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    Staff Job Positions

    The power distribution goes into 4 different departments: Approvals, Development, Interpersonal, and Missions.

    Approvals: The approval department will all in will be the busiest department. Your job is the approvals of any applications. This includes character applications, magic applications, pet applications, and weapon applications

    This does not include mission applications and rank applications.

    Applications to attain a slayer spot or a free rank(while they are available) are going to be done by a separate group of people from all departments due to the strictness we grade them and the fact you don't want the hate mail cause you said no to someone who doesn't like the word.

    Approvals Department Administrator:

    Approvals Department Members:
    Krow (MiT)
    Genesis (Mod)
    Ryoshi (MiT) -

    Development: The development departments duties will be on and off overall and in times of business, due to the anemic nature of their job, may be moved into approvals department or missions department temporarily to fix the issue. Developments job is to design the specifics of all the systems this site uses. You will be expected to know math in this department, your doing the math so members don't have to. Any issues with current systems will be fixed by this department. 

    Any system or tweak to a system must be approved by a full staff majority to avoid power abuses by the development crew. Any change made without this staff approval will result in you getting fired.

    Development Department Administrator:

    Development Department Members:
    Krow [EVENTS]
    Mizuko [GRAPHICS]
    Jack Keller [SYSTEMS]
    Administrator [GRAPHICS/CODE]

    Interpersonal: The interpersonal department is the mediators of site issues be they between staff members, regular members, or both. Your job requires an incredible lack of bias and self-restraint. It also requires a certain amount of tact and an understanding of the situation to properly calm issues down and lead to a solution. These guys are, at the most minor, judging IC situations in a fight disagreement, and at the most, recommending a ban on certain members for losing their minds and harassing members. You guys are putting up with the drama queens and dealing with huge messes.

    Failure to properly handle situations repeatedly could result in either a loss of position or a change in departments.

    Interpersonal Department Administrator:

    Interpersonal Department Members:

    Missions: The missions departments job is to approve missions. When someone makes a mission you approve that mission, when somebody does a mission you approve that mission being done. Your job is fairly simple if tedious. You'll be expected to read through every mission for completion and it will get boring fast as many missions will be repeated and the stories will be repetitive. None the less, somebodies got to do the job. Repeated approving of missions will result in termination.

    Missions Department Administrator:

    Missions Department Members:

    Administrators: Administrators of each department get their own personal powers to run their department. In addition, if there's a relationship issue that involves people who aren't members of the site, all administrators combined will deal with it. Administrators have the right to remove anyone in their department at will. If all other administrators believe the removal was unjust, it can be revoked with unanimous admin support or a Sonya Veto.

    Ownership: Sonya has the right to veto any decision the site makes. Any veto made can be overturned with an 80% majority vote of staff.

    Admin Selenia

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