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    New Player Message

    Post by Selenia on Tue Jan 05, 2016 10:03 pm


    Hello and welcome to Fairy Tail Online RP!~
    The site may seem intimidating or possibly even hard to navigate at first, but, once you read through this New Member’s Guide, we hope that you’ll find the site to your liking. If you’d like to introduce yourself, feel free to do so here.

    The Rules

    First off, we would like to encourage that you read the rules. The rules are important as they vary from site to site. You can find them here.

    Player Support section. Here you will find a list of rules you’ll need to familiarize yourself with. If you have any questions, feel free to ask any of our current staff for any pointers and the sort. You may also use the Questions and Suggestions section to ask as well.

    The Application Process

    Onto the next most important part of the site, character creation! The character creation app template can be found here. Once you’ve completed your character app, feel free to post it in the WIP Character section, located here. In addition, it’d be in your best interest to register your face-claim here before someone else reserves it and you are out of luck. If you wish to plot with anyone, we have our Meta Game section.

    Once this is done, next up are stats. The WIP Stat section can be found here, and the stat template is [url=insertlink]here[/url]. Stats are optional, but recommended.

    In addition to this, your character may have a magic they use. The magic app template can be found here and posted here in the WIP Magic section. Like stats, magic is optional but recommended for those who want to participate in PvP, jobs, and the like.

    In addition to a main account and character, each member is able to make up to three alternate characters at any time they wish. We only ask that you be as active as possible on all of your accounts. If you make more accounts, post here. Failure to do so may result in account deletion.

    To those that seek to make more alternative characters, you may be granted more with staff permission. More accounts requires more activity. Therefore, if you are not active and wish to make more accounts, you may be denied unless you 'kill off' a character that you are using. Things vary based on situation.

    The Events

    To start off the site, we have also created two events for all to participate in: the Job Creation event and our Refer-A-Friend event. Both of these events currently hold no time limit, but we do ask that you participate in them soon so that we can further advance on the site. More events and contest will be made in the near future, so we advise that you check out our Events forum as well as our News and Announcements forum for more information on upcoming events and new updates.

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