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    The New Member's Guide


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    The New Member's Guide

    Post by Admin on Wed Jan 06, 2016 4:34 pm

    Hello and welcome to Fairy Tail Online RP!~
    The site may seem intimidating or possibly even hard to navigate at first, but, once you read through this New Member’s Guide, we hope that you’ll find the site to your liking. If you’d like to introduce yourself, feel free to do so in our Introduction forum section.

    The Rules

    First off, we would like to encourage that you read the rules. The rules are important as they vary from site to site. You can find them here as well as in our Player Support section. Here you will find a list of rules you’ll need to familiarize yourself with. If you have any questions, feel free to ask any of our current staff for any pointers and the sort. You may also use the Questions and Suggestions section to ask as well.

    The Application Process

    Onto the next most important part of the site, character creation! The character creation app template can be found here. Once you’ve completed your character app, feel free to post it in the WIP Character section, located here. In addition, it’d be in your best interest to register your face claim in the face-claim list before someone else reserves it and you are out of luck. If you wish to plot with anyone, we have our Meta Game section.

    Once this is done, next up are stats. The WIP Stat section can be found here, and the stat template is here. Stats are optional, but recommended.

    In addition to this, your character may have a magic they use. The magic app template can be found here and posted here in the WIP Magic section. Like stats, magic is optional but recommended for those who want to participate in PvP, jobs, and the like.

    In addition to a main account and character, each member is able to make up to three alternate characters at any time they wish. We only ask that you be as active as possible on all of your accounts. If you make more accounts, post here. Failure to do so may result in account deletion.

    To those that seek to make more alternative characters, you may be granted more with staff permission. More accounts requires more activity. Therefore, if you are not active and wish to make more accounts, you may be denied unless you 'kill off' a character that you are using. Things vary based on situation.

    The Events

    To start off the site, we have also created two events for all to participate in: the Job Creation event and our Refer-A-Friend event. Both of these events currently hold no time limit, but we do ask that you participate in them soon so that we can further advance on the site. More events and contest will be made in the near future, so we advise that you check out our Events forum as well as our News and Announcements forum for more information on upcoming events and new updates.

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    Re: The New Member's Guide

    Post by Admin on Wed Jan 06, 2016 4:37 pm

    Forum and Chatbox Rules:
    Disobeying the rules listed below will result in a warning, and an eventual ban if sustained.

    Chatbox Rules:

    • Harassment to other players in the form of verbal or textual abuse and or any other form of abuse will not be tolerated.
    • Excessive trolling will not be tolerated. If told to stop, then you must stop.
    • This is a mature site, so there may be some foul language, but abusing it and insulting other players is unacceptable.
    • Attempting to exploit or abuse a system will not be tolerated.
    • Staff also have to follow these rules. No exceptions.

    Account/Alternate Account Rules:

    • You may only have up to 3 alternate characters anytime you wish. This means you may have one main account and three alternate accounts. The only requirement is for you to be active on all of your accounts.
    • You can not role-play more than one character on an account. You must create an alt account to play other characters.
    • There are exceptions to this rule; you must contact an administrator to obtain additional accounts. If you are caught cheating the system or lying, you are subject to a ban.
    • Your FC must be a fictional character. To register your Face Claim and or see which are not available, click here.
    • If your character dies, you may NOT edit the profile itself, however you can create a new account and import all of your stuff. (Gold, EXP...) You may also import your items if it were to make sense on how you obtained the materials. (Finding the dead body, perhaps leaving it in a box...) However, if you wish to import all of your items, you will be required to submit your dead character to the Wall of the Fallen found here.
    • If you create an alt, you must list it in the alternate character thread, here.

    Role-Playing Rules:

    • As mentioned before, this is a mature site and so foul language in role-playing is mildly acceptable. Please also keep sexual actions to a minimum or do them in the designated sections.
    • Godmodding will not be tolerated and may result in the deletion of post. If continued, you will be at risk of getting banned. We will still issue warnings before doing so. Godmodding is when a player controls the actions of another player and or a player performs actions that their character should not be capable of considering the situation.
    • Metagaming will also not be tolerated unless the other person you are roleplaying with agrees to it.
    • Plagiarizing from other players will not be tolerated. You must try to be original when creating your characters. Similarities are inevitable, but we will not accept something completely the same as another member unless they approve of it and contact the admin and or mod reviewing the app.

    Canon/Non-Canon Rules:

    • All users are allowed to freely play as who they like. HOWEVER, we do not allow any member to RP as cannon characters. You are allowed to, though, use cannon FC's.


    Rules For Staff:

    Admins and Moderators:

    • Admins and moderators are not allowed to 'approve' their own applications, job requests, money transfers, etc. regardless of it being their main accounts or alternates.
    • Admins and moderators will abide by all of the rules of the site or they run the risk of losing their position from the site. If the person continues to break the rules, a possible ban may be held in order.
    • When an admin or moderator is grading an app, regardless of who you are, you CANNOT jump into it unless the person grading it has requested that you should look over it too. If you see that something should be changed in the app, PM the moderator or admin instead.
    • Moderators are expected to grade at least one magic application, if there are any that have been completed in the WIP section, in a two week time period. If not, they will be subject to possible removal from staff.
    • If you are missing for two weeks or more without giving prior notice, your position may be put up for grabs. if this happens, you will need to re-apply or cede it to somebody else.


