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    The New Alpha


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    The New Alpha

    Post by Genesis on Mon Dec 28, 2015 7:28 pm

    It was a windy night that fateful day. Most of the town of Crocus was asleep in their beds. A few citizens walked around the city. However, in the Sabertooth guild a faint sound of footsteps was heard. A cloaked figure darted about the guild. It seemed as if it was trying to be as quiet as they could be without being noticed however it was not successful. “Miss Guildmaster? Are you ok? Why are you dressed like that? Where are you going?” A voice asked out. A figure emerged from the shadows, a pale ray of moonlight shone on her face. Her ears began to move up and down like it usually did when she was confused.

    The cloaked figure removed her hood and walked up to Genesis. “You were always a young one with many questions.” The Guildmaster laughed before she kneeled down to meet her height. "Genesis, I’m going away to a faraway place. I won’t be back for a very long time unfortunately. I was hoping I could leave with just a note, but I’m guessing that isn’t possible of course…” She fretted a bit before patting the young wolf girl on the head in order to hopefully distract her from pressing on some more about the issue. “Don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine. Don’t look for me, I need some time and distance." Genesis gave a slight moan as she did, it was a sound of pleasure, however that would not distract her from the true fact.

    She quickly snapped out of it before she then said to her in a quiet voice. “Why? We’re your family here. We love you and we don’t want you to leave Miss Guildmaster. Can’t you stay longer?” Her eyes began to slightly water up. Genesis held fond feelings of her Guildmaster, who help take her in. She wiped the tears from her eyes shocked. She almost never cried nor acted as if she was a child. However this was something she could not help, tears overflowed her eyes soon after. She felt the Guildmaster wrap her arms around her, embracing her like a mother would hug her child. Her tears began to slow down, but it still came, she was given a sense of déjà vu. This moment reminded her of how her parents used to hug her when she was scared or sad. It also reminded her of how she would curl up to Leviathan and when he thought she was asleep how he would curl up to her in affection as well.

    “Let it all out my sweet little darling. It is natural for you to cry and there is no shame in crying at all. All creatures alike cry. It is not an symbol of weakness, but show that you have grown so much. You have experience so much sorrow in your life, I’m so sorry to put you through more. I promise I will return someday. However, for now, I’m afraid I need to leave. You are one of if not the strongest members of my guild, physically, mental and emotionally.” She cooed, her voice began to shake slightly as she talked. “Your ability to withstand so much pain and sorrow in your life is something I envy. This is the reason why I entrust the guild to you. Genesis, I want you to be the next Guildmaster of Sabertooth.”

    Genesis’s jaw nearly dropped to the ground in a shocked expression. She gazed at her Guildmaster wondering if this was a sick and cruel prank, perhaps it was revenge for all the other pranks she pulled in the guild. However, when she looked at the now former Guildmaster’s face all she saw was seriousness. A flood of fear flowed into her. Was she truly fit to lead a guild? “What if I can’t lead this guild? What if I’m too weak? There is a ton of really strong people here who are super strong, would they listen to me? I’m just a young girl who barely knows the world.” She began to say in a low voice. She wasn’t sure if she was ready, both mentally and emotionally. She had so much doubt rushing in and out of her head, she just wanted to cry some more.

    However she was interrupted once again, the calm, soothing voice stopped her sobs for a moment as she paused to listen to her now former Guildmaster speak. “You are an alpha wolf Genesis. You were destined to be a leader of your own pack. You have been from the start, I can tell. You always had that innate talent; you never realized you had it. You are a strong and independent individual. I believe and know you have the power to lead this guild. I’ve known that from the start as I said before. You are the true leader this guild needs. Now go be the alpha wolf you always have been from the very beginning. Be the leader this guild truly needs. Don’t just do it for me, but do it for the Guardians, and Leviathan. He would be proud to see how far you have grown over these years wouldn’t he?”

    “What if the others don’t respect me? Most of the members see me as a kid, not a mage that is highly respected like you. I’m simply a mere wolf pup, one that has no power and needs to be babied by the other members of her guild. How can a wolf pup rise up to become the great and powerful alpha?” She quivered in a soft and shaking voice; she shook her head side to side in unease. A few soft whimpers and barks came out of her voice as she was still trying to grasp reality and distinguish the difference between reality and her own imagination. This all seemed as if it were just a strange dream to her. However, she knew it was a reality; her Guildmaster was going to resign and leave the position to her.

    “That’s where you are wrong. You have always been a strong person; you always will be as well. They will respect you, I know it. Stop patronizing yourself, you don’t deserve it. You should start complementing and respecting yourself more. If you don’t you’ll never be a good leader. Understand? Please do it, be the leader you were always destined to be.” She said, now in a plead. Genesis blinked. She closed her eyes and took one deep breath. Her life was about to change drastically, however she decided now it would be truly best to accept the responsibility and role of becoming a leader of her guild, a Guildmaster. She now believed she was capable and ready to lead and run her guild. Genesis was ready to accept the responsibility of being  an alpha of her new pack, Sabertooth. She knew it would not be easy but she had to try, for Miss Guildmaster.

    “I’m going to miss you, Miss Guildmaster.” She said, snuggling up to her once more. “All of us are going to miss you so much.” She cried. The now former Guildmaster stroked her hair and then said to her in a calm voice.

    “I will be fine Genesis; I know that you will be as well. I am so proud of you, I’m so happy to see how you’ve grown from a young naïve wolf pup into the strong, fearless yet kind and benevolent Alpha of the pack. Now, rise up to your destiny and lead your pack. You are the new Miss Guildmaster now. I will see you once again one day.” She then stood up and grabbed her bag and pulled the cloak over her head before she left, like the night receding from the rays of the morning sun.

    Genesis sat there for a long time before she finally got up. When the first signs of dawn appeared a smile of confidence appeared on her face. She was ready to become the leader her guild truly needed. She began to assume the role of a Guildmaster. She was quite overwhelmed about how much work she had to do, but she knew she could handle it. As a few days gone by Genesis felt much more at ease about her position, she learned the former guildmaster was correct all along. She truly was the Alpha wolf that was needed to lead this new pack, she didn’t find her pack with wolves, however but rather a guild full of power whom she loved like family.


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