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    True Strength

    Uriel M. Raven

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    True Strength

    Post by Uriel M. Raven on Mon Jan 04, 2016 8:56 pm


    Bend to the will of my imagination


    create spirits that are dreamed about
    Mage of Embodiment and Fighter of Rusty Hearts, I am my own weakness and strength

    PART 1

    It was a beautiful day, Uriel finding herself in Midi on one of the various beaches that they were known for. She had previously joined the guild known as Rusty Hearts, under the new Guild Master Victoria but she hadn't really been able to show her what she was capable of. She had heard that there was a dragon slayer in the area, and what better way to prove herself and her strength to the Guild Master by defeating a dragon slayer. After all they were capable of killing dragons, one thing that Uriel did fear. So she did hold a slight respect for the magic they possessed but her magic also was to be feared. The Dragon Slayer in question was fire in element which would give her the advantage, but it was said that his fire was so hot it could boil water and make it evaporate. This was something that Uriel had to see for herself.

    She walked the beach but no one stood out that could be the dragon slayer as everyone was enjoying themselves tanning in the sun, or swimming in the water. She thought to herself the summoning of Undine would be perfect to bring the fire dragon slayer out. Just with that thought Undine her Sacred Spirit appeared in the waters. She somewhat blended in if you were looking at her from afar, since she had an all water body that was somewhat translucent. From the corner of her eye she could see a flaming bullet heading towards Undine after everyone at the beach at began to panic.

    Uriel's sacred spirit quickly countered the flaming attack with her own water bolt that met the attack and expanded causing an explosion of magic. Uriel quickly created her infamous water sword as she traced the path of the flame attack back to its origin. She nodded to herself as the slayer was about to prepare for another attack on Undine, it was possible that he didn't know that she was a summoned spirit, but despite that Uriel wanted to prove her strength versus the dragon slayer. She quickly dashed at the dragon slayer as he was occupied with her summoned spirit, she leaped in the air raising her sword above her head.

    As Uriel soared through the air aiming her water sword at the dragon slayer it seemed he had finally noticed her taking a step backwards allowing her to zoom by him. He watched as she made contact with the ground and slid to a halt, "So I guess you created that water monster out there?" he asked, but Uriel didn't speak a word. She gathered herself as she rose from her feet facing him, this would be the time to strike while both her and Undine could sync their attacks against him.

    "Not going to talk I guess?" he stated still trying to get something out of Uriel but to no avail did this assist him in gaining in knowledge in who she was or her plans. -BLOOP- Undine's water attack successfully met him head on as it expanded and exploded before he even knew what was going on covering the area in a small muddy explosion. Uriel readied her blade as she knew he wasn't done like that, and as she thought he was burning the mud off of him. "You like my fire shield, I'm sure you do as it can make anything boil when touched, even that pathetic sword you carry."

    First bad move was to mock someone like Uriel as she would disect you in her mind before taking action to actually do it. No emotion should on her face as she quickly left her feet once more meeting his fire shield with her water sword. Upon impact steam was created as it was seeming to melt her sword away, but the blade of the sword was created from water and the fact they were at a beach it would automatically restore itself. Undine unleashed another attack on the dragon slayer from afar as she dispersed into the water.

    Undine attack on the fire shield caused it to finally burst forcing Uriel backwards and the dragon slayer to be surprised. "I guess I miss judged that sword and spirit of yours, I for sure thought that both the sword and spirit would be evaporated by now, guess it is time for me to turn this up a notch" he said as if he was only toying with Uriel the entire time. Uriel remained silent and emotionless as she stood in her fighting stance watching the fire dragon slayer ignite both of his hands beginning to charge at her. The dragon slayer started to throw various punching combos at her as he made contact with her sword as she attempted to counter, but on the last punch her sword had dispersed just like Undine had done.



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