    • If you are a developer, you are in charge of helping in developing systems, events, etc. as well as helping revise things so that the site runs smoothly.
    • Developers will abide by all of the rules of the site or they run the risk of losing their position from the site. If the person continues to break the rules, a possible ban may be held in order.
    • If you are missing for two weeks or more without giving prior notice, your position may be put up for grabs. if this happens, you will need to re-apply or cede it to somebody else.

    Chatbox Moderators:

    • A chatbox moderators's job is to keep the chatbox in check. They have the authority, along with the other admins and moderators, to kick members from the chatbox if and only if the the person is breaking one of the rules from the site.
    • Ability to ban a member from chatbox if the member is continuing to break the rules of the site. Even then, the chatbox moderator must confirm the potential ban with an admin.
    • Cannot approve anything in the site.
    • If you are missing for two weeks or more without giving prior notice, your position may be put up for grabs. if this happens, you will need to re-apply or cede it to somebody else.

    Extra Notes:

    • If, in any way, you do not feel comfortable completing a task for whatever reason, please PM the founder and or the person in charge of the project. We will try our best to resolve any issues that occur.
    • All staff will be required to work together in order to get things done. That is why you are staff, to work together and united to make sure things run smoothly. We are the foundation of the site and we should remain strong as one.
    • If you have any questions about the task, please ask before starting it.
    • We require that our staff should be kept up to date with the latest revisions and news so communication is highly advised!

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    Re: The New Member's Guide

    Post by Admin on Wed Jan 06, 2016 4:37 pm

    Infraction System:

    How does this system work?:

    The warning system operates in tallies/points you earn for breaking site rules. Depending on how many you earn, you run potential risk of chatbox and even site wide bans. So how do you obtain tallies and how many? Points vary. Simple as that. The list below shows more in depth on how the system works and how many points you may earn for every rule you break.

    • 1-25 points are given for minor offenses. An example could include ignoring the warnings of a moderator in the chatbox, advertising a single site many times, and the sort.
    • 26-50 points are given for offenses that are more serious, but not incredibly serious. Examples could include: disrespecting a moderator/administrator, refusing to change something a moderator/administrator has asked you to change, etc.
    • 51-100 points are given to members who have gone above and beyond what is deemed mild. These points are given to those who have cause severe offenses. Examples of this could include: complete disregard of what administrator/moderators are saying, complete godmod, etc.

    If you get warnings, what happens next?:

    Consequences upon reaching a certain number of points goes as follows.

    • 50 Points - 1 Day Chatbox Ban
    • 100 Points - A Week Long Chatbox Ban. Staff reaching 100 points will be removed from their position. Staff that have been stripped of their position may no longer apply to staff unless stated otherwise.
    • 150 Points - 1 Day Site Ban with alternative character creation rights revoked
    • 200 Points - A Week Site Ban with current Positions and future Position rights revoked.

      1st Trial Will Start After Gaining 200 Points

    • 250 Points - 2 Week Site Ban along with a month long chatbox ban.
    • 300 Points - 1 Month Site Ban with chatbox rights revoked.

      Last Trial Will Commence After 300 Points

    • 350 Points - You are permanently banned from the site both account-wise and IP-wise. Your characters may also run risk for adoption.

    The Courtroom and Trial:

    Having now gone over what happens when you break the rules, we now will give a rundown of the 'courtroom system' and how it works. The court system is a trial in which the member who has recieved an 'x' amount of points will be allowed to give their side of the story. Once a member is being  tried, they will be speaking towards a group of admins, mods, and developers who are chosen at random and have nothing to do with the issue being discussed as to not cause bias. The panel will be acting as jury. The member being tried may be able to call a staff member not in panel to act as their 'lawyer.' In some cases, although rare, the person may be able to ask for a regular member to speak in behalf of them. Depending on the outcome, the member being tried may have their points reduced. If not, the sentence the member has earned will be conducted. Also, keep in mind that trial will be done privately and at the discretion of the administrators, moderators, developers, and trial participants.

    • 1st Trial: The first trial begins when a member has earned a total of 200 points. At 200 points, you  will be called in for a trial (through PM and or Skype) in which, depending on your outcome, may reduce the number of points accumilated. A group of moderators and or administrators will be selected to act as jury at random. You will be allowed to choose to be defended by an administrator or moderator as your "lawyer" or you may choose to defend yourself. If you choose to be defended, only a moderator or admininistator is allowed to request to act on your behalf if and only if they have not been selected for jury. Keep in mind that if you choose to ignore the trial then you run risk of a full on ban.

    • 2nd Trial: The 2nd trial is the last of your trials. This happens when you have accumilated a total of 300 points. You will be notified via PM and or Skype when trial is to begin. The 2nd trial will run as the first one did with the only difference being that the risk of banning is greater. Also, keep in mind that if you choose to ignore the trial then you run risk of full ban.

      At the end of each trial session, a staff member not involved with the trial will summarize it and post at the end of trial thread.

    Ending Words:

    If you have any questions relating to this system, please contact an administrator and ask. If you feel you have been wrongly punished, please wait until trial starts to say it to be so. Also, keep in mind that points will not be removed or reduced until the trial period is over and the jury have voted in your favor. Furthermore, if a moderator or administrator is on trial, consequences may and will include the revoking of staff position.

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    Re: The New Member's Guide

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