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    Post by Clawford on Tue Jan 05, 2016 4:44 pm

    It was afternoon, a cold breeze chilling the air. But there was nothing that warm clothing wouldn’t fix, as the streets were still crowded with humans strolling through town. For Clawford it was the perfect weather, his fur and vest keeping him warm. And a breeze wasn’t so bad. Cold air was worst when it came with large gusts of wind, which thankfully wasn’t the case.

    The exceed walked into a toy store, packed with happy families and children gawking at toys. Looking at them he was able to take in some of the family warmth they were radiating, something he longed to have. But today was one of those days where he deserved a break from all the searching. He went to the board game section and looked at what the store had in stock. There were some cool new games that he hadn’t heard of yet in this store, but some of the boxes were taller than himself. He was going to have to stick with viewing, as it would be far from handy to travel with a large box all the time.

    He picked a pack of cards and purchased it, that way he still had a fun game to play. Not to mention it was small and a whole lot cheaper than the board games. Satisfied about his purchase he left the store. Now all he had to do was find someone who would join him in a game. He looked up at the faces in the crowd as he walked, but nobody looked back. Of course, he was a long ways down from their point of view so getting any eye contact was a challenge. He continued to walk, his attention shifting to his pack of cards. It was easy to see from his expression that he was eager to play.

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