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    Taichi Negeel

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    Post by Taichi Negeel on Wed Jan 06, 2016 3:29 pm

    Taichi was woken by the sound of a train whistle, just in time to see the train emptying and hear the speakers announce that they had reached Magnolia, the end of the line. He stretched. “Ah that was a good sleep!”

    He had a mission that was three hours from Magnolia by train, and was highly disappointed since there wasn’t a single attractive person in the small farming village where his mission was at. And it wasn’t a dangerous mission either so he wasn’t tired at all. Nevertheless he fell asleep in the train, something that happened a lot when he traveled alone. It was eleven in the evening. Initially he wanted to go to the guild, but the bar three streets from the train station was looking very inviting. When he entered he took a good look around, there were round tables with four chairs paired against them. Most of the seats were occupied by older men, but one table had three lovely ladies. Of course Taichi had to smile and wave at them as he made his way to the bar.

    The three girls noticed him, two of which immediately smiled at the shy one amongst them and started talking to her. He couldn’t hear the entire conversation, but he did pick up from it that they were trying to get her to come talk to him. He looked over one more time with a charming smile, but before he could make eye-contact the bartender asked him if he was going to order anything.

    “Give me whatever you recommend.”
    He said to the bartender before getting off the stool to walk over to the girls. Ideally enough there was still one available chair across from the shy girl at the table. He put his arm on the back of the chair. “Is this seat taken?”

    The two girls eagerly nodded that it was not, and invited him to sit. He was of course very pleased and took a seat. “It must be my lucky day, to be allowed to sit with three beautiful women”

    Though he complimented the three of them, he was clearly eyeballing the shy girl who hadn’t even dared to speak or look at him. The two girls suddenly got up and started making excuses to leave, leaving the shy girl confused. One of the girls patted her on the shoulder and said “He likes you” in her ear, leaving her flustered and asking her friends not to leave her. But they were only too happy to leave their friend behind as they were giggling on their way out, signaling a thumbs up at her.

    Taichi smiled widely and stretched out his arm to her “I’m Taichi”

    The girl was hesitant, but decided to shake his hand, speaking very softly “I’m Nanako..”

    From then on they talked, and laughed and even danced. Flirting with shy girls was fun and easy for Taichi, since it was but a matter of being kind and complimenting on the right moments. They overall had a fun night, that lasted two hours before he walked her home. Instead of saying their goodbyes however he kissed her, and basically invited himself in since he lifted her up and walked her into her own apartment.

    543/450 words.

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