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    Gate of the Golden Bull Key


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    Gate of the Golden Bull Key

    Post by Selenia on Wed Jan 06, 2016 2:29 pm

    Gate of the Golden Bull Key
    Fairy Tail
    Gold Key (Giveaway)

    Description of Item

    This key summons the Golden Bull, Taurus. It is 6 inches long, 1.5 inches wide, .5 inches thick, made of silver, and has Taurus's insignia at the top of the key.

    Abilities of the Item

    Active Ability:
    Name: Rampage

    Rank: SS-Rank

    Type: Offense

    Range: Rampage has a 350 meter range.

    Duration/Cool Down: Rampage has a maximum of one post duration, two post cooldown.

    Appearance: Taurus jumps into the air and swings his axe. He subsequently lowers the axe on the ground with both of his arms, generating an earthquake on contact, which moves in a straight line towards the target, splitting the ground and blasting rocks in the air.

    Description: Rampage moves at an SS-Rank spell speed and does SS-Rank damage. Rampage is 5 meters wide and 5 meters high.

    Extra: This spell is for Taurus, the Golden Bull.
    Passive Abilities:
    -Master Axemanship Specialist: Taurus is a melee-oriented Celestial Spirit who utilizes an axe in battle, and, despite being sometimes portrayed as comically clumsy due to his perverse tendencies towards Selenia and her foes alike, has displayed great mastery in the use of such weapon: his attacks are not only powerful and capable of breaking through most defenses, due to his high physical prowess, but also fast, with him managing to assault opponents at high speed as soon as he's summoned. Not only that, Taurus also displayed uncanny accuracy in wielding this signature weapon: he was shown capable of flawlessly demonstrating extreme maneuverability. This passive allows him to do physical damage with his labrys.

    -Immense Strength: As evident of his massive build and his role as a melee fighter, Taurus possesses a huge amount of physical strength, which is one of the main assets he provides his summoner with, being called forth when the situation requires a physically mighty individual. He's shown capable of swinging around his gigantic axe with ease, effortlessly chopping clean through hard objects such as rock or large trees, and can shatter the ground with his bare hands. He was also able to reduce a large barrier made of both wood and large boulders into pieces with a single punch, making it burst in an explosion of debris. This passive increases Taurus's strength by two tiers for seven posts with an eight post cooldown.

    Weaknesses of the Item

    -Key can be temporarily stolen from Selenia which keeps her from herself being able to summon the Celestial Spirit.
    -Abilities cannot be used by Selenia herself, she must have Taurus summoned who will make use of these abilities.
    -Taurus is a bit of a pervert, and can fall for women he thinks are attractive, even if they're his enemies. This will cause him to not attack for one post, right when he is summoned. However, if they attack him or Selenia first, this is negated.

    Backstory of The Item

    Celestial Spirit Gate Keys are magical keys that can be used to summon Celestial Spirits, beings from another dimension that can be used to fight their contractor's opponents, to do chores or just to hang around with. There are two different types of Celestial Spirit Gate Keys: the Silver Keys and the Gold Keys. The Silver Keys are common keys that can be bought from stores while the Gold Keys are very rare keys that can be used to summon the Zodiac Spirits. This particular key is a Golden Key and belongs to Selenia, allowing her to summon the Celestial Spirit called Taurus, the Golden Bull, who uses no magic in particular and comes from the Celestial Spirit World. It's not known how the keys were created, but Celestial Spirit Magic is needed to be able to use these Gate Keys, and only Celestial Spirit mages who have contracts with the Spirit can summon them.


    The abilities this key entails are for use only by Taurus, not Selenia, as this key is a Celestial Spirit Gate Key and is part of her magic.

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    Re: Gate of the Golden Bull Key

    Post by Mizuko on Tue Feb 02, 2016 10:03 pm

    Okay, see nothing wrong with this one, so you're approved!! I'm too lazy to make the word pretty and blue. YOU HAVE TOO MANY APPS.

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