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    Post by Genesis on Fri Dec 18, 2015 10:42 am

    Genesis looked around the town of Clover, it was her first time in this city. The young wolf looked around. There was a man and a woman in the alleyway. Curious she went closer to look at what was happening. There was a woman who had her mouth to a human and the other man was watching her curiously. After she saw the woman lift her head up she saw that her mouth was red with blood and she had fangs. Genesis raised an eyebrow at this. She heard of people who fed off blood, vampires, but never met any of them before. She chuckled to herself this was going to be interesting. Silently she watched the two talk.

    She randomly then spoke up revealing her presence. She wasn't scared nor did she intend to tell anyone. She was simply curious about her. "So a vampire? I never met one of them before." She said in a slightly teasing voice. "I honestly don't really care about whatever you're doing. I'm simply just wandering around this town since this is my first time here after all. Mind if you guide me around because I wouldn't want to get lost." She let out an easy going smile. She looked at the setting sun, it was soon going to be night time her favorite time of the day since she could see the moon and the stars. She let out a calm sigh as she looked at the two.

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