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    A Shadow With No Owner

    D. Joker

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    A Shadow With No Owner

    Post by D. Joker on Thu Dec 31, 2015 7:05 pm

    "I'm still trying to answer my own stupid questions, I'm still trying to find my own light in the shadows... everybody says that it's impossible... But I find my self safe, inside the shadows. Because at the end, I'm nothing else than a shadow with no owner."

    Daiki, a nine years old kid whose family was unexciting, whose life, was mean less. Sleeping under a big rock, trying to hide from the light that burned his skin. He was hungry, people used to refer at him like a sad homeless kid, but it wasn't like that. Daiki was never sad, he had lost many feelings time ago, it was hard for him to remember, when was the last time he smiled, or cried. A nine years old kid, who had nothing to do, else than looking at the world, trying to find his own reflection in the sky just so he could see his mother's face one more time.
    "I am beginning to squint almost painfully some days when outside, I'm too tired to keep on going, from rock to rock... Like if I had any destiny, when I know that if I even had one, I wouldn't make it there" Just like that, Daiki completely closed his eyes and fell in the sand, next to his rock. When he woke up, he didn't feel the same anymore.
    His eyes were weak, he wasn't able to distinguish the place where he was. He didn't see any bright, it was just a dark cavern. An unhappy place.
    Daiki was too weak to move, it was hard for him to stay awake. He was in pain, too many burns around his body, but the sand was gone. A strong roar was more than enough to wake up Daiki, the kid got scared, he tried to move but couldn't. He didn't realize, the amount of darkness inside that room. He had his eyes opened, but he still couldn't see a thing.
    A magnificent creature appeared upon Daiki, a gloriously horrendous shadow surrounded the kid. It was a different feeling... A very strange feeling filled Daiki's body... If you put together two shadows, they'll become one, they will merge... Somehow, the shadow behind the dragon was darker than any other black.

    "Shadō, the dragon of shadows adopted me when I was nine years old. He found me under a big piece of stone, about to die. He took me to his home and trained me there, it took me a while to get used to darkness. It was hard for me to see at the beginning, but the time passed and I evolved I guess... I learned the art of killing dragons, and ironically, I saved my father's life more than one time. Ironic because I'm dragon slayer, and my dad is a dragon, and I kill dragons... Anyways, that's my story. Interesting, isn't it?" A bandit with a broken leg was sitting in front of Daiki, it was dark. They were both alone in the forest, the second bandit ran away, but the first one was still there, injured in Daiki's face.
    "Interesting?! Why would I even care?! You broke my leg, I need help! I don't need to hear stupid stories about fake creatures" the slayer's smile disappeared, his face crashed with the bandit's. Daiki's cold breathing was the only thing between those two persons "Dragons are real" Daiki said, placing his hand hardly in the man's neck "You should fear them, you should respect them"

    The silence within the forest broke instantly. A big explosion near Daiki disturbed him. A big amount of light is created with fire, he didn't like light that much.
    "I see..." Daiki said and quickly ran towards the explosion "Aren't you going to help me?!" the bandit said in pain, struggling. "Do you really need my help?" he answered laughing "Yes!". Daiki kept moving without answering but just laughing. When running, Daiki noticed a lot of animals running away from the fire, he got worried and ran even faster. After a heavy breathing, Daiki stopped and stared at the hard light that bothered him. He gave some steps near the fire and touched it with his right hand. His hand turned black, the fire was consumed by the cold shadow. Daiki smiled when hearing a stranger's voice. A strong voice that gave Daiki the feeling of terrifying joy "Why are you messing with my fire?" A blonde man with a purple jacket was behind him, with an intense blue fire around him and a smile from one ear to another. A very contagius smile.

    "My name is Marik Anderson... Also know as the Fairy Tail phoenix" the stranger said while his two arms turned into big bue wings made out of fire. Daiki's arms turned black and quickly clashed with each other. Daiki smiled while pushing his opponent's arm with all his strength. A big explosion of fire pushed Daiki away, burning part of his shirt. He wasn't able to see with that much dust.
    He was able to see inside the darkness. Daiki closed his eyes and quickly ducked the fire ball thrown at him. He turned into a shadow and merged with the floor.
    "Where are you little lizard?"
    "Behind you stupid bird, Shadow dragon's flare!"
    A black flash hit Marik. Taking away his ability to see. A lot of fire raised out of the blonde man's body until it raised as a giant phoenix. "I don't need to see to kill you, dragon slayer" Daiki's smile was gone. His merged with the shadows to get close to Marik.
    "Great dragon's roar" by putting both hands together in front of his mouth, Daiki created a vortex of shadows. Clashing with the mythical bird's wings. The fire tried to followed Daiki, but shadows, will always  be faster than light. "Shadow dragon's spear" Daiki ducked the attack and quickly slashed the creatures chest with his arm. He laughed. The fire got weak, it's blue intense color became darker.

    He was wrong, a strong fire burned his skin from the back. The light blinded him, there was nothing to do. Daiki ran from the blue light, trying to scape from the heat. The heat was too strong, he fell. Marik was behind him. Laughing with his normal body all surrounded by flames. It was quick, how Daiki turned into a man of shadows. His power increased even more, he had reached his strongest phase. Dragon Force. As a third generation slayer, Daiki was able to unleash this power at his own will. The two of them clashed, both with all their power. The flames consumed the shadows but the darkness can't be controlled by anyone. The shadows moved around Daiki, the fire surrounded Marik as protection. It was a beautifull battle between the light and the dark. For a few moments of silence, Daiki thought it was over, that the man behind him was defeated if not dead.

    Daiki couldn't remember that much, a blue flare was the last thing he saw that day, if that even happened. He woke up in his guild bar, next to an empty glass. With no memory of falling sleep. Not knowing who that man was, the phoenix, the brightest light he have ever seen.

    "It was weird... A very bright light, the opposite of darkness, my natural enemy. I don't know who that man was, I don't know what was I thinking or why did I dream something like that... It's a weird feeling, it hurts. That man... Didn't appear from reality, but somehow, that man was me"

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