the sudden pillar of water so she didn’t react. She took the attack on her full force.

    The guildmaster gave her a smile. “I believe that you truly do want to change. You are one strong individual. I can tell from all the pain you have been harboring and suffering through. Both mentally and emotionally, it must have been hard to suffer through all this pain for so long. But I promise you this; we will help ease the pain you’re feeling.”

    “We?”  Genesis looked at her confused. However it dawned upon her before the guildmaster even answered her back.

    “My guild and I. We are your family now. We will love you like you are one of us.”  She answered her in a calm voice.

    “You mean you are my new pack?”  She said in a soft voice.

    “Yes, if you think of that this way. Welcome to pack, Genesis.”  She said to her.

    Tears of joy filled her eyes. "Thank you for letting me join your pack Miss Guildmaster." Genesis cried before embracing her.


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