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    Velistra's Magic WIP


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    Velistra's Magic WIP

    Post by Velistra on Fri Jan 08, 2016 12:24 am

    Dragon Inheritance: Ice Make
    Black Airs
    No, but race specific.
    Offense & Defense

    Magic Description
    Dragon Inheritance: Ice Make is essentially Ice Make that is boosted through a half dragons dragon ancestry so long as it is that of an ice dragon and their human ancestry has a hereditary affiliation with Ice Make. This type of magic, Dragon Inheritance, isn’t just limited to Ice or even Maker (Mold) magic either, but rather race and ancestry. To Use Dragon Inheritance you have to be a half dragon and your human heritage has to have a hereditary affinity for a magic(s) of the same element of you draconic heritage.

    Perks of Magic
    Dragon Avatar: Velistra is surrounded by the spirit of her father, a long dead dragon of immense size, and granted a temporary boost in power. While the spirit does nothing else directly it does have an intimidation factor as it grows in completeness and size as Velistra gets stronger. Only when/if she reaches SS rank, or the maximum possible rank to achieve on site, will his full form be represented in the spirit avatar around her. The boost of power Perk #1: makes her spells, when cast while it is up, be effectively 1 rank higher than they are or Perk #2: raises all her stats by one tier rank chosen upon ability activation and is unchangeable until the next use in another thread.

    At most Velistra can use the dragon avatar perk once per thread for up to a maximum of 4, consecutive (back to back), posts per thread. When used in a single post it will cause Velistra’s body to be 25% paralyzed for 2 posts, if used in two posts her body will be 50% paralyzed for 3 posts, if used in three posts her body will be 75% paralyzed for 4 posts, and if used in all four posts her body will be 100% paralyzed for 5 posts. The ability can only be used once per thread, and damage can not increase beyond SS rank making this ability only useful on spells of S rank and below. Paralyzes will be described via rp when appropriate.

    Cold Immunity: Working so closely with ice and having genes from an ice dragon and a bloodline of ice make mages all correlate to Velistra being immune to most any naturally occurring cold environments and conditions. The exceptions to this are the extreme cold polar weather and any source of magical coldness which has a source stronger than her current rank. Also while the cold of another ice mage may not affect her an ice sword to the heart is still going to do quite a bit of damage.

    What are the Weaknesses of the Magic?

    What are the overall Strengths of the magic?

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