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    Anri Ousawa [WIP]

    Chao Yuexian

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    Anri Ousawa [WIP]

    Post by Chao Yuexian on Thu Jan 07, 2016 7:54 pm

    Word Count: 500 -- S_E

    NAME: Anri Ousawa
    ALIAS: Hand of Noxus
    DoB: February 29th
    SPECIES: Demon
    RANK: A
    LOYALTY: Animus Sin
    GENDER: Female


    Demons are expectantly weak to Devil Slayer magic. In response, Anri will suffer large drawbacks: to be precise, her abilities drop a rank when facing a Devil Slayer. That is to say, her defenses work with the potency of a B-Rank spell against that Devil Slayer, and her offenses also work as if they were a B-Rank spell. However, that's only the potency. All other portions stay the same, such as cooldowns and durations. The spells in itself stay at their actual rank, and only the effects are nerfed. (This weakness is only against Devil Slayers--other slayers will not weaken her. This weakness will not be in affect if she acts against a non-Devil Slayer, even if one is in the vicinity).

    In response, her demonic lineage gains a certain advantage in the night. Gaining strength in darkness is a whole matter altogether. A simulated night (for example from someone's magic) can also offer the same advantage. Specifically, the moon must be present (though not visible). In the night, all of Anri's abilities and stats gain "half a rank". Against those above her in rank? There's no difference: they still see her as just a measly A-Rank. However, to those at her own rank and below? Her abilities work on them as if she were an S-Rank. Hence, "half a rank" boost. This is only during the night/when the moon is present.

    As this ability is potentially powerful, albeit suffering adamant drawbacks, in light of its high level of utility, Anri only has one perk for balance sake. The drawback and buff are both passive in nature, and work throughout the duration of the thread.





    PERSONALITY: Loyalty is boundless and absolute. You as a person are defined by your loyalty--this is what "character" to Anri. To that extent, she makes it a point to hold loyalty in highest regards, whether to her guild, herself, or close and loved ones aside her. Like any other person there are levels of importance and loyalty tethered towards whichever entities, thus the possibility of one outweighing another; however, like any other person she strives to avoid any sort of inner conflict, which leads into one of her more pronounced traits.

    As opposed to the manner of how she was raised, Anri became strict from experience. Nobility stereotypically leads into two possible outcomes for a child: the mannerisms of the polite, and to consider yourself, your standing, and those before you--or the brat whose "power" that they rely on lies in their background. Anri belongs to the former, and while that does explain to some extent her focus on etiquette, it's no longer out of habit but personal belief. Especially considering her personal disposition towards relations and how she holds its value in such high-esteem, as well as her position in Animus Sin, those around her are presented a mannered and respecting Anri. In response, she expects and demands those around her to reciprocate. Otherwise, her full overbearing lineage reveals itself as the demon she is.

    So when it comes to those aforementioned close ones? There's an incomparable amount of trust automatically established, to the extent of blind faith. To approach her and become a loved one is to gain a life--that is to say, Anri is wholly willing to lay down her life for your sake. In this characteristic, one could say that to pay her love is to gain utmost patronage, and the reciprocating scales similarly even on lower levels. In contrast, to pay her malice is to gain looming death. Even if she is unable to oppose and confront you face-to-face, there will always be her watchful eyes and scorn following her enemies. In one way or another? Anri will be sure to pay anyone back a hundred-fold.

    Now, is Anri kind? Absolutely. Just keep in mind how much she likes you. Like anyone else: the better liked, the better treated. Thus, at the very least, if you give her respect, she'll offer back respect and willingness to--perhaps not serve you--but give favours here and there, simply because she sees that you acknowledge her, and therefore deserve recognition for it. Don't overstep your boundaries, though; Anri isn't the emotional type, but its apparent that her opinions are prone to easily shifting. Of course, get close enough to her and there will be little variation in how she sees you, other than lovingly (for the most part).



    HAIR: White
    EYES: Interchangeable (base: cyan)
    SKIN: Deathly Pale
    HEIGHT: 5'4 ft
    WEIGHT: 98 lbs
    FACE CLAIM: Wo-Class from Kantai Collection

    GUILD: Animus Sin
    GUILD TATTOO: Mid-lower back.

    Chao Yuexian

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    Re: Anri Ousawa [WIP]

    Post by Chao Yuexian on Sat Jan 16, 2016 1:12 am

    Archive pls.

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