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    Tokens Shop Empty Tokens Shop

    Post by Admin on Sun Jan 03, 2016 8:29 pm

    The Tokens Shop

    Jewels and EXP Bundles
    Tokens can be used unlimited times for redeeming Jewels, but only a max of 100 tokens can be used for EXP per account.

    1 Token = 500 Jewels
    1 Token = 10 EXP
    5 Tokens = 3000 Jewels
    5 Tokens = 60 EXP

    Common Items

    10 Tokens = Chatbox Emote
    15 Tokens = Custom Profile Title
    20 Tokens = 5% Jewel Reduction**
    25 Tokens = C Rank Unique Spell

    **Jewel Reductions are for shop reduction purchases

    Uncommon Items

    30 Tokens = 5% WC Reduction Pass
    40 Tokens = 10% Jewel Reduction
    50 Tokens = The Question Box Roll
    60 Tokens = 10% WC Reduction Pass
    70 Tokens = B Rank Unique Spell

    Special Items

    100 Tokens = 25% Jewel Reduction Pass
    110 Tokens = A Rank Unique Spell
    120 Tokens = Weapon/Pet Rank Up
    130 Tokens = Double Jewel Pass or Double Experience Pass
    140 Tokens = S Rank Unique Spell

    Rare Items

    150 Tokens = 25% WC Reduction Pass
    160 Tokens = Secondary Magic
    170 Tokens = 2 Rank Higher Job Pass
    180 Tokens = TBA
    190 Tokens = SS Rank Gold Key/Item
    200 Tokens = Custom Elemental Slayer Lacrima**

    **Reduction Pass is usable for only one mission or position application. Cannot be combined with any other reduction pass and must be stated in the application and or mission that pass is being used as well as provide link to the obtained pass.
    **Custom Elemental Lacrimas can be any element you chose it to be and any type, but the element must be on the most current list for slayer magic and lacrimas.

    Exotic Items

    300 Tokens = Extra Race Perk**
    400 Tokens = TBA
    500 Tokens = X Rank Black Key or Custom Slayer Lacrima**

    **Extra Race Perk is limited to one per character.
    **All Unique Spells are for primary magic only.
    **Custom Lacrima can be any elements and type you wish it to be, even if the element has not been added to the site. Please keep in mind that these need to be approved prior to use.

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